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Key takeaway: Think about metrics that matter. ‍♂️, If you'd like to post content please request access. Writing good, well structured, and effective OKRs is not easy. 8. key performance indicators. Keka is an employee experience platform. We'll be in touch with new updates soon! No page unturned. Your objectives should be memorable, inspirational, and engaging while motivating and challenging the team. In a wider sense, once OKRs are set they motivate and align organizations to work towards common objectives. Use the examples above for inspiration and guidance for your own marketing OKRs. In this case, we can modify the objective and make it more comprehensive such as, “Launch a blockbuster goals management product by end of FY 2017-18. This will give you an indication of where their strengths lay, and what measures need to be introduced to help them to improve other areas of their practice. In terms of tracking this one, if you have a CRM system in place it should be pretty simple. Track your progress every step of the way, set up a metric to measure your team’s performance, you’ll need it for the next step. For example, when people know that you’re targeting conversion from the website and are looking to improve messaging, they are sure to have thoughts about how you might achieve this, and with ZOKRI, a means of having and capturing the conversation. Our Product Marketing Certification covers 10 more areas of product marketing, from research to optimization. Key PMM metrics and OKRs: CLTV and revenue retention for SaaS. Or, you can delve into our Product Marketing: Core [Live + Online] option and learn in real-time, with a PMM expert. Then, put together a more specific action plan, explaining how you’re going to hit each objective. Don’t walk up a blind alley; set clear, distinguished objectives so you have no doubts about A) what your goals are, and B) how you can get things done. Below is a pretty-well-known passage within the product marketing industry by Marc Andreessen - an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer, regarding, knowing when you have and haven’t reached product-market fit. Remember, although OKRs may be bold, they mustn’t be pie in the sky. Check out our, Increase the new inbound sales from $25k to $50k per month, Attract 100 new sales qualified leads from the new market (Europe), Conduct 10 on-site user-testing sessions to understand TA, Research and implement 20 new channels where to distribute our content, Run 20 different ads on Facebook and measure performance, Prepare the presentation of the new product and test it with 5 users, Conduct 10 user interviews with the target audience, Create the CJM and map the product features to the customer journey, Increase the website conversion rate from 6% to 10% based on the research, Increase the monthly visitors to the website from 12k to 20k, Increase DR score from 35 to 45 on Ahrefs, Decrease homepage bounce rate from 62% to 40%, Improve the recommendation engine items CTR from 23% to 40%, Decrease tip to end funnel drop off (churn) rate from 63% to 50%, Improve Net Promoter Score from 8.1 to 9.5 points, Increase the trial signups from 700 to 1500, Increase the new paid customers from 90 to 150, Increase the CTR from 3% to 6% on the main call-to-action button, Increase the watch rate of an explainer video from 2% to 5%, Conduct 10 A/B experiments on the landing page, Create the content strategy and the topics for the next 4 months, Increase the number of subscribers from 2,000 to 10,000, Increase the open rate of the newsletter from 25% to 35%, Increase Twitter followers from 2,400 to 5,000, Release 3 own content articles in the leading industry online publications, Increase the blog subscribers to from 4,115 to 5,000, Increase the number of subscribers on FB/Insta/YouTuber from 14k to 25k, Increase the number monthly of views on Quora from 3k to 5k, Increase the number of monthly leads from social media sources from 750 to 1500, Increase the number of daily shares from 20 to 50, Increase the number of daily comments from 140 to 300, Achieve #1 place for top 5 relevant keywords, Increase DR score from 42 to 60 on Ahrefs, Increase the referral traffic from 7,300 to 10,000 visitors, Increase the average time on the website from 2.4 to 5.0 minutes, Increase the number of pages viewed from 3.5 to 5.0 per session, Reach 1M viewers with the new ad campaigns, Get 20 media placements and speak/partner at 10 conferences, Release 6 regular bi-weekly press-release publications, Hold 5 webinars with 50+ participants about the new product features, Increase the community group members from 3,500 to 6,000 members, Create a brand book for internal and external usage, provide all design assets, Publish 15 press pieces in the relevant publications, Host 5 industry meetups with 100+ participants each, Sponsor 3 events with 500+ visitors in the related industries, Test 10 new PPC campaigns and measure impact, Increase the CR of the PPC campaigns from 3% to 6%. Who seriously wakes up in the morning, gets dressed, and actively seeks out mediocrity, lack of direction, and adequacy? Plus, if you want to learn even more about OKRs, and get PMM Certified whilst doing so, our Product Marketing: Core [On Demand] course is right up your street. It’s nice to challenge yourself, right? What are OKRs and How Can They be Created – A Detailed View of OKR Framework. And if you’re planning on surviving your hike to the figurative summit, you’ll need to have a few essentials in place, including Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). You could measure its effectiveness by tracking how many sales reps use certain assets each week, month, or quarter. And when D-Day arrives when you need to justify your choices, be sure you can weather the storm and answer with confidence and conviction. This will then enable you to establish a sales confidence barometer to refer to and set a benchmark. If getting your teeth stuck into this eBook leaves you yearning for more, don’t sweat it, ‘cos things are about to get even better. OKRs. Having the patience to iterate, you'll see how OKRs will boost your team engagement, motivation, and performance. 