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Use either our nylon web (order number 935102) or make your own trap web with our Netcraft Net Making Kit and #18 bonded nylon. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Make your own turtle traps with these 26-1/4 inch diameter epoxy coated turtle trap rings. They come in a variety of sizes for catching weasels, nuisance rats or squirrels on up to beavers, bobcats and lynx. If you are into predator or hog hunting at night (where it’s legal, of course), you’ll be interested in the lights offered by Night Eyes for that purpose. These lights are available in red, green and white. Sometimes, when choosing the best campsite, it is a good idea to leave the... by Laura Lancaster / Plenty of on the water time is spent showing you what to do and what not to do when turtle trapping. Only been in pond 3 days, so no reply yet on turtle catching performance. Chunks of wood can be moved faster and easier with one hand than two, and there’s no worry about getting splinters or having to wear gloves to avoid getting splinters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. As the Davises explain on their website, “After seeing countless misses on our own trapline with tracks inside the jaw spread of our traps, and also hearing one of our trapping mentors, Clint Locklear of Trapping Radio, chronicle the same problems that he was facing, we were challenged to develop a solution to this problem…Being farm boys by trade, versed in fabrication, working with metal and solving problems, the light bulb went off in our head for the concept of Expand-A-Pan. 2500 lbs. Snare One If you have fish, then you will have turtles. Overall turtle trap length is 5 feet, 26-1/4 inch diameter, with 4 inch square mesh web. As you lower the gripper after the wood is placed in its intended location, the hooks relax their grip, and you can hook onto the next piece of wood you want to move. Glad you were successful out of the box. Used to anchor Hoop Nets, Turtle and/or Snake Traps. Quarles Turtle Trap For years I used Hoop Nets and they work ok, but are a real pain to use. A camper had this say about the tool: “I use this tool for digging cat holes and taking care of business. (j3o.com). Expect higher numbers at first and a declining catch as turtles are removed. Designed to serve the functions of at least five different tools in one, it gets its name because parts of it work like a machete, axe, shovel, saw and hammer. Also, could use some packing material. The brackets can be used on body-gripping traps, too. Thanks for the nice review. Shipping Box Dimensions: 28″x 28″x 16″and weighs 28 lbs. These handy tools are currently available from a variety of logging and outdoor dealers. If you skin a lot of game with tails from which the tail bone has to be removed, like raccoons, squirrels, martens and foxes, you’ll appreciate the spring-loaded tail skinner offered at the convention that speed up the process. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! He routinely snares red and gray fox, raccoon, beaver, otter, muskrat and mink in the salt marshes around his home in Port Republic, New Jersey, and has snared coyote in Ohio. We thought, ‘What if we could fill as much space as possible inside the jaws of a trap with a huge, oversized pan?’ We guessed that the chances of a miss would be greatly diminished using this principle, and the idea proved to be correct.” (expandapantraps.com), The HAGz Bracket is another innovative new product for trapping featured at the convention. Our sun-bathing trap consists of an all welded aluminum frame and flippers with stainless steel hinges. The traps come complete with bait boxes. Also, if you could send us photos, we may be able to provide some recommendations specific to your situation. Clips can quickly be attached to your mainline and stay securely in place. Your input is very much appreciated. We just recently had a little cold-snap here in south Louisiana, hoping that would entice them to sun. These maintenance-free materials come together to produce a floating turtle trap that will be there season after season. I also use the tool for splitting wood and building a fire.” If all-in-one is your kind of style, don’t miss this tool. The same booth had much smaller, cheaper tail strippers made of plastic that resemble clothespins, but have fittings for stripping tail bones from different-sized animals by hand. - Microsoft, Windows XP users still running Firefox should update to, Check if your operating system needs to be updated. The tail skinner is designed to be attached to a workbench. Grippers come in small, medium and large sizes. Deluxe Stainless Steel Line Clips are great for trotlines, hanging bait in traps, or open water hunting with decoys. It can easily be hidden by foliage or rocks and will … The Pond King Floating Turtle Trap is most effective when the water is cooler and turtles are looking to get up and sunbathe. Fill this 12 X 12 inch nylon mesh bag with fish scraps and hang it from the top of the turtle trap to attract snapping turtles. 1-1/8 inch gap, 3-1/2 inch long shank. Newt has also worked as a Predator Control Contractor with the U.S. Nothing is a deal breaker, but can be improved to make customer install simpler. Medium grippers will handle widths of 16 to 21 inches, and the large tools grab logs that are 19 to 24 inches wide. S. Steeltrap OP trapper Steeltrap OP trapper. As a member of the Pond King Rewards program you’ll earn rewards every time you make a purchase. Please keep us posted on how things go. Retired FTA Can be used for turtles and saltwater live bait fishing. This bracket can be used to level traps for sure catches in almost any type of set. D-Shaped Turtle Fyke Net Quarles Turtle Trap (SNAPPER) (Selinsgrove 17870) $25. Made from a solid piece of 3/16-inch heat-treated steel, it measures 22 inches long and weighs 2.6 pounds. For Sale is a snapper trap that floats in a pond or such. And we have a pond full. Warranty: The Pond King Floating Turtle Trap carries a 5 year warranty on the frame/welds. A single female will lay 1-3 clutches of 4-23 eggs each during a season, so keep your Pond King Floating Turtle Trap in year round to keep the numbers of Red-eared Slider turtles in check. Expandable Polypropylene Bait Bag Holds approximately 2 pounds of bait. These turtles are considered omnivorous, consuming juvenile fish, aquatic insects, tadpoles, snails, crawfish, dead animals, and plants. Allows for multiple catches. Our sunbathing floating turtle trap consists of an all welded aluminum frame and flippers with stainless steel hinges. The Trappin' Snappers Updated 2 DVD Set includes 2 hours of everything there is to know about trapping snapping turtles. If you think increasing the size of the pans on your traps will increase your catches and reduce the misses with foothold traps, Expand-A-Pan is what you’re looking for. Replace old, worn turtle trap netting or use this web to make your own turtle trap. Tail zippers made of plastic for splitting tails open were also available to further accelerate the process. 12 gauge 1"x1" wire mesh, 20" round, 36" long with net throat. 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For detailed instructions about a specific device, please check the User Guide that came with your device. Made by Alfred Bradford. Thank you for the excellent feedback. Comes with two floats and bait compartment. Includes bridles. The washers used to protect the plastic buoys need to be a little smaller. The 23″x 25″x 16″ cage is made with coated galvanized panels and the floats are molded vinyl fenders. Trapping onventions provide not only the comraderie of people with like interests, but, in this case, offer a host of new trapping gear.

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