rav4 fuel tank issue


I’ve seen sort of the same thing on my 2008 Toyota.

Anyone can make a mistake, especially with this new commenting system.

Instead of offering a fix, Toyota has officially told me that my 3 gallon tank capacity is a “normal operating characteristic” which does not need fixing. In my wife’s Q60 and my C7 you get a three separate clues that you are going to run out of fuel: a message the dash, a warning light, PLUS the gauge pointing at a big red E. Despite all of this you STILL see people on the side of the road filling up with jerry cans. Yes, extremely popular indeed.

Drivers report that the advertised 14.5 gallon tank will only accept 9-11 gallons. We represent shareholders, employees, and consumers in class actions against corporate defendants, as well as shareholders in derivative actions against their officers and directors.

An almost $40k vehicle with issues with gas tanks (something that has been around since the model T) and yet Toyota can't get it right now. Update: I ended up steering clear of Tesla too, another QC nightmare and shoddily put together vehicles. This can take a family quite a long distance on a road trip before needing to look for a gas station along the way.

I have lived in remote areas of the US and similar to Canada have areas with few and far between gas stations (West Texas, Montana, the Dakotas and even Nebraska where I lived). This would be such a non-issue for me. Toyota does recommend drivers get gasoline immediately when this warning light comes on. I’ve noticed that all mfrs are putting smaller and smaller fuel tanks in cars. As said, you have get to know your car. I just received a mailer from Toyota Motor Sales USA yesterday. Just like every other auto manufacturer, Toyota does have issues that need to be addressed.

Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. Our 13 Volt was just as good or better with regards to tech here. Now Rav4 prime has he same issue, and I am hearing the same with Rav4 hybrid owners. If you’re really keen on this vehicle, wait a year - there will be several thousand buybacks dumped on the market at significant savings. I will take this monetary loss as an expensive lease but but from here on out I will never buy Toyota again.

Until a final remedy is identified, the interim option is to install a replacement tank.

Additionally most gauges are purposely non linear and under report in the bottom 1/3 or so as an extra measure of safety against people running out of gas and being pissed. This condition may impact the vehicle’s total available driving distance.

https://jalopnik.com/toyota-isnt-the-environmentally-friendly-one-1839969117, the gas coming out of the filler is also flooding your EVAP system. (That would explain the issue as well.)

While my post was supposed to be in response to Tool Guy’s post from last Monday (my bad for not hitting the correct “reply” button), you are correct. Full statement from Toyota of North America: “Toyota takes customer concerns seriously. Owners who complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed the RAV4 Hybrid gas tank problems started as soon as they purchased or leased the vehicles. How they could have let this issue happen speaks to a failure in engineering and quality control - unusual for Toyota. I have had ongoing brake problems making scraping and clunking noises. The lawsuit alleges the Toyota dealer could do nothing about the gas tank problem because the automaker changed the shape of the RAV4 Hybrid gas tank from a “Native American papoose” shape to a “latitudinal, saddle-shaped design[.]”. This is very disturbing to learn that I was really getting ready to run out of gas. Now we ‘know’ how much fuel is left when the needle is on E (and/or the fuel light comes on).

In these cases, variations in fuel tank shape may prevent a full refill by up to several gallons. Related: Consumer Alert: Gas tank design flaw. If only the ones tailgating me in the slow lane would run out of gas…. Here is my question? Never going back to ICE now.

Lacking is corporate ownership IMO.

Yes, if you contact the dealer, they will tell you they have no idea this is a problem, but I have had communications with 5-6 people from Toyota including their field services representative who describe it as a known issue, and a manufacturing defect - happy to share if you end up needing them for a lawsuit.

Nonsense…Only GM would do something like this.

Why did they keep selling defective vehicles? Geoff, you’ll see from my comments and those of several others, the fuel tank issue is bad enough that we can’t get our cars to go more than 75-100 miles at a stretch in some cases. None other than John Davis of MotorWeek has called out the problem.

We don't even try to get more than 9 gallons into the car, it's just too much of an annoyance (and possibly damaging to the emissions system) to continue topping it off over and over.. after the slow fill method drops out at 8.5 gallons.

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