russian stick grenade


Due to the fragments' rapid loss of velocity, the kill radius is small, making this grenade an "offensive" type. Due to the fragments' rapid loss of velocity, the kill radius is small, making this grenade an "offensive" type. Red Army glass canteen with the inscription - Urshelsky... Red Army glass canteen with the inscription - Urshelsky Glass Factory. WW1 period issued shovel with a fat layer of preservative ointment,  from an old RKKA stock. Universal ammo-pouch M1941 for RKKA rifles. The Model 1914 grenade (Ручная граната образца 1914 года > Ruchnaya granata obraztsa 1914 goda, "Hand Grenade Pattern of year 1914") is a Russian stick concussion grenade (fragmentation grenade via an optional jacket) that was used during World War I and World War II. Very good condition with some traces of frontline use. Video and pictures below showing RGD-33 grenade’s common use within Soviet infantry: The Replica RGD 33 stick hand grenade I received from RAM-werks is precise in every tiny detail and is a valuable addition to my collection ! Nice example of frontline remake - adaptation. Дзержинского, 1932. For questions or accessibility help - please call (908) 903-1200. on Introduction, Good concept. Gun magazine laws, concealed weapons laws, laws governing new made display guns, airsoft guns, blank fire guns, and other items vary greatly by nation, state and locality. "Kirsa" is fire and waterproof khaki cloth made. All leather parts including the belt hook are in amazing and soft condition. The grenade was unusual but not unique, in that it had an optional "jacket" – a thick metal fragmentation sleeve weighing an average of 270 grams. as long as i remember in cOd games it is german not russian, Actualy i'm not that sure but i remember in cod 3 when you were the russians and you had stick grenades, Both Russia and Germany used stick grenades in the WWII (the 'Stielhandgranate' (stick hand grenade) and RGD-33 grenade), 'cause CoD games are extremely reliable in weapons information >.<.

Ленинград, издание военно-технической академии РККА имени тов. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Replica Weight: 200g. Please see our. Metal parts and eyelets without rust. This is a simple stick grenade that does not require many parts. 4*, 8 years ago
Original Items: Very Few Available. WW1  entrenching tool - 1915 year dated, Used by Red Army till the end of WW2. Reproduction WW2 Smoke and Incendiary Grenades $35.00; Reproduction Pull Fuses pack of 4 Out of stock Reproduction WW2 German 15 Round Cardboard Packing Box ( 3 pack ) Out of stock WW2 Mk2 Grenade … Commonly used during whole the WW2 campaign as Soviet anti-personnel fragmentation HE-stick grenade… There was a hole in the outer handle to the right of the thumb catch that lined up with bars of paint on the inner handle, making a colored dot - a white dot meant safe and a red dot meant the handle assembly was cocked. International Military Antiques, Inc observes all Federal, State and Local laws. Mint. M1941 Surrogate holster for pistols and revolvers of the... M1941 Surrogate holster for pistols and revolvers of the Red Army, Canvas pouch for grenade F-1 and RG-42. The next check was carried out in 1945, and the check markings are indicated both ... Leather map case, the part for a commander's bag M1932. However, inert versions of the M1914 were used for training up until the 1980s. This is a “Safe mode” hand grenade replica. Offensive type RGD-33 replica grenade is absolutely compatible with authentic fragmentation sleeves! Excellent condition with light traces of wear. Mint WW2 M41 grenade pouch for RG-42 and F-1. A high-detailed wooden replica of the famous Soviet stick grenade RGD-33 Offensive type, safe “white dot” position. Totally inert, cannot be converted to an explosive devise, not available for export, Not eligible for payment with Paypal or Amazon. Every musket, rifle, display machine gun, machine gun parts set or gun sold by IMA, Inc is engineered to be inoperable according to guidelines provided by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF). Reply 8 years ago on Introduction.

Mint condition, wartime issued with wooden lugs on a strap. Red Army Bread bag model 1940. Excellent condition, fully complete backpack, completed with its all additional straps. Gas mask bag, Red Army M 1941, 1945 year dated, WW2 Soviet Russian officer's brown leather M33 belt, WW2 M41 grenade pouch for RG-42 and F-1. With the jacket installed the grenade was said to be in "defensive" mode. $5.77. Made in Germany by special order for Soviet troops. Extremely rare example. TNT was a common explosive in Soviet grenades at the time, as seen in grenades such as the F1 grenade and RGD-33 grenade. Deactivated WW2 Russian RGD-33 stick hand grenade, which I would say is in neat mint condition with no signs of any rust or corrosion !