9. Instead, keep it simple, and prioritize what matters; what does your business need to focus on the most? You need to be able to identify when a prospect enters the funnel - whether that’s through a guide download, webinar tune-in, or cold call, and what date they closed. Overall OKRs can provide a boost to any team’s focus and productivity and measure success. Why are OKRs important? But once you’ve arrived at a clear objective it will be well worth the investment. 7 min read, 15 Sep 2020 – You could then marry up those content usage stats with their use case and the outcome. The what, why and how of tracking brand awareness. OKRs not only enhance performance management, but they also provide a platform for tracking success via the introduction of measurable goals and targets. Key results: Number of MQLs increased by 1500 per month; Revenue increased at CAGR of 42% every quarter; Increase market reach by 35%; Discussion: While this objective is same as the overall company level objective for marketing, you will notice these key results are highly different. Sure, you could put incentives in place, but ultimately, even if you dangle the biggest carrot, they ain’t gonna bite if their teeth have fallen out. If you’ve got a bit of swagger and the gift of the gab, you’ll make better pitches. With well-defined marketing OKRs, you can set high standards in all aspects of Marketing -and achieve product leadership. Or more to the point how will others? Within sales enablement, there are a ton of OKRs you can put in place, including sales confidence. Required fields are marked *. Let’s kick things off by being honest and open with one another. Objective 1: Become No. Liken the process to a trip to the mall; would you take a bus, subway, and then get a cab if you could jump in the car and be there in 15 minutes? Or, you can delve into our Product Marketing: Core [Live + Online] option and learn in real-time, with a PMM expert. If you’re not sure where to start with writing your OKRs, take a look at our guide to setting and achieving goals. Each has their own agenda, therefore, their OKRs will never be the same. This will vary depending on your product but it could be, for example, how long it takes a user to set-up a social media advert. If you don’t, you’re asking for a red-card. If your business has sales of $10 million and the entire market is $200 million, your market share would be 5%. We know what you’re thinking: “get to the point and spill the juice - what’s the difference between OKRs and KPIs?”. This could be broken down as follows: Objective: Win a European trophy and league title. When you’re defining your goals for your OKRs, treat vanity metrics, such as likes and page views, like a disgruntled-ex. For instance, at the start of each soccer season, the head coach is given targets for the upcoming campaign, i.e. This can be applied to the org as a whole, a project, an individual within the team, and so forth. How would you rate the sale assets you have available to you? Objective 3: Begin to rank for product feature Z. ●   Of the words you said, how do you feel about each? It’s often the case stretch goals are set by managers to push their team to the limit, and motivate them to hit new performance levels. Personalization is a critical component of sales in modern commerce. Whatever your current mindset, you should be aiming for one place - the top. Here’s how a freelance consultant could introduce OKRs when launching their brand-spanking-new website for their new clients: Objective: Launch a new website for freelance consulting. Better pitches = more details. Just don’t get giddy and go any more than every quarter; you’ll struggle to take any meaningful findings, and you can spend your time better elsewhere. Hence they should be defined based on the stage of the life cycle the product manager fits in. Make sure your objectives are as clear as day, take them down to their simplest form so there are no misunderstandings. In the latest of our AMAs, Boomi’s Director of Portfolio Messaging, Div Manickam, took some time out to answer your questions on some of product marketing’s key metrics and OKRs; customer lifetime value and revenue retention for SaaS. Add to that, given just 5% of product marketers think their role is fully understood, as highlighted in the State of Product Marketing Report 2020, OKRs can contribute significantly in helping other teams see what you bring to the table, and perhaps encourage stakeholders to allocate more budget to your department in the future. But what’s the point of exhausting yourself and your team, if you don’t know how to track your success? So, let’s get you started - no time like the present. So, how do you measure the success of product marketing? When you’re setting OKRs for time taken to complete an action, as well as monitoring and comparing the time taken before and after your education campaign, remember to keep an eye on the time it takes new users to complete the task too, and if any trends are emerging, consider including your education piece as part of the onboarding process.

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