scab after toenail removal


This is a great site -- thank you everyone for your feedback on your experiences. The nail was ingrown and infected from injuries during sports. I had my large toenail removed 3 days ago, its doing fine. This symptom can sometimes indicate a…, Black toenails can be unsightly and painful. I suppose it affects everyone differently though depending on peoples pain thresholds and stuff. Doc had to remove the toenail to get to the abscess, which had spread practically everywhere in my toe by that point, and the toenail was likely infected as well. In case of injuries and bleeding, the body forms a hard cover or scab to protect the area and prevent infection or further injury. Any advice please. Can a ketogenic diet prevent heart failure? I had to sleep with one foot out the bed haha, cant sleep on my back. Realistically speaking because it's a chemical burn on the entire base of the nail, not just a bit of it like the partial. Still... never having that done again but glad it’s over and praying recovery goes well!! Does anbody have good tips on how to wrap the toe to keep it from rubbing the wound? Scabs prevent the exposure of wounds to the environment, keeping it dry and not allowing further bleeding or other discharges. Possible ingrown toenail removal complications include: Ingrown toenails can be painful, but with proper home or medical treatment, they are rarely serious. It throbs constantly except when I can prop it up but I can't at work. The only real pain I have had is at night and my toes start to throb. I was on one round of antibiotics in the beginning. Can't you run AND have attractive feet? I will wait. Day 10 post procedure not in pain but discomfort. The procedure was for the most part painless. Was glad to see that picture of week 4 looks just like my toe looks. She scraped the site an reopened it and sent me on my way with instructions to soak with epsome salt and clean (scrape ooze out with a macrame hook or toothpick) 3 times a day. Recovery going well, only a little pain in "twinges", but the worst part is the big ol UGLY bandage and not being able to wear shoes. Podiatrist advised 2 days rest then back to normal footwear and normal activities just keep dry and bandaged, regular dressing changes, which I have had done by my nurse. I had my left big toe nail removed completely and permanently. A year ago I had a portion of my right big toenail removed because it was in grown. How to Do: Crush about 10 leaves and extract its juice. Once you’re prepped, the doctor will use scissors and special tools to separate your toenail from the bed, making a vertical cut from the ingrown side down to the cuticle. Healing almost complete. The other day I tried taking the polish off with remover very gently, but that seems to be about the time it started hurting. When it comes to your health, timing is everything. Initially I had surgery for ingrown toenails on both feet. Opted for permanent removal of both after x-rays showed bone spurs under both big nails!

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