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This September, the Cat D10 celebrated its 40th anniversary. With large-diameter rotors and bearings and a full 1-in.-thick drum wall option, the Bull Hog line also comes with a variety of teeth configurations, which can be customized to the exact vegetation you’ll be mulching. “Somebody should always focus on the work that they have at hand and make sure that they have a workload that allows them to move up to a dedicated carrier. MacAllister Rentals takes pride in Cat machinery. “These technologies also make seasoned operators more efficient, allowing them to focus less on precision grading and more on safe operation on the jobsite.”, There are many ways to measure productivity. When the machine encounters a heavy blade load, the power management system simply adjusts hydrostatic load to maintain ideal engine rpm.John Deere uses hydrostatic drive systems on its entire dozer line. To that end, and to accommodate the 2050M’s impressive pushing power (it has nearly 25 percent more drawbar pull than the 1850K), Case developed a new heavy-duty, box-section C-frame and mounting structures for the PAT blades, as well as heavier push beams for the semi-U and straight blades. Improved customer sentiment saw order intake up 40% and deliveries of machines up 20% in Q3, with adjusted sales up 6%. The D6T offers 2.5% more productivity and reduces fuel burn by 15% to 30% vs. the previous generation model, all while giving the operator 30 speeds of control and smooth shifts. These systems provide lower fuel consumption for customers and longer life.”, But Caterpillar doesn’t believe there is a one size fits all solution. The softer and slipperier the ground, the more traction advantage you’ll have with tracked equipment. RDO Equipment's Dennis Howard and Jake Mast walk and talk through a dozer undercarriage inspection to show just what it can reveal. By Walt Moore, Editor | January 23, 2014. It quickly became evident a new track design and improved undercarriage were needed to meet the production and durability goals for the new dozer. “I learned to run dozers using a decelerator,” said Ackert, “so I like this feature—but I can run either way.”. Tune in for a new episode every other Wednesday. Because the 9030T Series Tractors have the ability to counter-rotate when making turns, it will cause berming when turning on end rows. Some CTLs have steel tracks. “Let’s say I recommend a Bull Hog drum rotor with double-carbide cutters,” says Fecon product manager Mark Ferguson, giving an example of the subtle distinctions among the cutting teeth. Ackert thought this a good feature, because he said he’s seen distracted or inattentive operators climb down from a machine, maybe to consult with someone on the job site, without setting the brake. Liebherr R 940 Demolition Crawler Excavator. “Overall, it’s a nice machine. “Case 1150M, 1650M and 2050M dozers feature a new electrohydraulic joystick that further simplifies operation by providing better feel and responsiveness. “It worked great for dirt operations, but interstate and heavy rock applications were hard on the solid bottom tracks that were a part of all dozer designs of that era.”. Ritchie Bros. sells more new and used industrial equipment and trucks than any other company in the world. It also depends to some degree on your operator proficiency and time allotment. The task is backfilling a newly poured foundation. Tracks are notorious for exchanging weight support and traction for chewing up the ground. Use gradual turns (larger turn radius) or small frequent turns (ratchet- or bump-steering). All rights reserved. The C275 also will accept a DENIS CIMAF mulcher head. “Total Machine Control allows the machine response to be matched to the operator skill level. The machine’s complete weight has to travel through each tire’s ground contact point and spread as evenly as possible. Cons - wider tracks take up more space, so in terms of space requirements, such as maneuvering in tight spaces, narrower tracks are better. Their counterparts, compact track loaders (CTL) are propelled by slower-moving linked tracks. The length and width of tracks cover a larger area than wheels do. An advantage to a treadmill is that you can monitor your speed. Track machines are designed to turn within their own footprint or radius. Ejector Trucks Increase Productivity and Safety. “The track loader’s travel speed is an advantage, and it can perform so many different tasks.”. Yet another operator-selected control feature Ackert liked was a foot pedal that can be programmed to react either as a hydrostatic brake to proportionally reduce ground speed, or as a conventional decelerator to reduce both ground speed and engine speed. The new undercarriage design required mounting the transmission t behind the engine to provide for the only track-type tractor final drive system with a common centerline between the steering clutches and brakes. Seemed to me that the switch should move side-to-side to match blade movement, but once you’re in the seat and operating, the way the switch is oriented is really not a problem.”, (Pariso explained that Case engineers determined that mounting the switch vertically, so that operator pushes at the top or bottom, made it ergonomically easier to use.). A changing industry in the late 1960s and early 1970s stretched the D9, the D10’s predecessor, to its productivity limits. A dedicated mulching tractor can run more than $200,000, whereas a large high-end track loader will cost around $100,000 with a mulching head attachment costing between $20,000 to $40,000. A track may also be smooth and nonvariable, but then again, there are gravel tracks, and outdoor running/walking can also include grassy and rocky surfaces. New model lowers overall costs per unit of material moved by up to 3% over the D9T. It is less than 6 ft wide but has 173 hp under the hood. “The business would dictate the need for a compact track loader with an attachment vs. a dedicated unit,” says Lee Smith, FAE