rock climbers are douchebags


Otherwise entrance fees run about $20-$30 per visit.

The ClimbSkin Hand Repair Cream is probably the best stuff I've found so far for that. Another great gift under $25 that all climbers can never have enough of! What’s an overhang? These douchebags you speak sitting around ranting about their latest send are searching for something they won’t find in climbing…self worth. A person at your local rock climbing gym who brags and constantly brings up other people's failures and their own small accomplishments in order to make themselves feel better. Another great gift for any trad or sport climber is a new climbing rope. Then your belayer asks you if you’re ok, and even if you just crapped your pants a little, you don’t want to seem scared, so you yell, “yeah, I’m good, just lower me a bit so I can get back on the climb.” When, really, all you want to do is get back on the ground and pack your shit and go home because that was terrifying, but for some stupid reason, you swing your dangling ass back onto the route and start working the problem again. It’s that love-hate relationship makes climbing such an amazing experience.

I hate doing all that and STILL stepping out onto the granite slab, looking the world like a polished piece of slick death, and somehow finding small chips for my feet to go on, and I gingerly place my feet, one at a time, until I look up and suddenly I’m across without any incident and I can slot in a nice nut placement into a convenient crack. Sometimes you gotta leave a sling behind, sometimes you kick over your coffee, but you should always try and be mindful of the forest. We got these for each other as Christmas gifts one year, and loved them so much! It’s a bit pricey, so some people don’t opt to get one when they first start climbing, but I think its a great option for any sport or trad climber.

This gave me chills – wish I wrote it! Don’t let being scared on a 5.5 keep you off harder climbs that you’re stoked about. Also, get a cheap hanging board or rock rings like the ones here I was recently backpacking near Half Dome, and I ran into some hikers who looked lost. Despite the challenges I walk perfectly, I run marathons, I’ve finished more than 2 dozen Ironman’s, I’m a mountaineer, surfer, pilot, amateur Rally racer, expert cyclist/mountain biker, World Champion competitive shooter, skydiver/BASE-Wingsuit jumper, solo-sailor (I’ve circumnavigated the world in my Morris 48GT), Baja/4×4 driver, snowboarder, XC skier, scuba diver, and musher. Beta. Cracks?

In anything, there is always a given set of lingo to learn. You’re also in luck because we climbers tend to be cheap. They are really great and super inspiring. And I know I’m not a badass. Oh, and couple this gift with the book, The Rock Climbers Training Manual , where they can find some hang board routines in there that compliment this particular hang board. Thanks for the comment! You think I’m NOT afraid of fucking heights?”. Sounds like you should stop climbing if you hate it so much.

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Tarps will help preserve the quality of your rope for longer, and if you have multiple ropes, it’s nice to have a couple of these tarps!

Don’t pity me. I have this issue even in the gym sometimes, and it's very frustrating. You’re hanging there with fear building up in your chest, and lactic acid building up in your forearms and knowing, just knowing, that you can’t make this move and that you’re going to fall, and ah-shit you lose your grip and suddenly there’s nothing between you and the hard ground, but then you’re suddenly yanked to a stop by the rope gods and maybe your balls get pinched by your leg loops and everything hurts like a mutha-fucker, but you’re thanking whoever it was that invented kernmantle construction and dynamic rope stretch.

And yes we are scared of falling. Don’t worry, once you figure out the vocabulary, you realize every friggin’ conversation is the same. Give your friend or family member the gift of finger strength.

I hate that he, too, talks about being scared. Alex Honnold is arguably one of the most famous climbers.

730k members in the climbing community.

Michael and I go see the new Reel Rock Films every year when they tour in California. Plus, being outside, having some fun, seeing if you can do it, laughing about the f’ed up stuff you saw today, etc…is all part of it and grade chasers just don’t seem to understand that in those of us in the lower grades. THE POWER COMPANY CLIMBING TRAINING PROGRAMS.

Like, “Oh, I could never rock climb.

I said it this weekend. “Man, I was totally pumped out on the roof, but then I got my foot over and heel hooked the shit out of it, and when I got over the overhang, there was this fat thank-god jug, so I grabbed it and mantled over and put in a cam and just hung there for a while. Don’t be this person, and don’t let your friends be them either. I am right there with you, man. Most gym climbers typically start with rope climbing (although I always advocate to also start bouldering when you are gym climbing or if you are just getting started with climbing). I hate that after you climb a bit, that gear talk actually becomes useful. And seriously, fuck Chris Sharma.

I believe climbing is a means to an end. I’ve also had those days that everything seemed to click and nothing bothers you, and those days that make you want to follow everything instead of leading. A full rack of Bee Dee cams with doubles of certain sizes for this or that crack.

What’s the V scale?

Read our Climbing destination guide to learn more about this special place and how to plan a great trip there. I pretty much only use the gri-gri to belay Michael with because he weighs so much more than me.

