rollin 60s map


I really want to meet a real leader of Sixty I’m from Louisiana the dirty south, hit me up Cuz nothing but respect on real, Rollin 20s used Rollin way before 60s used it smh f outta here with that BS. Gang’s who aligned themselves with the Rollin 60’s adapted the Neighborhood Crips also known as Deuces or Deuce Gang’s (2x) and gang’s who aligned themselves with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips adapted the “Gangster Crips” also known as Trays or Tray Gang’s (3x). fk. I dont like all snOOver chickkes 6 owe Neighbor hkood typke shkyt, WS247HOOVACRIMINALGANG NAPP BASHING CKBKMK
C’s up, WESTSIDE NEIGHBORH60D CRIPPIN RICH RILLIN “SIX OWE” I dont like the rest. Westside Rollin 60s NeighborHood Crip [RSC, R.60s, NH R.60s] are a predominately African-American street gang in the Hyde Park area of South Los Angeles, California. Thomas “Pimp” Martin, 25, (Sept. 26, 1956 – Sept. 8, 1982) shot and killed by Eight Tray Gangster Crip member. so guess what u got to line that guy up he got yall claimin and he aint from the turf!!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing but a bunch of rapist cild malesteing blank chickes. Crip’n stupid hard, YALL USE TO BE THE “ish” IN THE 80s A LACK OF TRUE LEADERSHIP DESTROYED WHAT YALL ONCE HAD…, its six owe till the world bklow we out here in jersey we 0s out here all the way turnt up west uppp NHC. Crippn till da cascet drop cuzz. For my O’s, my G’s, Neighborhoods Please. Real fing ish . MY DADDY WAS BORN ON THE COOPER ROADS & MY MOMA N CETER GROVE, #ROLLIN FULL THROTTLE ON THAT blank…NAY NAY’S OR GET LOST FKN LOSER…NAYBKAH60D CRIIP THOE…, This soon shall pblank,if you hold on the change will come in the morning light.S.O.G. N Ttown, Wa. FUBK WITH US ……R6LLIN 60 NHC ….WE DOWN HERE IN TEXAS GETTIN THIS MONEY!! NONE of yall niqquhs got hurt but the ONE person who wasnt into that ish lose his life because of yall stupid blank niqquhs…… f yall ! This feud spilled over into surrounding neighbor gang’s.

If u don’t kno u don’t needa kno Cuz. But you for got one thing hard head, The Midwest started Black Street Gangs first and cities like St Louis & Detroit & Cleveland had real Cali street gangs in the streets like East Coast Crips and Rollin 60’s use to bang out in St Louis & Grape Street Watts use to have a drug pipe line in five Midwest cities plus Black Mafia started in Detroit but Chicago was the birth of Black street organizations like Black P Stone and Mickey Cobras! Armando Dion Talbert AKA Mr. Know Good from NHC 60’s (West Covina) is a snitch, rat, women abuser, & childabuser.

The members' families move to the valley to get away from the gang problem. It is made up of three factions: Avenues, Fronthood and Overhill. what are the color of rollin 60’s neighborhood crip, ^6lue Yellow n grey mainly sometimes 6lacc 6ut not really datz a $n60vaz original color, LOL THIS ___ blank SITE DELETED ALL THE COMMENTS ON HERE SMH, ya´ll snatcs tha stole m fkcin bike, i k u. I Still bang sixtyz and chill with other crip gangs .

I was always haNgiN with my 6-Owe guyz. Southwest Region gang members are all about easy profit, guns, and drugs. Wearing any Seattle Mariners' sporting gear can be a sign of gang affiliation because of the trademark logo's large A little-known Hispanic gang known as 18th Street has become the largest gang in Los Angeles. There have been numerous homicides, ADW’s and drive by shootings related to this dispute. West side Neighborhood Trey gang ,grooving,moving,strolling on blood groove..,,,,who want it ?
WHEN I WENT TO CRENSHAW HIGH IN THE EARLY 70’s WE RAN EM ALL OUTTA THERE ! The Crips wear blue, and the Bloods wear red.

Of these three the 107 Hoovers are the most active and violent. Fugck all nappsk and they dead hømiez grøøve we møviiin and grøøvin høe blank guys they gøt H716Ver all the sway ink Texas guy fugck uglies. Kelly “Bo De” Jamerson, 28, (May 29, 1966 – March 16, 1995), beaten to death during South Train Music Awards after party at El Rey Theater on Wilshire Boulevard by multiple people. right now going at it with grape st varrio & cribs at the same time theirs about 20 soldiers taking over their.we have over 100’s of soldiers taking over 89ecc & 59ecc terfs right now. Hardcore gang members ec59&89 st. Last week their was a shooting when their was shooting 4 black ppl cars shot a house by Vermont and Florence. We keeps it Rich Rollin all da way from Spencer Oklahoma Dungee 39th 60’s.

To all my h60dstar’s, WE ALL OVER THE WORLD, “GETTIN IT!” h60d’s are in every state damn near now. Whatever happened to Cartoon? "Graffiti is the newspaper of the streets," said Judy Herrera, supervisor of the graffiti-removal unit for Community Youth Gang Services. you can’t be from cali because there is no such thing as a mexican crip gang in cali. Today they are mostly youngguys with skinny jeans smoking and drinking all day. IT’S DEAD END NHOOD ROLLIN 60’s CRIP GANG FROM P-TOWN OR. LOL ! RSC are the first gang to use the term “Rollin” and were involved in the first Crip-on-Crip rivalry when in 1979, the RSC and Eight Tray Gangster Crips (ETG) began a feud that has lasted over 3 decades with about 60 deaths among the two gangs with nearly hundred innocent bystanders, making this rivalry the most deadly two-gang conflict in California’s history, but the rivalry has calmed down during the first decade of the 2000s as crime dropped throughout the city. Richard Lloyd “Boo Roc 2” Brewer Jr. ( – July 25, 2000), Davon “Boo Roc 5” Vargas, 26, (Nov. 15, 1985 – April 8, 2012), Ricky “Boxer 2” Allen (10/06/1970 – 10/09/1993), 22, killed by Banning Police, Antonio “Coop” Cornwell ( -April 14, 2017), was killed on South Sepulveda Blvd & National Blvd on, Antonio “Crafty Blue” Riley ( – August 27, 2013), shot and killed on 64th Street & 5th Avenue, Omar “Crazo” Saunders, 39, ( – April 22, 2014), Crimm 2 aka Lil Mighty Moe ( – December 1995), Delta Charles “D.C.” Thomas, 21, (May 21, 1959 – Sept. 1, 1980), shot and killed by a Eight Tray Gangster Crip, Dwayne “Draws 2” Dupree, 23 ( – October 20, 1999), Earl Dog, aka Lil Looney, aka Ripper* ( – Dec 1990), Darrell “Fee 1” Drake, 30, (January 31, 1960 – November 28, 1990), Fee 3 (1993), died as a result of an accidental suicide with a firearm, Jermaine “Gun Smoke aka GS” Jones, 25, ( – Feb 23, 2007), shot and killed in Gardena. FuGC nappks ! You drive around with guns k-ingg innocent people , instead of the ones you actually plan on k-ingg. We more connected. city's gang culture as compiled through oral histories, gang statistics and other intelligence. Crips? f them sewer rat mothafas loc much love to all my locs and bloods. The Latin King population is also quickly growing and appears to be aligning with the Juaritos.

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