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BOCA also allows you to reduce the snow load for roofs with slopes greater than 30 degrees, presumably because snow will slide or blow off steeply pitched roofs. Let's look at the sample table below which shows maximum rafter spans for a snow load of 31.3 pounds per square foot (psf). More Articles . 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As you might expect, buildings of high importance, such as power plants, schools or hospitals need to be more snow-resistant, and so can withstand a higher load. If you live in the US, our snow load calculator compares the total weight on your roof with the permissible load calculated according to the standards issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers regarding the Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE7-16). If the roof seems damaged, don't attempt to clean it, as it might collapse - instead, contact a structural engineer to assess the scope of the problem. For example, fresh snow is soft, fluffy, and light. This is the beginning of the bird’s mouth. What is left of the plumb cut is called the HAP. Measure the horizontal distance from eaves to the ridge -- the point where the roof is tallest -- and record the result labelled as "run." There should be no part of the tail that is run “wild” and will have to be trimmed later. See Rafter Run to Outer Wall Calculator below. When in doubt, it's better to shovel in advance! The above spans are based on American Softwood Lumber Make sure to not wait for too long, though! The maximum weight of snow allowable on your roof depends mostly on the location of your house. As you might expect, the roof a building placed in a windswept, mountainous area will accumulate a different quantity of snow as a house in the middle of a city. Basing on the roof parameters you specified in the first section, our snow load calculator displays the maximum allowable snow cover thickness and snow weight. Her writing and editing career spans 23 years, and she specializes in border and environmental affairs. grade, spacing and pitch. If you want to obtain more exact results, you can also open the advanced mode to take into consideration other factors, including: Terrain type. Rafter Calculator Instructions. The top of a a rafter usually joins a ridge. These standards were first published in 1988, and while they are updated from time to time, the calculation process essentially stays the same. Secure your ladder to make sure it doesn't move and step carefully to ensure you don't slide off the roof. Use this same calculation to find the total weight of snow on a flat roof. For a Gothic style, the rafters must equal the span (60°), while an Elizabethan style requires the rafters to be longer than the span. You can also find the load per square meter or square foot of roofing by opening the advanced mode. Medeek Design assumes no liability or loss for any designs presented and does not guarantee fitness for use. See the detailed instructions below for any further questions. Live Load (psf) Dead Load (psf) Span Calculator for Wood Joists and Rafters available for the iPhone. Icicles or ice buildup. Use these two tables for roof rafters with The weight of snow is measured in kg or lbs. If you're shoveling a tad too much, you can damage the roofing tiles. Label this number the "rise." a slope greater than 3" in 12". This is the horizontal measurement from the outside of the wall to the inside of the ridge. Visit the *Advertisements: This web based application is made freely available courtesy of the advertisements displayed on this page. In these situations, make sure to act quickly - any delay may be potentially dangerous for both the structure and the residents! Secondly, as mentioned before, leave a thin layer of snow - if you don't, you might damage the tiles and cause leaks through the roofing. The National Building Code of Canada instructs to treat the 1-in-50-year ground snow load as a characteristic value of the permissible snow load. These include: Convenience. Leave rafter span tables and Who would have the energy to spend each morning meticulously shoveling the snow off the roof? obtained from Rafters are the sloping beams that support the weight of a roof. Convert the "rise over run" information to a ratio of 12. return Use a framing square to mark a plumb cut as close to the end of the board as possible. There is a plumb cut that is placed at distance returned by the calculator measured directly along the top of the board from the ridge cut, and there is a level slope (back slope) which should sit entirely on a wall plate with little or none of the wall plate left. On the other hand, snow that stayed on your roof for a few days will settle and, while it seems that the cover gets thinner, its weight doesn't change - it's just the density that is different. Appendix, Chapter 16 of the UBC covers snow loads in much more … Then use the drop down to select a value for the fraction. Framing Table for Maximum Roof Rafter Spans. See the detailed instructions below for any further questions. Take a direct measurement of the width of the roof. Collect 0.028 cubic metres (1 cubic foot) of the snow on the ground, choosing a sample that is representative of the overall snow pack, and weigh it. The BOCA code recognizes this and allows you to use the horizontal projection of the roof when calculating snow loads. of 40 lbs/ft2. If you live in the US, our snow load calculator compares the total weight on your roof with the permissible load calculated according to the standards issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers regarding the Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE7-16). To do this, I use conservative (too heavy) dead loads and full snow loads regardless of pitch. This influences the process of melting and, consequently, the quantity of snow on the roof. There must be no gaps in the precision of the fit. The scaffold is a value in inches that represents the vertical distance from the top of the HAP to the top of the walk board. Less snow will accumulate on a slippery roof - it will slide off instead. This is also known as the HAP (height above plate). Use the blueprints to establish a pitch for the roof. The density of snow depends on whether it's fresh, wet, wind-packed, or mixed with ice. Stair Calculator with Landings for 7 3/4″ Max Risers. If there is a noticeable gap, then it should be a red flag for investigation. The snow load calculations provided by this online tool are for educational and illustrative purposes only. You can enter these values in any units you'd like, including meters and feet. If you're from Alaska or Maine, you probably know this process inside and out. For example, 4 kg per cubic metre x 0.38 m = 1.52 so the amount of pressure the snow is exerting on the ground is 1.52 kg per square metre (11.25 lbs per square foot). Use these two tables for roof rafters with This table is simply a sample and may not be valid for your region. Expressing this in ratio form, our sample roof has a 3:12 pitch. Roof exposure. The results are automatically fired as soon as any of the values are entered or altered. Visible signs of overstressing. Tutorials, Calculators, and Building Codes. Hook the long point with a tape measure, stretch it out past the length, and make a mark along the same top edge of the board. click here for the unlevel wall rafter calculator.

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