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Lots of wooded holes here where having just the right behavior from a disc is key. Beat in KC rocs are very versatile. The Mako3 starts off really straight, and beats in to a great hyzer flip to turn over mid. All Rights Reserved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. KCP's have less HSS turn (none) and more LSS fade. McPros have a mild dome and typically fade a little more than a regular rancho roc. start with that and once it gets too beat to fade, get the roc3 to complement it. My midrange selection consists of 2 Buzzzes and 3 Rocs: A ~10 yr old eliteZ modified Wasp and a new 10th anny buzzz, a flat top dx roc, a champ roc3, and a mcpro roc3. Buzzzes and Rocs neatly represent two different ways to build your bag. I dropped both a Roc and Buzzz for a firm Ibex and a medium Proton Vector. Powered By: Linez Technologies, Plastic grade(s): Basic (Cheapest), Durable, Midgrade, Premium. I like my KC Pro ROCS closer to the basket, especially on a line where I want to throw it on an anhyzer line and let it drop straight down at low speed. Rocx3 on its way. And what makes that your go to mid every time you are in that type of range? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Some people prefer the feel of the Buzzz over the Roc, and that's fine. Goes right where you throw it. I find rocs to be more accurate for approaching the basket. I throw all Rocs for my midranges. The Buzzz is my easy-mode button. champion tends to take awhile to season, so i wouldn't worry much about that. If you are looking for something similar I would highly recommend it. ROC has won all 3 years they've done it, I mainly think its because there are usually more buzzz players than ROC so the average score tends to be higher. That's what I carry, because I'm more driver-oriented and it's just consistent. Look at the profiles side by side, you'll notice the X3 has a significantly beefier nose. I throw Comets, Buzzzes, and Zones. I bag both and they fly as BIGTOM described. Or Im just hoping Discmania comes out with a D Line MD3 Currently, the easiest to procure & most OS is the star rancho roc. and gliding in a straight line. Current mid lineup for me - which I feel really good about now - from most US to most OS:Worn DX RocFairly new Flat top KCP RocFresh KCP RocMFC Roc3. I can really torque down on this disc and it does not turn over. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. It's not a dump but it does fade pretty hard. (verified owner) – August 18, 2020, Nicholas L. OTB is the best! Are the Roc3 and RocX3 the same exact disc or are they different? I've got a MFC Roc3 that is just super straight. It has almost no fade on it at all. Thirty years after we first launched the Roc, we introduce our most torque-resistant version yet, the RocX3. Then all of the scores are averaged for each team to determine the winner. !. Champion R3's start out pretty stable and will beat in to pretty straight with SOME fade, I've found the glow and MFC's to be a tick more stable than the normal champ runs. Would the mako3/roc3 be the right choice? Champion Rocs are more overstable compared to Champion Roc3s. Roc vs Roc3 Hit me with some knowledge on the differences in flight between your run of the mill Rancho DX or KC and the DX/McPro/Champ versions of the Roc3. Champs have a good deal of stability and will hold that for the longest. Great disc, as always a great buying experience on OTB! If you like to play with three discs, then your mid should be able to cover many lines. Not that it dumps like a justice, just the the roc3 fade is more abrupt in comparison. For me, it's about how it feels in my hand. roc3 will be like your teebird, straight with a solid fade. I also wonder about this. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates on new products and promotions. I have seven rocs total 2 roc3s, a san marino roc, a vrock, a metal flake roc3 and a couple of rocs to hanging up. They do not have as much fade as them out of the box. Compared with other Roc versions, the X3 is a low profile and hefty rim that provide it with extra stability. In my experience the domey max weight X3 is a lot more OS than the roc3. I think I know what you're talking about. If you throw your mids 250+ go with the Roc, if youre throwing less than that go with the Mako. In terms of stability of regular production from overstable to least overstable it goes champ->mcpro->kc->dx->dx roc3. Are the Roc3 and RocX3 the same exact disc or are they different? I highly recommend it! But I have a buddy who's kind of a midrange nerd (:D) and he carries several rocs in different plastics and stages of wear, and he can honest to god carve incredible lines with the right roc. I ordered the Star Roc3 177g and I got exactly what I wanted. Personally I do not carry anything but baseline mids except for a meathook. Then I picked up a dynamic discs Truth and all of the Buzzzes were kicked out of the bag. However, that looks like champ glow plastic which will beat into a straight flyer a little faster than regular champ. It can hold a gentle hyzer / line, flat will stay flat and straight, and will hold a long anhyzer \ line. I have moderate to fast arm speed. That said, it's personal preference, just like for putters. The Roc3 has become a staple in the bag of 4x world champion Paul McBeth and it was his first signature disc. Roc has some incredible glide but is more of a touch disc. But how hard does it turn over? bastard.) I have a theory that the Buzzz is an easier disc to throw, but that the Roc is for midrange specialists. Or both! I use the Rocs for touchy finesse shots within 300ft. Own pretty much every type of roc and roc3. When thrown flat and hard the Roc3 goes straight with a tapering hyzer finish. The buzzz wants to be thrown fast and low, hitting tunnels in the woods etc. Detail. the one that i