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He is very coachable and the desire he shows is a good indicator that he will play for the first team. There are three reasons to leave the house - solo exercise, medical emergency or food shopping. We were Warrington fans originally. Our kids have spent the week in the garden just climbing things to entertain themselves, painting the floor outside, building a set of rugby posts between the trees. We get a programme sent to us every day on WhatsApp from our conditioner Rich Hunswick and it's like a prison workout. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, Faded Lyrics: Uh, uh, uh / I'll be patient / Usually I'm sick and tired of all this waiting / But tonight I got the time / But when you're faded, you never read the signs / 'Cause you're always Get latest scores and headlines sent straight to your phone, sign-up to our newsletter and learn where to find us on online. 'Whenever there is a clash, I'll go to the bigger game and send Alison to the other one. So each day I'll train at 11:00 to have a bit of schedule. Photograph: Tim Clayton/Corbis via …

As has been the case with the boo-boys Tomkins has faced throughout the majority of his career, if there are a few heckles, do not be surprised if he manages to silence them.

I spend a lot of time training through the week and then every other week I'm away playing in England, so it's been good to have some quality time at home with the kids, helping them with their French homework - which is helping my French as well. But it is older brother Joel, 24, a big-money convert to rugby union on his recent transfer from the  Warriors to Saracens, who has the big head. My little lads are not happy because they can't walk the dog, as you're not allowed to go out in groups. “The style we play here ... that’s going to help me express myself. His switch to the south of France at the end of last season caught many off guard, but five months after helping Wigan win the Super League title in his final game before uprooting his family to cross the Channel, it is clear the 30-year-old is in no doubt it was the right time to part ways. My job is to ease that pressure and be on his side.'. Mentally it's most frustrating that the season was just starting for us, and now we have nothing to focus on. Écoutez Wife You par Sam Tompkins - Wife You. My wife is loving it, the kids still think they’re on holiday and Rex, my oldest, is picking up some French already. “There’s obviously a lot of stuff happening and when there’s significant changes, there’s always a settling-in period. The third Tomkins is serving an apprenticeship already successfully negotiated by his brothers. But he had big shoulders and a big head. No one is panic buying, there's plenty of toilet roll everywhere, the only thing that is sold out is hand sanitiser, which is understandable. So the Wigan and England full back, one of three brothers who are the talk of the rugby world, is labelled as arrogant and big-headed, and not just by the demented who peddle their hate on social networks. With a slow start to the defence of their Super League title and continued uncertainty over whether Shaun Edwards will take charge of the club next year, this has already been a strange couple of months for anyone associated with Wigan Warriors. Catalans Dragons are at the DW Stadium on Sunday, when a familiar face returns as a visiting player for the first time, Catalans Dragons’ win shows rugby league can fulfil expansion dream, Sam Tomkins: ‘Wigan has been my home for years so it’s going to be odd’. He came to us with a thin body. Included in the job description for a brilliant rugby league player like Sam Tomkins is to be subjected to all manner of jealous abuse. There are police everywhere pulling people over. The French players are helping us all settle in and it’s been fantastic.”, Tomkins is undisputedly one of the most talented players of his generation, as his success with Wigan proves. “After the season started, I began to feel like I wanted a change for me and for my family.” Just as important as winning trophies for Tomkins was the opportunity Perpignan and a new culture provided, plus the chance to build on the history Catalans created last year in winning the Challenge Cup. You could tell he was going to be huge.'.

Dad Andy and his wife, Alison, have driven thousands of miles, calculating kick-off times and arranging pick-ups, to watch all three boys playing rugby. The little fruit and veg shop round the corner from me is only letting in two people at a time, so you have to wait five minutes... but when you've got nothing else to do, you don't mind waiting five minutes, do you? 'Alison and I met at a school athletics meeting - I was in the triple jump pit and she was in the next pit doing long jump. Sam and Joel Tomkins (right) won the Super League Grand Final with Wigan in 2010 'There's no panic buying - toilet rolls everywhere' Everything's fine here at the supermarkets.

Sam had a Jonathan Davies replica shirt as a young boy.'. Joel was born in Warrington, Logan in Chorley and, in between, due to work relocation, Sam in that rugby league hotbed, er, Milton Keynes. If you want to leave the house you have to download a form on the government website. Second-placed Warrington enjoyed a handsome 63-12 victory at Hull FC, with Blake Austin scoring four of their 11 tries.

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