roadies season 16


The day begins with a vote out. However, when it comes to the vote out, there is a small twist. With Prince's favourite contestant Vidit Sharma bidding the show adieu after a dramatic vote-out, Nikhil finds himself in the power seat when his pick for the new task wins him two special powers. It turns out hilarious. They also get manipulated at the truth and dare game. Is it treachery or just a part of the game?

Manan's online audition turns into seventh heaven for Neha Dhupia as she completely falls in love with his adorable pet dog, Bum. Warrior Queen Neha and Prince have a clash of words after the partial immunity task when Prince and Nikhil's gang form an alliance to gang up on Neha's gang. The Roadies have to take a Patience Test to be a captain. And just when they all seem to settle, Rannvijay Singha re-introduces Roadies Revolution in its raw form and throws them the first task of the season that requires solving complex puzzles, brute strength and all of the senses! Nikhil Chinapa is one who can even eat shit for his gang, he says. Later, they even give out condoms. The black box twist returns, and this time, Aanchal grabs it. Prabjot and Veerpal can go to any extent to prove their indomitable passion for Roadies. Vikas and Himani complete the task to reach the final challenge, breaking slabs of ice. However, Nisha Dhaundiyal, with her spectacular flexibility surpasses the fierce competition and steals the show! The new Roadie is welcomed in the group and the gang heads to perform their next stunt. Despite being touted as the favourite Roadie to win the task, Sonu Jat and his dismal performance ends up infuriating Raftaar. The most intense show is back and this time it is bigger, tougher and even more Xtreme! Irfan Khan brings a twist and throws a challenge at them.

Hrithik Roshan, oadies Journey - Flashback feat. But, when he's caught lying about his mother's hospitalisation to get attention, Rannvijay loses it. Watch all the drama unfold now. For the first time on Roadies Revolution, four contestants from different states and backgrounds audition to become a part of the revolution. History is recreated in today's immunity task. A team swap takes the Roadies by surprise. The most anticipated event in Roadies X4 history comes into reality when it is decided that one member from Prince's team must take on another member from Rannvijay's team in the Kishi Challenge, in order to win the immunity.

The roadies have landed in Kolkata. Post lunch the Roadies had to perform their first task on the river Hoogli. MTV Roadies is an youth based reality show that airs on MTV India. Later, the Roadies are put to a task to determine who will enter the semi-finals, but the girls make an appeal to the gang leader.

MTV Roadies Xtreme Winner (Season 16): Kashish Thakur Pundir. Eventually Navdeesh, Gaurav, Shivangi and Satish are selected from which Satish wins the judges hearts. Sonal and Gaurav are eliminated. Watch as the judges share their constructive feedbacks and more, in a yet another grueling audition round of Roadies.
During the vote out, the newly form majority votes out Pratima and Manali. They have to find a job in lieu of some eatables. Watch the entire episode to find out how many contestants make it through to become a Roadie. Six of them are nominated for the task. Which pair will hoist and wave the flags of victory? Cyrus, Roadies Journey - Life @ 500 Rupees Per Day, Roadies Journey - Blind Dates feat. Who will win this Herculean task? Watch one of the coolest Gang Leaders unleash his wrath when he comes across such a traitor in his gang. The Roadies perform the rock climbing immunity task and get the bikes' keys. Now it is up to Nikhil and Neha to level up and push harder towards victory. The walk down the memory lane comes to an end as Cyrus reaches the end of the show where the Roadies are together for one last time. The Flagship task escalates the level of aggression as the warriors are split into three pairs. There are two stages, the cage task and the vote-out. With a huge turnout of aspirants at the Auditions venue, find out who will get selected to Ride for Respect this season in the second episode of the Delhi Auditions.

The immunity task involves lions. Then the contestants are paired to perform another money task.

With the action and adventure kicking off in Shillong, the Gang Leaders and the 20 Roadies are all set for the journey.
From cosplay to traditional dance performances, the Roadies have a great day. The Roadies travel from Barmer to Mehsana where they are faced with a lot of twists and turns.