product manager. The ground is wet and soggy and there’s no let-up in sight for dry weather, but the work has to be completed in time for spring lawn seeding. It depends on your particular job requirements and workplace location. “Learn to use the autoshift, bi-directional and traction control systems to your advantage,” Meeker advises. Mobility is more than just speed. The level surfaces in pits are suitable to high gravity centers and the predictable footing gives good tire traction. Hydrostatic technology continues to evolve. Cat’s 299D3 XE Land Management unit is a unique land clearing configuration of Cat’s biggest 299D3 XE track loader. SafeAI and Obayashi Corporation Partner on Autonomous Construction-Truck Pilot. “There’s an amazing amount of technology on these machines and learning how to apply it to your work will not only increase your productivity, but also your skills and value to your company.”. Surprisingly, tires outperformed tracks in a few areas while tracks clearly won out in others. The new and resilient track, with elevated sprocket design, was also tested thoroughly in multiple applications to verify its durability. The SCR system controls nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions by injecting diesel exhaust fluid (urea) into the post-turbocharger Speed is important when you need to make multiple trips over long distances, which is why you’ll see rubber-tired loaders in gravel pits and skid steers with wheels at landscape jobs. Here’s how traction and protection apply in the differences and features between the two. As the tracks tractor rides up to the top of the ditch or levee, it will teeter forward and drop down on top of the road surface or field. The range of tracked carriers can also be equipped with different types of attachment heads like a track loader, but those heads are all specially developed by the FAE-Group. “The technology included in the machine is key to improving productivity, protecting the machine and helping operators improve their skills,” says Sam Meeker, dozer product application specialist, Caterpillar. Giles Lambertson is a freelance writer for Compact Equipment. Plus, operators don’t have to be concerned with proper gear selection. Associated General Contractors of America. I’ll give this a shot, as a track athlete myself. This will also reduce the berming and crop damage that is caused by tracks when making sharp headland turns. Offering 50 per cent higher productivity than Caterpillar’s largest dozer of that era, the D10 weighed more than 190,000 lbs. Solid ground can take enormous point loads without disturbing and causing support failure for a machine. “These technologies greatly simplify operation for customers and provide real grading and finishing benefits that help get jobs done faster,” he adds. Protection extends to the machine itself. FAE’s smallest PrimeTech unit is the PT-175. in diameter, shred vines and bushes, grind stumps or intermix vegetation with soil. All Rights Reserved. View On-Demand Webinar, Komatsu Mining Breaks Ground on New Milwaukee Headquarters, Manufacturing Campus. While initial testing proved the value of the resilient undercarriage with elevated sprocket design, there were still some skeptics. At ConExpo, Case... © 2019. The Pros and Cons of Excavators on Wheels ... the dozer blade provides more surface contact area than two outriggers. Some use rubber tracks. But GPS technology is rapidly evolving. Small machines like skid steer loaders (SSL) use rubber tires to maneuver about job sites quickly. “That attachment match is important,” says Ryan Connelly, attachments manager at JCB. Operator Skill and Excavator Setup Critical for Safe Operation on Slopes. The same goes for excavators. Big front-end loaders handle multiple yards of material at a time. “The trick with the D6T was to create a transmission and control system that provides the durability of a powershift with the ease of operation of a hystat.”. “After I retired in the 1990s, I gave my presentation on the development of the elevated sprocket design. The debate over tires vs. tracks is ongoing. Each situation is a bit different but all take into account what traction is needed, how stable the ground is, the mobility requirements and what level of propulsion protection is needed. Although Evans and Ackert gave the 2050M high marks for power, controllability, stability, and useful operator features, they agreed that the new dozer came up a bit short on visibility—at least configured as was the Wilmington tractor, with an … Powershift transmissions retain their efficiency longer in general, and require less expensive component rebuilds when repair time does occur. Just like a tire tractor, it is important to have proper balance on the tractor in order to attain the best possible performance and steering control. It was highly successful because of the total team effort. The C275’s 109-gpm cutter system provides hydraulic power to the Predator mulcher head, which boasts a 77.5-in. That attribute doesn’t matter when the ground will later undergo repair works, but it’s a big deal around existing civic projects. The unit is typically equipped with JCB’s 60-in.-wide mulching head, which boasts up to 45 cutting hammers. Contact MacAllister Rentals today for more information on choosing tracks or wheels for your next project. MacAllister Rentals can help you choose. You want to create minimal collateral damage and there’s limited room for maneuvering. “This also allows the operator to concentrate on the work instead of trying to monitor speed and traction. “Traction control helps the operator determine what that maximum blade load is, and helps to reach that most productive speed in fewer passes. You’ll see large loaders operating on tires, and you’ll see a few on tracks. It’s marketed for land clearing on steeper, rugged terrain, but it’s a full-fledged dozer too. Unit is powered by a 268-hp Liebherr engine that complies with Tier 4 Final/Stage V exhaust emissions.

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