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Hurry up and bring it back I have I have manic depression and bipolar and that shows the only show that I can sit through for 30 minutes and I can laugh and forget about all my problems so please hurry up and bring them back.

Variety reported that during a stretch of 168 hours on MTV in late June, 113 hours of programming were gobbled up by Ridiculousness. I can’t watch snuff,’” Saget said. This person got a bruised collarbone.”.

There was a time—when music videos were king and Kurt Loder delivered counterculture news straight to the camera—when the network not only had buzz, it created it. There’s a broad sort of appeal in a way that maybe Jersey Shore and The Osbournes and Real World and certainly music videos and TRL would not have been.”. On the show Ridiculousness, he is a panelist together with Chanel West Coast. What is it about Ridiculousness that makes MTV want to run it constantly when Comedy Central, another ViacomCBS property, recently decided to cancel the similar Tosh.O? It’s the YouTube or TikTok experience produced on a macro scale with assembly-line efficiency. skateboarder turned reality TV personality is fascinating.

Marks joked that “Ridiculousness is to MTV as Law & Order is to Ion Television,” though he doubted that Rob Dyrdek and friends have “27 seasons of Dick Wolf narratives, but maybe in a pandemic people just want to watch videos of people getting their balls busted on a skateboard.” Either way, as far as Marks is concerned, nothing about the network is actually cool anymore.
It has been a very long time since Dyrdek was just a skateboarder, and he has made oodles of money since then as a reality show star. When I randomly checked in on the station one weekend in August, the show ran for more than 36 hours uninterrupted from Saturday morning through 3 a.m. on Monday, when it finally went off the air in favor of Catfish: The TV Show. There was also no shortage of deeply questionable material. That hasn’t been true for a while now, and the recent rise of Ridiculousness is unlikely to change that. He might be right, but American television viewers have always had a strong stomach for violent content and a never-ending appetite.

No longer (unless you count the memes about Ridiculousness’s ubiquity).

This is how I operate roughly half the time, not knowing about the thing that everyone else at our company knows about, because I work at The Ringer with a bunch of very lovely but young humans who are only slightly older than zygotes and who are plugged into every possible part of modern pop culture before anyone else even knows it exists.

He was mostly joking.

(Justice for Nicole Richie!). Also, there are animals—lots of them, because everyone loves cute pets and they’re a good respite from the violence and near-death mishaps. And while people of a certain generation fondly remember the music video era and don’t recognize what the network has become, Tannenbaum and Marks see the station’s eager embrace of Ridiculousness as little more than business as usual at MTV.

But if you see them start to get out you get a hard laugh, you get a double laugh because you think the person is dead but they’re not. But...why? Heidi Klum Rocks With Gene Simmons, Then Raps, Heidi Klum, AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC).

Alas, while the imagined TRL of the future is still on the air, time has not been kind to Daly.

“Maybe they should have what’s-his-name host—Rob Dyrdek.”, Content ©2020 The Ringer All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2015 PremiereDate.News.

In 2017, TRL was brought back from the dead—and then canceled once again the next year.

“I sort of think I know what it is. With each successive clip, Saget figures we’re sliding collectively toward a “cage-match mentality.” He said we’re closer to that now than ever.
That’s not hyperbole. Sick of only hot pics getting likes lmao, A post shared by Chanel West Coast (@chanelwestcoast) on Jan 3, 2020 at 5:15pm PST, Chanel claims she’s “not a model” and jokes that she’s “Sick of only hot pics getting likes lmao.”, A post shared by Chanel West Coast (@chanelwestcoast) on Jan 10, 2020 at 10:32am PST, A post shared by Chanel West Coast (@chanelwestcoast) on Jan 3, 2020 at 7:42pm PST. Every episode opens with the same don’t-try-this-at-home whiff of a warning that used to come stapled to the front of every installment of Jackass because corporate lawyers exist and those billable hours do not come cheap.

Thus, I resolved to binge the show and throw myself headlong into one of the many marathons forever running on MTV these days.

Rob, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I know that you contain multitudes and that it’s no easy thing to account for how you arrived at this unexpected and highly lucrative moment in your long career. Receive automatic notifications when Ridiculousness Season 19 release date is announced. MTV officially renewed The Hills: New Beginnings for Season 2 to premiere in 2021, MTV is yet to renew Geordie OGs for Season 4. After a while, MTV reinvented itself so many times it started rebooting old properties it had previously abandoned. In classic Dave Chappelle fashion, it is mean and telling and funny in all the right ways—and for more reasons than were initially intended.


His first name might even be Rob.”, “And he has a couple of guests who come on and they look at videos of people doing Jackass-type stuff. Ridiculousness was on.

Because while MTV moved on from Daly, it’s since leaned all the way into the idea of replaying shows on loop.