Moreover, as Rannvijay Singha announces that there is going to be double elimination, a fiasco unfolds followed by the dirty politics of elimination. Tempers flare and all hell breaks lose when Rannvijay and Prince lock horns in Gwalior! The tension is as high as ever! The immunity task was filled with Xtreme fun much to the audience's delight. The girls perform a money task based on fitness pole dancing. Mini is eliminated. But when a contestant feels that he is not up for the challenge, Rannvijay quickly shows him the exit. Girls play chess and boys get into boxing. The Roadies get ready for their Immunity task and Walk The Talk Task to proceed to the finale of the journey. Contestants and Cyrus, Roadies Journey - Cyrus Brings Journey To An End, The roadies face the kalari martial artists, Raghu and Nikhil scrutinize the delhi contestants, Sexy Ladyboy dancing task for roadies in Bangkok, The first vote-out of "Roadies - Hell Down Under", Ex-Roadies challenge contestants in Australia. Raghu is unhappy with their poor performance and brings a punishment for them. In the money task they have to design a raft to cross the river. The arrival of 'Black Box' surprises them. The shortage of chemistry forces Vj Sophia to arrange blind dates for the Roadies, but amongst these blind dates there hides a new secret. 2018-02-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins; 48. The Roadie who gets eliminated can vote out a non immune roadie. The Roadies are headed towards Rebeirao Preto. The season begins with the Pune auditions. Nikhil Chinapa is one who can even eat shit for his gang, he says. In a first, we have a five-member Roadies gang where girls outnumber guys, as Rannvijay roots for girl power. With a huge turnout of aspirants at the Auditions venue, find out who will get selected to Ride for Respect this season. Add your shows and see the site populate with them, Calendar and Homepage with your shows only, Track your watched episodes and see new ones come out, Define search engines to find episodes with one click, Get suggestions for new shows based on what you watch, Many other neat features and customizations. Extreme intensity is about to be unleashed in this second segment of the Delhi auditions. Meanwhile, Karishma survives an unfortunate mishap, thanks to Rannvijay and Tej. This task, titled Ready Steady Do, Khul Ke Bol has the girls answer some fun yet hilarious questions, while the guys are made to eat jamalgotas for every wrong answer given by their gang member. The best of the Roadies still continues as Cyrus picks up from where he last left. In Tiger Hill, the Roadies play 'Slapabaddi' to immunize their respective teams. It's the final outdoor task for the Roadies. The Roadies leave for Satara where they receive a black box followed by the immunity task. On Day 1 Bhatrati, Vikas, Rubal, Subhpreet Karishma and Anseela gets selected to face the panel for the group discussion. The judges are in Chandigarh auditioning aspiring Roadies. What's more? Chandigarh has produced a lot of roadies in the previous seasons. In the Grand Finale the final four Roadies are tested in the final task. Mohit saves himself while Rahul has to give up.

The audition is filled with tricky questions, laughter and various tasks. Later, they gear up for the next survival task, where they will find out what happened to their missing gang members. Tune in now to watch who goes home and who survives this deadly twist! The winner will claim the position of the Ruler of Camp Patiala and a spot in the semi finals! Would you let a stranger hit your sister to win a task? The Roadies head to their next location, Devangere where they face the money task. The gang leaders are so troubled by her tragic story that they plan to take an active step. The war zone shifts to Dholpur and the warriors find a gut-wrenching surprise awaiting them. The Gang Leaders, their ex-gang members and the six worthy semi-finalists are ready to witness the pinnacle of the deadliest season of Roadies. The team captains guess how many arrows their teammates could fire into a sand sack, and the closest guess takes the largest amount of money. As the battle to determine the ultimate warrior gets intense, the rap icon, Badshah joins our warriors and makes them groove to his vibrant tracks. Tawang is the last destination of Roadies Season 10 which brings the last elimination. The gang with the most number of hits wins.

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