The operator then throws the grenade; a good throw could send the grenade 30 to 40 metres.

on Introduction. The M1914 was one of the few grenades used the conflict that was in service before the war started. [5] The sleeve's pattern was later used on the RGD-33 grenade's fragmentation sleeve. Latvian made Pack for 10 rounds for British rifle "303",... Latvian made Pack for 10 rounds for British rifle "303", Mark VII, 1931. The 1944 year marked. Has factory stamp. on Introduction, are you sure???? It was used throughout the war, along with the Stender grenade, by Russian forces until Russia withdrew from the conflict in 1917. Products you may find here at this Web are pure collectibles, safe INERT replicas of the original prototypes, produced from scratch in our workshop, with collectible, educational and display purposes only! The forward momentum of the head and the spring-loaded handle cause the fuze clip to drop back and then move forward, striking the fuze and beginning the time delay. On the grenade handle, to the right of the thumb safety catch, there was a small view-hole which was showing a color dot: white dot for safe position and the red one – that grenade been cocked. Pack for 10 rounds for British rifle "303", Mark VII, 1931, made in Latvia.

Length 100 cm. .hide-if-no-js { RKKA entrenching tool LMZ 43 - "Lopata PTL. WW2 period made. All are complete with rare fragmentation sleeve, inert and complete, but show some minor rust and age.
This is a “Safe mode” hand grenade replica. Belt size from buckle pin to the last hole through 110 cm. It would not be armed unless the fuze tube had been inserted, which would be done only before throwing. Red-brown... Universal ammo-pouch M1941 for RKKA rifles. The top of the warhead had a metal cover over the fuze well that was pushed aside, allowing the fuse to be inserted; it is disarmed by pushing the catch open, causing the fuze to pop out and be retrieved. By placing an order, the buyer represents that he/she is in compliance with the law and will utilize the items in a lawful manner. Moscow 1944". The top of the warhead had a metal cover over the fuze well that was pushed aside, allowing the fuse to be inserted; it is disarmed by pushing the catch open, causing the fuze to pop out and be retrieved. Rare variant. The grenade was composed of three separate pieces that were stored in different crates until use: the warhead and sleeve, spring-loaded handle, and fuze tube. The pouch is made of hard canvas and maker's marked, but unclear. Current model been constructed by the chief designer Dyakonov, yet in 1933. Unclear factory markings. }, Welcome to World War II Replica Ordnance Maker workshop (RAM-Werks). Red Army Semi-surrogate canvas belt M1941. Warhead fuse well metal cover. WW2 Soviet Russian officer's brown leather  M33 belt. M1941 Surrogate holster for pistols and revolvers of the Red Army, so-called "unified holster". Fine condition belt with removed D-Rings for the cross-strap, length 113 cm. Khaki color. (This unlocks the inner and outer handles; the inner handle remains fixed and the outer handle rotates.) Also traces of Imperial eagle is still there. Их устройство. Mint condition. Ammo pouch M41, Red Army. Imperial Russian box-shaped leather pouch for the Mosin rifle. Price is for one. Contact Us. display: none !important; The operator then grasps the warhead with their offhand and grips the handle with their throwing hand. We assume no liability associated with misuse of our products. War time issue shovel with fat layer of preservative ointment.

The handle is then pulled back, rotated clockwise to the right and pushed in; a red dot will appear in the window to indicate it was now cocked. Red Army gasmask BN-T5 with mask 08. The size from the buckle to the last hole is 115 cm. The gas mask was tested and approving markings were made on January 2, 1943, and it got serial number M4309. Producer markings are clear visible,  dated - 1945. We Specialise in Collectible, Inert Ordnance, Inert Ammunition, Inert Grenades, Inert Mines, Inert Shells, Inert Fuzes, Ammo Boxes, Field Gear and Equipment from WW1, WW2 and Post War pieriods When fitted over the grenade the sleeve improves the kill radius by producing a number of diamond-shaped, heavier fragments.

Reworked German leather belt for use with RKKA field equipment. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.7424 The price is for one. Slightly worn condition. Leather. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 921(a)(16) defines antique firearms as all guns manufactured prior to 1899. RKKA gas mask BN-T5, with the MT-4 filter. We have a few in the same condition. Brand New. WW1 entrenching tool - 1915 year dated. The operator then throws the grenade; a good throw could send the grenade 30 to 40 metres. May 1941 dated. Unified for Mosin and SVT rifle clips and mags. Display stands – Contact me and make your custom order! Upon detonation the shell fragments in rectangular, thin fragments, which, along with the casing and detonator fragments, decelerate rapidly in air.

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