pushkin cat poem


a small hill, Special, when the wine Duty brought.

she dreams, if she Walking on snow clearing, Sad surrounded by mist; The drifts of snow in front of her rustles, Clubs wave his Ebullient, black and gray Flow, unfettered winter; two zherdochki, glued floe, shuddering, Wicked mostok, Put through stream; And before shumyashteyu puchinoy, full of perplexity, stop it. Shall he?.. The

henceforth, immersed in thought, I looked at the terrible flame of it. I am conscious of Here coarse salt secular anger I began to revive the conversation; Before mistress easy nonsense Sparkled without the silly affectation, And interrupted him, meanwhile, Reasonable sense without the vulgar, Without eternal truths, without pedantry, And I do not frighten anyone's ears Free liveliness of its. A moment ago In the family heart beat Inspiration, bad blood, hope and love, Game of life, blood boil, — Now, in the house deserted, Everything in it and quiet and dark; Hush it all. Hours run; she forgot, That the house waiting for her for a long time, Where he collected two neighbors And where there is a conversation about. Neither cooling distance, Neither the long separation of summer, Neither muses data clock, Nor outlandish beauty, Neither noise gay, neither science Souls do not change it, Warmed virgin fire. beatific, who in his youth was young, beatific, who in time is ripe, Who gradually life cold With years could suffer; Who has not indulged strange dreams, Who did not shun secular mob, Who for twenty years was a dandy il grip, A thirty profitable Married; Who freed fifty From private and other debts, who fame, money and ranks Quietly in turn made, Who are repeated for a century: N. N. wonderful person. You were not news Humble girl love? Pushkin is beautiful! Куда, why should I seek to? - "I told them the neighbor".

It Now we have flights to the garden, Where she met with him Tatiana. Snow fell only in January On the third night.

Right, fear! Through two weeks He was appointed to a happy life. Father could not understand it And the earth pledge.

He was a simple and kind gentleman, And there, where his ashes lie, Tombstone reads: Smirennыy sinner, Dmitri Larin, The Lord's servant and a brigadier, Under this stone eats world. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. even cupids, features, snake On stage, jumping and noisy; Still tired footmen On coats at the entrance to sleep; We have not ceased to stamp, blow, cough, boo, clap; More inside and outside Everywhere shine lights; Yet, prozyabnuv, beating horses, Bored with his harness, And the coachman, around lights, Scold and beat masters in the palm - And Onegin went out; Home he was going to get dressed.

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