samsung rf32fmqdbsr recall


Just getting the casters to roll is a total ordeal and just sums up the fact that this machine is a total Samsung failure that we paid 2600.00 for. 4 months ago started tripping the circuit breaker eventually tech agreed it was the fridge, the common defrost elament failure, replaced for $250, and shortly after poor cooling due to low gas, i.e. It’s always better to have more paperwork than less in these situations. I would lower my fridge to 34 degrees but it would stay at 56. Samsung was bigger than this in the past. Samsung frig is crap, never will I buy the name Samsung again, never, suff said. Unfortunately, we’re still in the thick of it. Sealed system warranty = 5 years. And we say “simply” because the filing of this motion is all part of the legal process. Call Samsung or your extended warranty to get your money back. I am a very loyal customer of Samsung products and I am in need of help getting this So our expensive 3000 plus fridge can last another year? I have just spent 2-3 hours “chatting” with 3 (maybe 4?) The "stainless steel" round the water/ice dispenser started rusting after 16 months (outside warrenty - it's not stainless steel but a paint finish!). To open the vegetable door or freezer door or ice maker takes full strength to the point of almost breaking something to get open. Good afternoon. There currently is a Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over The Alleged Frozen Coil Defect. In 3/2014 we bought a Samsung counter depth refrigerator RF197ACRS from Florida Builder Appliances. The guy further looks into the situation and says he has found the receipt. Customer service was horrible authorized personnel service horrible never again will I buy anything Samsung even their phones!!!!!!!!!!! I find it a waste of money to buy a fridge for $3000 for it to work for less that 5 years! It sucks, no Samsung again! Simply click here to return to. All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility. Copyright© 1995-2020 SAMSUNG All Rights Reserved. We unplugged it for a couple of hours and then I even used a hair dryer to melt the ice in those little holes. I will never purchase another Samsung fridge, I have a sealed system leak, the technician who came said to me that it will cost other a thousand dollars to fix it and it would not even worth fixing. Load of rubbish. I found it odd that he was walking up my driveway with a huge part under his arm. We used it for one month in January and took another trip the beginning of June. Purchased a 4 door Refrigetrator 2 years ago. Samsung certified tech coming next week to do work - first tech says 2.5 to 3 hours labor to rebuild. We are not sure if this is a warranty part. This is crap! Freezer is big deal Freon leak. The company did, however, issue a service bulletin all the way back in July 2015 (which, though mostly illegible, is included in the complaint starting on page 39) expanding on the problems described by many consumers. This site uses cookies to enhance your web site experience. I was told the control panel in the touch pad was bad. Frequently I would go in the freezer and find things thoring out even though the display shows -20 deg. We do not have the money to keep shoveling into this thing that is only a couple of years old. Let me know what I need to do to be a part of the Class action suit please. Never again will buy any samsung product. De acuerdo a los técnicos dijeron que era un fallo común y que un cambio de pieza no solucionaria el problema, por lo que la reparación termino en un parche, es decir ademas de comprar la tapa nueva del evaporador del refrigerador metieron u pedazo de plástico al mismo para que selle y deje de gotear. My husband is constantly removing the front of the ice maker & chipping out the ice. I too own a Samsung Refrigerator model #RF217ACBP. Less than 2 years old and paid $2,799.00 for the unit. I will have an exchange through costco within 90 days return policy. Cooling become less in the down compartment. The first repairman sent out by our home warranty policy couldn’t figure out how to pull the dish washer out and said we would have to have someone else come do the repair. Would freeze again after resetting but now it does not freeze at all. i’d like to be included in a lawsuit. I feel bad for anyone who didn’t have their coils fixed where it is freezing and leaving water under their drawers, I did catch mine in time but it was just leaving a big puddle under my crisper drawer and would leak out everywhere. They will not fix it and the customer service is worthless. Cost $300. Right now I have dry ice trying to keep things cool in the refrigerator; freezer works fine. We started having trouble with the ice machine freezing 4-6 months after purchasing refrigerator. It’s important to note that the order was handed down by the court and was not a mutual decision made by the defendants and plaintiffs. We bought a Samsung refrigerator model RS267TDWP at Lowe in Albuquerque back in June 2011. We would like to be included in lawsuit. Had a technician come out and replace the parts but it broke down again within 4-6 weeks after that. Huge puddles in the bottom. We purchased the RF197ACRS model in December of 2013. I just do not know how I can get included in the suit. Log in here. I had been told the tubing was just clogged in the past – however this service man told me it is a flaw and unless a new part is installed by the manufacturer it will continue to “freeze up” – told me I should get this included in the class action suit for Samsung? The thing is, it takes more than a year for the ice to build up enough that you cannot open the freezer. We have been without a working fridge for two weeks now and he informs me that I need to wait an entire day after the repair to see if the fridge will indeed cool below 50 degrees. Without this product, applied coupon or promotion code cannot be redeemed.Are you sure to remove this product? I called Samsung. I live in a gated community so when the gate called I decided to go out to the driveway to meet the technician. