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Despite its popularity with the super popular English name Miranda, Merindah has a beauty and a rhythm of its own. (David Bowie, “Ziggy Stardust”) Kuparr is referred to an ochre used for making body paint and means ‘red earth’ in the Ngiyampaa language of the New South Wales.

This name must be sounding familiar to the ears of the Aussies. This fun alternative of Kai and Noah means ‘crow’ in the Kaurna language of the super popular city Adelaide. Mangana isn’t an unusual name for the boys to have in Australia. Women are badass. A perfect fit for a pint-size rocker. 50 Alphabet Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love, 11 Best Parenting Magazines In India You Must Read, Early Puberty in Girls And Boys - All You Need To Know, 100 Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings, 10 Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children And Ways To Mitigate Them, 45 Most Popular Video Game Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 50 Famous Amazigh (Berber) Names For Baby Boys and Girls, 53 Exclusive Warlock, Wizard, And Witch Names For Your Baby, 35 Most Popular Downton Abbey Names For Baby Girls And Boys, 100 Fancy And Beautiful Long Baby Names For Boys And Girls. With Latin roots, Cecilia is the namesake of Saint Cecilia the patron saint of music. Lehan means ‘kangaroo’ in the Palawa language of the Tasmania region. The ice hockey player Tarni Loreggian and the rock band singer Tarni Carter are two most prominent people with this name. We think it would make a lovely choice for a modern Aussie and American girl as it ticks the boxes of femininity, originality, and strength. (Billy Joel, “Rosalinda’s Eyes”) Even the wood of this tree is referred as Jarrah. Metal names for baby girls, with 6 entries. It doesn’t really need to be shortened, but if you are considering a nickname, pick Dak. This sophisticated name belongs to the Pitjantjatjara language, but the meaning is unknown. But we’re very sorry to inform you that the American dub actually means manly. In Greek mythology, Athena is the name of the daughter of Zeus who was the goddess of wisdom, warfare,... Read More, Guns 'n' Roses musician Axl (born William) Rose created this name by dropping a vowel, a la Barbra Streisand. [Lanny, .. 3 more]. And indeed a fresh alternative to Luka.

This moniker is quite popular as a name for organizations and businesses. Making a comeback as one of the top 100 baby names for girls, Amelia—which means to strive or excel—is the namesake of the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, a Shakespearean name (spelled Emilia in Othello) and has garnered many nicknames including Amy, Millie and Mia.
Wiki is a Samoan baby girl name, meaning ‘victorious’.

Kareela, the name of a Brisbane suburb can also be used as a name for your daughter. Still sounds weird to you? Okay, just focus on their awesome names. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Stream Now. Adoption of Kaya and variants is more pronounced among parents presently. [Lannie, Lanny, Lanna, Alleynah, Allena, Alleen, Alene, Alannah, Alanna, Alanah, .. 23 more]. The meaning of Bouddi is ‘heart’ in the Darkinyung language. While the classic William, name of the... Read More, Unseen in the USA since 1901, Boston rocketed back into the Top 1000 in 2004 and, like other place-names such as Brooklyn, London and Paris, is now a reliable presence on the list.Read More, Baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn put this name in play as a first name, but David Bowie (born with the considerably less marketable moniker of David Robert Jones) dyed it blond and gave it... Read More, Bruce is a Norman place name made famous by the Scottish king Robert the Bruce, who won Scotland's independence from England in the fourteenth century.
It means ‘roots of the paperback tree.’ Mandawuy Djarrtjuntjun Yunupingu, the aborigine educator, and musician, is the respected bearer of this name. Within the top 1000 baby names then, there was 1 Metal name. It's perennially popular in Scotland, but... Read More, Caroline is a perennial classic, in the Top 100 since 1994. Unsplash / Mean Shadows. Rockarchive's list A-Z of rock bands & music artists ranging from indie rock bands, classic rock bands, punk rock bands, through to jazz & blues. "Rock." See also Kailyn. It’s making a fresh alternative to the Hebrew name, “the Lord is my light’. From "cantal" .. [Shontelle, Shaunda, Shantelle, Shantel, Shantal, Chauntelle, Chauntell, Chauntay, Chantrice, Chantress, .. 63 more], Cliona .. honored at Cliodhna "Cliona's Rock", Cork. Marlee is the name of a town in South Wales. Some people may think that Rianna is actually the original spelling of Rihanna, but this moniker actually means ‘caterpillar’ in the Palawa Language. Meaning intelligent and cautious, the English name in the popular Beatles song was inspired by Mia Farrow’s sister of the same name. It’s native to the Tasmanians aboriginals of Australia. Read more: Baby names: Last names as first names>.

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