What do climbers want?! Not the joyful silence of sheer confidence, but the thinly held-together cracking-up of my holding-my-shit-togetherness. Thanks for the advice Pam! 5.9 is hard! Yes, I get it, blaring music others may not enjoy at the crag is obnoxious.

I see videos constantly with pros using speakers while climbing. There are a variety of holds and angles to climb on to practice all kinds of strength and skill exercises.

And I immediately wonder what the fuck I’m doing. Great article Ed!

And laid-back post-climb beer drinkers, easy on the eyes and easy on the road. Can you imagine getting on a plane and flying 18 hours, then driving another 5 hours, then hiking for a day and coming to a crag only to find some ponytail sporting douchebag blasting music like it's a corner on main street? Hey maybe be thankful you live in a place where you can climb (irregardless of skill) and not worry about land mines, being shot at, or have enough money to live on let alone enough to engage in recreational activities like climbing. what the hell is wrong with their marketing team? I hate it when I ask friends how their trip was and all they talk about is “oh man I did a 7 8 9 10 11 12 it was so awesome” Yeah okay buddy you can count, but how the fuck was your trip?

The magazine is filled with awesome tips for rock climbing, fun stories, and is chock full of inspiration and climbing guides. Night time bouldering is the best, and having a good spotlight to shine a light on your boulder problem is essential.

Just because one isn’t a pro climber or cannot on-sight a 5.10, or doesn’t know all the lingo, or cannot tie a prussic knot in their sleep, doesn’t mean they are a poser.

I highly recommend the investment of a great helmet like this one. How about a dihedrals?

I love the Patagonia Cragsmith Pack because of the top and back panels make it super easy to load and unload all of your gear in.

I’d bet there is no non-pro climber alive who hasn’t had these exact same thoughts. We enjoy the simple things in life. You’ll never go wrong by getting your trad-climbing friend some more gear, like a set of DMM Wallnuts.

So often those harder climbs are easier to push through because you’re mentally prepared for how difficult they’re going to be! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is a lovely piece of work! Goin’ on 40 years of climbing and that’s one of the most honest accounts I have read. Make sure they have essentials like light!

I’m sure if you put as much energy into climbing as you do in bitching about it. It's fine to have a thicker hand cream on when you go to sleep, but sometimes when you just want some hand repair during the day, and this is my go-to stuff. The club embodies exactly this kind of arrogant, self serving purist attitude especially the women (or are they actually men?). These acupressure massage rings are a great way for your fellow climbers to help their fingers recover.

I pretty much don’t go anywhere without a headlamp, including when I go out to climb and PARTICULARLY if we are going into the backcountry or on a longer, more complicated climb. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Guys and girls like Chris Sharma or Lynn Hill, blonde beasts held to the face with iron pinches and smoothly slotted crack jamming fists. 29. Everyone should practice leave-no-trace to the best of their abilities in accordance to the local ethics. Nobody likes climbers!

These crag cards will help any climber hone their rope tying skills in no time.

After 3-4 visits, the pass has paid for itself. Did you enjoy this post about gifts for rock climbers and boulderers? As much as I love climbing, I will never be a ‘climber’.

Not stopping!
| Washing your prized and beloved down jacket doesn’t need to be a scary task and doesn’t take a lot of special supplies or equipment.

The home of Climbing on reddit. This stuff is great! None of it ever makes sense. It's not the first portable bluetooth speaker made to clip to a carabiner, but I guess it's the first specifically marketed for a rude use like cragging. My favorite line: Gym climbing and outdoor climbing don’t need to be so strictly compared. Haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, and I’m happy to keep on climbing. And just because I’m down in the “lower” grades doesn’t mean I don’t a helluva lot of fun.

CRAG CARDS: ESSENTIAL CLIMBING KNOTS. I’m scared of flailing on a hard section. This is a great bouldering gift! You can get immediate access to it below. These douchebags you speak sitting around ranting about their latest send are searching for something they won’t find in climbing…self worth. |, How to Wash a Down Jacket Properly So That You Don't Ruin It! I even take a little pride from it when I overhear someone complaining about how much their feet hurt or how tired they are during a marathon, then as I pass them buy I’ll hear them change their attitude for the better and say something to the tune of: “wow, look at that guy, I really have nothing to complain about.” I have encounter such as the aforementioned on a daily basis. We will still love you. If I should have tied that rethreaded figure-eight onto my harness and put my hands on a hopeful hold and stepped up to try something impossible. no one has ever said it better. This article made me cry from laughing so hard. These tools are great for indoor training and strength building as your friends adds another type of climbing to their outdoor arsenal. Strong, lean muscles and the grace of countless climbs under their nylon harnesses.

Thanks ed for the post! Trad climbers pretty much love to get more gear. You never told me you had this awesome blog. No clue?

If Usain Bolt tried to draw track lines on a 100 mile trail run, it wouldn’t be out of place to give him a gawf for a lack of common sense.

I’m completely blown away by how many hits this article has gotten.

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