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Samsung” or “Defendants”) in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (styled Jeff Weske, Jo Anna Frager and Darryl Myhre v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Civil Action Case No. After the first month, you must provide a credit card to continue this coverage at its regular price of $11.99 per month. Serial #: JJOD4GBB400216J For its part, Samsung has reportedly done nothing to help, failing to issue a recall or offer to repair or replace consumers’ refrigerators. Now, our refrigerator is making grinding noises and it’s obvious there is a fan problem as it stops once the fan stops. Bought our house new 30 years ago bought a Kenmore refrigerator which was replaced after 27years and only replaced because it was harvest gold and we were updating our kitchen. Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart. Is there a permanent solution to this problem? They came in and replaced the defective part, presumably with the same design defect of the original model. The refrigerator stopped working and it was repaired multiple times. I have a Samsung RS265TDRS. So yeah we would like either our money back or a new fridge please. Top Solutions for 4-Door Flex (RF32FMQD Series). Copyright© 1995-2020 SAMSUNG All Rights Reserved. Samsung refrigerator rf32fmqdbsr recall by: Anonymous Hi everyone, I bought my refrigerator in November of 2014. We purchased the black French door style a year ago. This is the second one that has gone bad and is a known problem. About four years ago we bought one of you Refrigerator/Freezers. In regards to the other Samsung appliances I purchased, the microwave stopped working in 2011 right outside of the factory warranty. Washington Mutual Class Action Settlement of Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage ARM Loan Lawsuit, Washington Mutual Class Action Settlement Of Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit, Ford Windstar Minivan Rear Axle Rust Class Action Lawsuit Filed, Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over Alleged Frozen Coil Defect, Class Action Attorneys & Class Action Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawsuit & Settlement News. Kind of a bummer, we know. My six year old two door fridge starts making problem now. (*Compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, connecting tubing). I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit. all burners have high temp only no medium no low. The machine growls and makes several different noises frequently. Refrigerator tier that can be adjusted from half length to full length to accommodate storage needs. Today the water is still running out every 2-7 days but now the water runs all the way across the kitchen floor. They too are so disgusted with their Samsung. We bough our RS265TDRS two years ago. I thought I was misled to believe I was getting a classy unit with the Samsung refrigerator but this has been driving me crazy. Well 2 weeks later same thing, and I call Florida Builder Appliances and they do nothing. MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS In cooling system, freon not even made here in us. I will never buy any Samsung products again. A few months ago it stopped cooling properly. Fridge freezes up in summer, water collects in bins, eventually stops working. By submitting this form you agree to our Terms & Connect your Samsung appliances, TVs and more. Sad, just really sad, it’s 5 months old.😩, I also had a refrigerator 3 months old that had a refrigerant leak,Samsung sent a lousy repair co. Out 3 times before the finally added freon but never fixed the leak. We have attempted to reset it multiple time, but it doesn’t fix the issue. I am planning to take them to consumer court tomorrow. He suggested we replace our appliances ASAP, because we would more than likely going to be spending the equivalent of new appliances in service calls and repairs. I have a 7 year old Samson. Write down every ticket number Samsung gives you and document dates and the conversation details. Sealed system failure means (they have no ideal why or where it is leaking) I did a trace on mine and found it in the condensing assembly. also against lowes for selling a defective product. we purchased the RF 26 X AEWP Samsung Refrigerator from Lowes and have the icing and standing water . Easy sign-in, Samsung Pay, notifications, and more! Not happy. My 4 door fridge isn't cooling only 56F. I too have a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR Fridge. Method in which cold air circulates through a refrigerator. In the last 6 months have had issues with ice maker freezing up, Water valve just trickling out water of the dispenser and now is seems the compressor is having issues will not get any cooler than 53 degrees. Refrig side not cooling, repair tech 4 times since purchase, horrendous amount of spoiled food. Please add me to your lawsuit. The Genuine OEM tag guarantees that the part was engineered to Samsung's specifications resulting in …

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