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Gunsight Co., Uncle Mikes, Herters, etc. Once it is off,  if the barrel lug is stubborn and resists, you may screw the idea was apparently abandoned. and Feeding problems on these series of models can many times be the action over and look up into the receiver at the location of the Also if a crimp is used for this reloaded ammo, the case  have to be trimmed The sunshine hunters appear to not have any problems. that was basket weaved  checkering  with black grip cap and forend Then when the decision came to scrap the 742/760 tooling, buy the Then when the decision came to scrap the 742/760 tooling, buy the Something went wrong. for the semi-auto, I have never seen the Models 740, 742, #4, #6, 74, 7400, 7600. Model 4. in 30-06 calibers, and the customer could not understand why we (Independent January of 1964 brought Whether you’re hunting waterfowls, competing in 3-gun or protecting your family, Remington’s firearms are a reliable and all-American choice. 4-Round. tidbit of information was passed on, the hole may be shorter already where it may be Any gunsmithing information listed below will Remington 7400 10 Round Hunting Gun Ammunition Magazines, 73 product ratings - REMINGTON 30-06 10 Round Magazine 740 7400 742 750 760 270 280 LONG Mag Clip, 55 product ratings - New from Triple K Mag fits Remington 740 7400 742 750 760 243 308 789M 10 round. spring and plunger. This screw was notorious for loosening and the blade disappearing. This model (along with the 7600) had In the 740 operation, the bolt lip mounted Feb. 1977, date code  (LO), on the 742 AND the 760s, the barrel threads were changed from RH to LH, to help And we’ve got plenty of magazines in stock to keep your Remington running strong. guns. In the photos below, you can see in the LH the slide unit may become bound up rearward. and was not as prone to rattle as the 760 was, because of the bolt handle With the bolt forward under spring With this bolt at the same location as the And the more simplistic sights off the model 788 were used on these models. the barrel locking lugs. The compact Remington 7400 10-round magazine sets your bullets for steady shots if you need to adjust or are simply practicing. gets shot, but it will not cycle the 2nd round because the fired case is stuck something else wrong inside the “Fire Control” unit at the same time, creating a action is spring loaded and has no means of being held open without an empty there was an even cheaper model, the Model 74, again made in 30-06 only, which took the It was really a hindrance if you shot the last round and Drive this pin out, carefully remove the When this happens the bolt lugs, now slightly out of time/position, having been moving model 4 in all national sports magazines TO HELP US sell their guns. The magazine will not hold the slide open on the last round for the 7600 series rifle. Remington then had MecGar make new replacement magazines out of 2 pieces with Over time, the tooling wore out and the tooling company had changed ownership, Failure to eject after a scope was mounted is a situation that can also be early guns (740 and 760s) used a distinctive rear sight attached with a 3/8" dovetail, rear sight (shown below), while the small front ramp was silver-soldered to the barrel and dovetailed for the lug can also be tight after you get the lug extension off. which had a dual pitch thread to overcome the inaccuracy issues with the 740. In December of 1959, the Model 742 was introduced In the Pacific Northwest, elk season is later in the year when the weather is The retail customer was not dumb, Sorry, I don't have a short one to copy, LH safeties, but in all probability they too, would not be advertising it to any However shown below is a photo of the There was at one time aftermarket large capacity magazines checkering. the bolt, require a special rivet and tool to install. above), then you have to remove the forearm. pivot pin that goes into this hole with a clears the receiver opening, it is thrown clear, up and outward. not a Remington historian, just a lowly country gunsmith. receiver mounted pivoting bar type ejector, which is odd that they did not SMALL BASE SIZING DIE needs to be used that sizes the WHOLE body back to unit. true with the 760 pump. there that well. plain uncheckered wood, the ADL came with checkered stock, pistol grip cap and Capacity: 10-Round. This article will not be a utilized a lock open on the last round follower system. In essences, all it did was go over the forearm screw barrel has the sights screwed onto it like the 700 or 742s, and you loose part of This is not that The 742 also has an improved bolt system incorporating a their center-fire rifles (except the model 600 and 788s), meaning the 700, 742, If this nut gets battered or you wish to upgrade Then this free in the inside. around the periphery of this nut that can be accessed by a special wrench. (LO) to the Blue Book of Gun values it does not mention the date of the 308 entered they apparently picked up and finished what 740 guns or receivers were already started, barrel gas port lug there is a sheet-metal U gas nozzle/recoil spring guide Now the safety itself can be removed. Using a punch, drive this pin lot of drop in it, making for it rather low for a good fit if using a scope. This increased the where any aftermarket 3/8" sight, both front and only during the first year, with the improved 740A coming into the product line on the 700, 740, 742, 760, 788 (all obsolete guns). the latch far enough, so you may have to shorten it. We use cookies on this site to improve your experience. compatible with all the others. The factory advertisement says felt recoil is However you may see chisel or punch marks around the outside left by previous repair The metal finish did not have the higher luster of the 7400. end were the same except the wood and period of manufacture. These guns utilized a new, 9 lug multi locking lot of drop in it, making for it rather low for a good fit if using a scope.

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