would say is more "well rounded" is the mako3. the mako3 will hold whatever line you put it on, provided you don't have any oat and give it the appropriate spin. Throwing 350+ ft on a dead straight line is deadly. They do that as well here where I live and hold it at NAD park. It'll hit almost every line you put it on. They are both flat and straight, similar stability. It should be the case. The 3 at the end of the Roc signifies that it is a bit faster than the traditional Roc, also indicated by the 5 speed versus the 4. I throw both. (I can feel the down votes coming, hehe.). I would highly recommend them to a new player as an initial driver. If I threw Rocs, I would probably just throw Rocs with maybe a Gator, Pig, or Rhyno for when I need something OS and glideless. The roc3 has a slightly harder fade at the end. I haven't thrown a San Marino only a Star Rancho but its definitely more overstable than a Roc3 even in champion. I'm pretty decent with approaches using the teebird, but the speed and fade of it causes rough landings plus I struggle throwing it 65-80%. I absolutely love this disc. In the end it really just comes down to preference. I realized I actually prefer the domey-ness of the traditional Roc shape. I found myself trying to decide which one I liked better, too, and ended up going with the Buzzz. Thanks, for me a heavier one would add stability. Not too scientific, but FWIW Team Roc has won both years. I prefer the Buzzz for it's predictable line and forgiveness if you put too much pop into it. Roc3 – The Roc3 is a variation of the flagship Roc mold. Advanced Disc Search, Buy Darryn This is for champion plastic fyi. The Buzzz is the best disc of the two for my style, but I'd rather have both. And if I really need to crank on a mid, the buzzz is the best. You pick your team and throw only buzzes or rocs the entire tourney. Both discs are pretty high speed stable. Unfortunately you can't find those very easily so I bag roc3s instead. Roc3 – The Roc3 is a variation of the flagship Roc mold. All that said, the straightness and glide of the DX/KCP's make them longer for me than the faster R3's which have less glide. Disc Information The Innova RocX3 is the most overstable version of the popular Roc midrange. I like my Z Buzzzes on longer straight shots and sweeping anhyzers. Pam Reineke Love the Roc3. The Mako3 is one of my favorite discs. (verified owner) – October 24, 2020, Daniel Started getting back into the sport & now in need of a new mid. The mako is the right disc for sure. The one disc took over pretty much all of my midrange duties. They season faster than Mcpro/KC. Completely agree. Now I personally love my buzzz never really tried a roc or roc 3. I think I got a dud, because my MFC Thunderbird is definitely more overstable than my others. The 3 at the end of the Roc signifies that it is a bit faster than the traditional Roc, also indicated by the 5 speed versus the 4. The Buzzz is my easy-mode button. Comets are for understable and dead straight shots, the Buzzzes are for straight with fade and line holding, and Zones are for straight glideless beef. I should mention I like to play with three discs, champion teebird, some type of mid, and a putter. Dx roc3s are alot like a flat top roc. When I would throw it with a good amount of power ,flat or with hyzer, it would turn over or finish with little to no fade. Innova claims that this is the ideal midrange for windy conditions and forehand … Compared with other Roc versions, the X3 is a low profile and hefty rim that provide it with extra stability. (verified owner) – July 16, 2020. i was so excited to get my hands on my roc, and then i got an Ibex. I'd like to piggy back off this and see if anyone who has thrown a flat top roc and a roc3 can compare the two? Close. I throw a lot of DX and KCP Rocs (including a flat top) as well as Roc3's. I would go with the Mako3 to start out with. It flies flat and straight and always fades left. I also find them to be slightly better roller discs and slightly better upside down tomahawk discs (landing on the back to slide up to the basket) and same goes with forehands - again on each it is a very slight preference but put altogether it just wins out and would definitely be my one disc only if I had to choose. Pick up the Roc3 once you learn the Mako3 or want more stability or fade. I personally carry both because they are very different midranges for very different applications - I once heard the difference described in a very articulate way on DGCR. They will season slower and IMO it is the best roc for cycling. I'm pretty sure that in the right hands a buzz and a buzz ss could cover every shot that you carry 5-7 rocs in your bag for. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. They fly just like slow drivers. They hold straight with some decent fade at the end new. Compared with other Roc versions, the X3 is a low profile and hefty rim that provide it with extra stability. That is really one of the only reasons I choose Roc3's over Buzzz's. It's the straightest disc I have ever thrown and it will hold just about any line you put it on. If you practice with the Mako3 it will teach you how to throw different types of shots. It's a very fine line though, there's just something about wearing Rocs in to their different stages and knowing what they will do over time. My midrange selection consists of 2 Buzzzes and 3 Rocs: A ~10 yr old eliteZ modified Wasp and a new 10th anny buzzz, a flat top dx roc, a champ roc3, and a mcpro roc3. There have been many different types of Rocs throughout the years, but this was a great addition. Buzzz you can put some pop on, won't roll over and has a nice predicable finish. (verified owner) – July 24, 2020. Why? In my opinion mcpro flies the closest to the flat top rocs, but the feel just isn't quite the same.

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