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There’s still work to be done on the 2x overlays for some of the community maps, but BC is happy to throw the doors open to the general public, and asks for any issues to be reported on the PZ forums. These will generally be found south of Rosewood, the current wildlands between Rosewood and Riverside, along the banks of the Ohio river East and West of Riverside – and a smidge of land close to West Point. “Animation-wise I’ve been doing some new zombie hit reactions, new player melee attacks, some more incidental anims like eating, drinking and a whole host of other stuff.” zeds who get stuck in a particular anim state having to have it beaten out of them, all zombies seem to appear curled up in a little ball, the vid we showed in the blog before Christmas, how good is this Wild West map starting to look, added darkening to levels below player’s z height. So (even though we have a few non-anim things ready to roll for Build 41 – like improved MP admin and gamepad functionality) as soon as build 40 is live and patched, we will be making the leap and merging in both the work we originally did, and all the extra animation tech that’s been worked on by TEA into the main development branch We released the Build 39 vehicles patch this time last week – release notes for which can be found here. Essentially the only levels that are hidden from the player are the ones of the building that you’re inside or directly outside – meaning that higher floors and rooftops around you become visible. Build 40 is for all intents of purposes done now, with one addition that might need a few fixes that well explain the reasoning behind below. EP has been doing his usual precision striking all across the code base, wiring up the character creation system, connecting model clothing to inventory items in the world, and fixing issues and integrating the codebase across the board. OTHER ITEMS OF NOTE. Ask, while that’s true about the Kentucky towns (Muldraugh, Rosewood, West Point, etc), Kingsmouth is its own map set on an island. They are called Rosewood and March Ridge, and are a first for PZ in that we’re straying slightly away from a fictional version of the real world map so we can get in a few more interesting and engaging places for you to loot and survive in. Should all be good though!” We should have a full time-lapse next week, although existing fog vids live here, but for now you can see how it all works on Turbo’s debugger. There is almost no lag, combat is much, much more pleasant. RJ has implemented his previous work on looting improvements giving us more control over general clutter, and more realistically placed items in houses. Building now utilises items from inside bags carried by survivor. He’s clearly put a lot of work in, and this means that there are now even more potential new industries and abodes to be added to user maps. New combat, new weapons, new difficulty balance. In the interim, though, what’s been done this past week to ease in and facilitate EasyPickins’ and General Arcade’s long-promised physics-enhanced vehicles into a new test build, and beyond? Then, navigate to the betas tab and select the “iwillbackupmysave” branch from the dropdown menu. It’s a spread out area that should be fun to explore with vehicles. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. Connall, meanwhile, will hopefully have finished zoning the new parts of Mash’s map for the build next week. In terms of performance, things are a lot more stable now but there’s certainly still room for improvement in terms of FPS. The PZ garage runs the gamut from family cars to police sedans, to Spiffo restaurant vans. Mark has implemented an awesome layers system that should attack the remaining animation work in various ways. get appropriately lighter when they contain less and less. Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Turbo’s big challenge at the moment with the new precipitation and fog that go hand in hand with his simulated climate system is how to handle it when you look out of windows – in the current game rain isn’t visible outside, and this bug will become much clearer with better rain and fog effects. This week’s featured image by Akhil of House Gabe. ANIMS (We think you'll also agree with us that music man Mister Beever has excelled himself with the new tune here too). With that in mind, then, heres some other stuff thats being cooked up in Spiffos workshop. ⦁ RJ’s food system revamp continues, and it feels like most of the code elements are in place – and now just need balance so that long term survivalists will feel its impact and respond accordingly, while shorter-term players live/die/repeat without having to worry too much. This video is recorded in 3800×1600 and shows the sort of performance you could expect on much higher resolutions. NEW BUILDS We thought about editing together pieces from different tests, however felt that cutting between them may look like sneaky editing, so have opted to use 5 minutes of uninterrupted recorded footage. Okay thanks bye! Sometimes Steam updates can be buggy with big updates. We will also be releasing AnimZed, our animation tool, to the community during the IWBUMS beta process – meaning that modders will receive a huge boost in what they can create within PZ. The Block of Italicised Text would like to point earnestly in the general direction of the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. With opening sentence festiveness over then, let’s see where we’re at with a few things. This will be a simplified version of the traditional zed pathfinding that funnels them along a building’s wall in a direction that brings them closest to the player, going back into ‘walk toward’ when they have circled the building. As such this week TIS have successfully spelunked into the deepest depths of PZ’s code to optimize affairs, which will have an impact game-wide and also make prolonged vehicle travel through busy/forested areas a far smoother ride. We’re currently widening the testing pool to include hosts and moderators from our various online communities to get extra feedback, after which IWBUMS will come a-calling. We haven’t expanded the PZ map in a while, and with Louisville still a ways off we’re currently building a new residential area to the south for Build 35. You’d also struggle to fall asleep when in pain, making sleeping pills more of a necessity. This map produced with different CartoZed settings, meanwhile, draws Muld in terms of the electrical devices: radios in blue, TVs in green and furnaces in red. Full changelist here. Okay, so here’s what’s happening with vehicles. If there are any salient details we’ve missed here then please let us know! Trees shaking slightly when the player is chopping them down. [Traditional disclaimer: work in progress! As mentioned previously, alongside the animation systems that Bitbaboon Mark is prepping, we have a few other new systems to drop into testing once vehicles are out of the way. CREATIVE AND WHATNOT There’ll also be PZ codes given out as prizes, and we’ll get a few devs and community people online too. BUILDING FUN This doesn’t seem to be tied to ping, so we’re looking to investigate the lower level networking code to see if a problem could reside there that would cause some players to be starved of packets on busier servers – we’re currently looking to organize a large non-Steam multiplayer test with which to test if the Steam communication layer may be causing any additional interferance, after which we’ll hopefully be closer to nailing down these issues. In the vid the low priority (larger radius) dictates the zombies which are going to update on the update delta. Further optimization to improve performance on both low and high end systems. This past Friday we had another successful test of the new player voice system, that’ll let other players hear your verbal threats, mutterings and zombie-gasps should your character be standing in their proximity. To this end we’ve just released Build 37.6 into the IWBUMS public beta. Most critical issues have now been resolved, but there are still MP issues that we still need to get to the bottom of (generators faltering when players log out, magically unlocking doors etc) amongst other gremlins that need battering (zombie-proof windows, misplaced radio sounds, some Linux-y stuff). Zombie Infection is a serious issue, being that it means your soon and untimely demise. (Most likely picking up on his work on in-game devices, or maybe those seasonal sound effects we discussed before). “This is a system that will come into its own with the new animations/models when they appear, but it will be clear enough in-game currently that things like getting zed blood on clothing through melee combat and leaving it there will be a bad idea.

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