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It can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks until the trailer you order is delivered, depending on how far you are from the company’s headquarters. Category Interior: New white vinyl material walls, super insulation (factory installed- behind white vinyl walls),new 12 gallon flush water storage tank, new plumbing lines, new shower faucet, new shower head, new plumbing under sink, new electric- tankless water heater for tub/shower combo, new horse trough shower/tub, with easy access-exterior hose hook up for drainage.30 amp power converter (must run electric water heater separate from AC unit)all cabinetry painted and updated, new chrome cabinet pulls, new backsplash,all interior lights work, 12 volt lighting,new flooring, and new subfloor,new AC unit, new drip pan for AC unit, new fabric for awning, new 4" cushions, new curtains, with velcro tie backs, Camper comes with brand new turquoise, keurig coffee maker, (with filter for regular coffee), neon clock, 2 red folding chairs, Table converts to bed, with no lifting, tent stakes and mallet for awning,2 burner, propane stove, new porta potty, plug in outlet in kitchen, 5 interior lights, crank open 2 speed ceiling fan and exhaust fan, clothes closet, newly lined with white material,If you ordered a new 13' Scamp with shower, the base price is $12,200, plus delivery fees (to MO) $1,600 would cost $13,800. No A/C. !Features Include Fridge, AC, Stove, LP, Spare and More!, 1994 Scamp SCAMP-13 Request Price 1985 Scamp Scamp 13, A Rare Classic!!!  (sleeps 4 people).

Moreover, features like Friction Anti Sway Control, Electric Tongue Jack or bunk beds are optional and you can specify which features you would like to add to the travel trailer model you’re considering while ordering your Casita trailer. However, Casita doesn’t offer a 19′ version of their trailer models, so you can only choose between 16′ and 17′ options.

Even though the starting price for Casita trailers is higher than the price you would have to pay for a standard 13 ft Scamp trailer, the Casita’s deluxe models are less expensive than a 19 ft Scamp trailer with a wooden interior. We deliver anywhere in Continental United States.  This 13 ft. Scamp is lightweight and can be towed by small car or truck - I towed with my 4 cylinder Chevy S-10 truck. !Super Light Weight 13' Scamp Travel Trailer in EXCELLENT Condition!! Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13 foot rv is great for couples or small families. Created and Maintained by WSI. Trailer Life magazine’s core purpose is to enhance the RV lifestyle by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, tests and reports about all things RVing. Only: $14,000, PLease Call: 701-200-7454, Model Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Grab it for your next camping or hunting trip! The so-called teardrop trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, while their prices can vary from $5,000 to over $16,000 depending on the model and its features. NOTE: These price ranges, courtesy of the NADA Guides, are for the basic models only. All of the Casita’s models are equipped with the following appliances: The Casita’s 16 ft standard and deluxe models have 3-way 1.9 cu ft refrigerators, while the refrigerators on 17ft standard and deluxe models have 4.0 cu ft. Microwave or the video entertainment package that includes a NAXA 22’’ widescreen HD LED TV with a DVD player are available upon request. Click here if you would like to get more information about pick up and delivery of Casita’s travel trailers or follow this link if you want to find out how you can order a Scamp travel trailer. Surround yourself with Oak or Birch Hardwoods. !Features Include Fridge, AC, Stove, LP, Spare and More!, R15 insulation, hardwood interior, 12 gal water tank, 1.9 cubic fridge, toilet and shower, table makes into bed, awning, rear hitch, Great condition. Category Both Scamp and Casita’s trailers have standard sets of features that come with all models, although optional features are available regardless of the model you’re considering.  25 foot service chord.OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED:TV/ w/DVD & CD (one unit), Cable TV hook-up, Mount Air Conditioner (side unit), Power Range Hood (12V), Furnace 12,000 BTU w/thermostat, Battery Pack, Spare Tire w/cover, new tires, MountedStabilizer Jacks (2), TV antenna, Porch Light, Microwave oven, Exterior Ground Fault Outlet,25 Service Cord, (110v). This page was last updated: 04-Nov 03:13. For instance, only the deluxe trailers have showers, which makes their layout different from standard models. What’s more, the prices of 13′, 16′ and 19′ are not the same, and according to the available information they vary between $11,500 and $23,095. The main differences between Casita vs Scamp travel trailers are: Trailers produced by both of these brands are lightweight, which means that you don’t need a powerful pickup truck or an SUV that has huge towing capacity in order to travel with a Casita or Scamp trailer. Leave a comment and share your opinions with us. Scamp trailers are available in 13′, 16′ and 19′ versions, whereas Casita models can either be 16′ or 17′ long. !Email:, or call 573-four 45-159nine Location Ashland, Missouri.

Scamp has trailers that don’t have water pressure regulators, whereas Casita has trailers that have them. Scamp and Casita trailers are available in standard and deluxe versions, and their sizes can vary from 13′ and 19′. Scamp’s travel trailers, regardless of their dimensions, provide enough room to accommodate up to four persons. However, you can choose if you want your Scamp travel trailer to have dual gas tanks, a furnace or an electric water heater. Other features include: * 2 Burner Stove Top * Inside Lights * Kitchen Sink * 30 Amp Electric * Outlets * Battery Hook up (will need battery to run on DC) * Propane Tank * Spare Tire Everything works perfectly and is in great shape. 11/1/2020: Compare 326 prices of used `Scamp 13` on Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay, Shoppok … Last post. Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13 … ft. 12-110-gas refrigerator, 8' crank-out awning, two burner gas stove, 3 speed ceiling fan, and electric brakes. Bunk beds are not included in the standard offers and they are only available upon request. Very good condition, no defects & clear title in hand. The materials used to build Casita’s travel trailers are more durable than those used on Scamp’s models and Casita’s standard options offer a broader range of appliances. Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13′ is great for couples or small families. This unit is super clean and ready for your next adventure. If you like the idea of a small, lightweight trailer without the inconvenient setup, then our Scamp 13′ camper is the perfect trailer for you.

©2020 Eveland's, Inc. All rights reserved. Aerodynamic designgets good fuel efficiency. !Go to  and see the 13 ft. Scamp - Standard. Otherwise, write "cancel" on the invoice, return it and owe nothing.

an electric refrigerator/with sm. In addition, the manufacturer offers the following models of travel trailers: Each of these trailer models has a standard set of features that include appliances like the stove or city water hook-up with a water heater. 1985 Scamp Scamp 13, A Rare Classic!!! Scamp doesn’t release the prices of their travel trailers and you must contact the manufacturer in order to find the exact price of the model you’re interested in. Scamp 13 New Price. Casita vs Scamp Compared: Which is the Better Trailer for Your Needs? Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13 … Follow this link if you would like to find out which appliances you can get from the Scamp’s website. However, the starting price for Spirit, Independence, Heritage, Freedom and Liberty models is the same and you can get a 16 ft standard Casita travel trailer for $17,225 regardless of the model you choose. Scamp and Casita travel trailers grant you all the comfort you’re going to need while camping with your friends and family, but Casita’s models are equipped with more features that can be useful during long rides. Whether you're shopping for a new or used 2020 Eveland's Scamp 13 or just deciding which one is best suited for your needs, you'll love the wide selection of RVs to … Scamp 13 New Price .  Frame is constructed of 11 gauge steel.

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