But in reality, whether MTV should air shows like Ridiculousness is moot.

He’s 46 now and Ridiculousness is his third show for MTV, following Rob & Big (RIP, Big Black; do work for eternity, son) and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

In the sketch, we see 10 years into the future of MTV mainstay Carson Daly.

Ridiculousness Season 19 — not renewed yet. Turn on MTV—on any day, at any time—and you’re likely to find an episode of Ridiculousness, a home-videos-ripped-from-the-internet-style show hosted by skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. That was two decades ago.

That’s fun for the whole family. Viewers might want to watch trees fall on cars or some poor sucker land on his head, but that doesn’t go very far in terms of cultural cache. As someone who had an eight-year run hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos, he’s no stranger to voicing over clips that make you question whether someone just got seriously injured. In his day, the production crew would show something that he didn’t find funny—say, someone catching on fire—only to watch as the audience doubled over with laughter. That graveyard includes shows such as Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d, Xzibit’s Pimp My Ride, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica starring Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, Viva La Bam with Bam Margera, Shot at Love With Tila Tequila and Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. Ridiculousness first premiered in 2011 and has shot 17 seasons to date, and Dyrdek has been a fixture on MTV for 14 years and counting. It is on all the time. All.

(It needs polishing.) “It seems that Ridiculousness is the show that has the longest tenure at the station,” Tannenbaum said. !”, Starting 2020 off right and PS please like my last 2 posts.

“They were like a record label that just relies on hits,” Marks said about MTV’s constant reinvention, referring to erstwhile peaks spurned by Punk’d or Jersey Shore. Shows of this kind have been exploiting the near-death experience for decades, though Ridiculousness has perhaps pushed the boundaries of that brand of niche entertainment more willingly than most. Video submissions of any kind are not accepted by MTV or the producers.” With that necessary bit of business out of the way, Ridiculousness quickly gets to all the stunts and activities that are definitely dangerous and would certainly lead to serious injuries. “And I’m like, ‘Guys, no, no, no. He just burned 80 percent of his body.’”. To Tannenbaum, any show that centers on someone’s degradation is “repulsive.” Although, in fairness, Tannenbaum hasn’t watched a lot of MTV lately and had only a fuzzy understanding of the program. It’s certainly not that Ridiculousness is new or that Dyrdek is a fresh face.

In one prescient episode from the first season, the show flashes forward to give us a glimpse of what eventually becomes of one of the most well-known television personalities from the turn of the millennium. 10/09/2020 About Ridiculousness Rob Dyrdek hosts an internet video clip show with celebrity guests and co-hosts Sterling "Steelo" Brim and Chanel West … “We rely on our own IP,” she said. Sterling is a host, actor, and TV personality. Tom Nunan, the former president of NBC Studios and UPN who’s now a lecturer at UCLA, told me that if a network has “the time and patience” to run a show like Ridiculousness in a “wall-to-wall” fashion it can be “extremely effective.” He used FXX and endless reruns of The Simpsons as a primary example, though you can find the same strategy at work with NCIS on USA, Seinfeld on TBS, and Two and a Half Men on Paramount Network.

Maybe that’s because Rob and the show have helped MTV do something it’s done since the network launched: adapt and survive.

“Stunts such as these,” Nunan said, “are the best way to send a loud and clear message to viewers: This show is what we’re all about and we want you to look forward to more shows like it on our air.”. Some people might not get a certain laugh line from Curb Your Enthusiasm or Atlanta, but everyone can understand large trees falling and smashing things.

For a long time, MTV was a massive part of the zeitgeist. Ridiculousness is a US comedy clip show that has been broadcast by MTV since 2011. But hits are expensive and hard to come by.

Just consider, as Tannenbaum mentioned to me, the symbolism of MTV’s first logo, which has shifted and changed constantly since its inauguration. There are lots of reasons why Chappelle’s Show is rightly hailed as one of the best comedies ever—including its uncanny knack for periodically predicting the future.

They’re not dead.”. It’s unlikely that anyone under 30 (or even 40) is sitting around lamenting why MTV isn’t cool anymore—probably because MTV was never cool to their generation in the first place. MTV has reinvented itself countless times, from its roots as a music video station that made it part of the pop culture firmament in the ’80s and early ’90s to a transition that produced an extensive catalog of reality shows including The Real World, Laguna Beach, and The Jersey Shore. Is that how he identifies these days?

“We do a background check on these videos. “I think more and more we look at each of those brands as content factories, as makers of content for a particular group or demographic or psychographic group that exists beyond the cable channel,” David Nevins, CBS’s chief creative officer and chairman and CEO of Showtime Networks, told Variety.

ViacomCBS has quite clearly made its peace with that.

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