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Dr. Roth is the only psychiatrist in the phone book, so she tears out the page and heads for his office, probably because she hopes that as a walk-in she might be able to get time immediately instead of an appointment in three months. The first trip we see is by our reckoning the second one she makes; she had to make that original trip from Saturday back to Sunday to create the necessary history of the Thursday on which the flim begins. She is confused and uncertain, because she was told on Thursday that Jim was killed but she finds him alive and well. Linda wakes up in her bed on Wednesday and reads a note from Jim saying that he has taken the kids to school. Sexual Content. Day 1. [6] The film was nominated in three categories at the 28th Golden Raspberry Awards. She rushes to the hospital, then covers all the mirrors and instructs the girls that they are not to discuss the scars. They argue, but Jim finds his feelings for her reawakening. Linda pursues him. She supposes that Thursday must have been a dream. The only issue is whether she will go to sleep later if she is leaving at that moment or a time measured from that moment. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Other events are less certain. That gives her more hope and more incentive:  if she can persuade Jim not to have the affair, he might not make the trip, and might not be killed in the accident which she does not know she causes. She finds Jim getting breakfast, babbling about his Monday morning meeting and training the new assistant manager. The events of their lives changed; they became the people who lived a different history  It is not different for the time traveler:  if Linda changes the events that form who she is and what she knows, then the only version of her that still exists is the one who is and knows what she caused herself to become and learn. When she awakens, her mother is not in the den. Jim and Linda Hanson are married with two daughters, Megan and Bridgette, but their relationship is faltering. These little reminders nag at her. At the moment the storm hits, Linda is upstairs in the bathroom contemplating the bottle of pills she just picked up from the pharmacy, prescribed by Dr. Roth. That issue will return, however. Although she will see and approach Claire Francis, Claire has never met nor seen her before, and will not speak of the conversation they did not yet have on Friday. And so forth for seven days - Linda goes between before and after. The question raised is where that consciousness went. She must have been there to witness the accident. The problem is, Jim is going to have that affair. Thus Linda can't get confirmation. When Linda awakens the next morning, she finds her mother gone with no evidence that she had been ever been there. This film is also the first to be co-distributed by TriStar Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Roth does not recognize her. She opens her eyes on Tuesday, checks her arms for injection marks, and hears Jim in the shower. We are told that the house has one and a half bathrooms, and that's the one with the shower (and presumably tub) so that's the one the girls use for bathing and probably brushing teeth and other getting ready for bed or school activities. Thus her arrival time would be later, allowing a later departure time if that is the basis. 2020 Toronto International Film Festival Preview Read More; What to Watch on FandangoNOW: ‘The Grizzlies,’ ’Antebellum,’ Pro Football Movies and More Read More; This Week in Movie News: ‘Borat’ Sequel is Coming Soon, Neve Campbell Officially Joins ‘Scream 5’ … On Friday she visits the insurance agent, who tells her that Jim tripled his life-insurance benefits the morning of his accident. She gets in the shower with him--but he is in a rush to get to work. She will see Claire Francis for what for her is the first time, and pursue her, to the confusion of Claire. On Thursday, another Linda lives through the day in which she fixes the glass door and realizes that this is why Bridgette is scarred but she doesn't remember it. On Friday she is possessed by the self that is self-possessed and gets everything ready, traveling back to Sunday to try to prevent the affair, again confirming the events of that anomaly. She will not be the least surprised at Bridgette's injuries, because she saw them on Thursday. That means that the Linda who awakens the following Sunday morning has to be the one who lived through the week in its final form. She gets him on the phone, interrupting his message on the answering machine. That may also be why she travels back to Tuesday and not to Sunday--although again, we have the problem that not knowing why she travels at all we are only guessing as to why she does so when she does. Premonition is a film that just relies on an underdeveloped concept that really could have made for a great film. Yet she meets Sheriff Reilly when, distracted, she nearly has an accident herself. [3] Lastly, there were also reviews from IMDb reported a rating of 5.9 of 10 out of 70,346 reviews from the general audience that went to see the movie. That, though, would mean that on Thursday it's obvious to her that the broken glass door and her daughter's scars are connected; her only concern is that she does not remember it happening. The Linda she possesses had just been possessed on Sunday by the Linda who traveled from the following Saturday, so her memories are a bit blurry. Sepia colors and their 1965 Ford Mustang set the tone and the time... (a flash of white light breaks the reverie). Premonition Positive Elements. He did not call Claire to say he couldn't do it, and he did not call home to leave a cryptic message about some conversation that in this history never happened. We can only assume that whatever changed such that Linda made the trip Thursday the second time (and not the first) never changed back, and the same with each of the other trips except, ultimately, the first, which again is that issue which will return. But this timeline does not reach Saturday, because on Friday Linda again possesses herself, leaping forward from Tuesday. Sometime between when she goes to sleep and when she awakens she travels through time. While her grief is at first overwhelming, Linda assumes that the whole thing was nothing more than a vivid dream when she wakes to find her family still very much intact. The single biggest problem in the movie is the fact that on the Thursday on which our story opens, Jim has been killed in the car crash Wednesday which Linda caused but does not remember causing, but Bridgette was not injured in the separate accident with the glass door. We presume that it leapt forward to the following Sunday. On Tuesday, she is possessed by the self which has just come from the day of the funeral. And can she save Jim? It is barely over one hundred miles long within the United States, so there would be no such mile marker. She did not tell Annie that she went to bed on Tuesday and awoke on Thursday, or that the same thing happened when she went to bed on Saturday and somehow missed Sunday completely, let alone that she went to bed on Saturday night and has no memory of anything at all happening until Thursday morning. That night Linda pressures Jim to show her the same affection he once did. A church bell is sounding as Linda awakes. While on the road, Linda is pulled over by Sheriff Reilly, who doesn't recognize her. The film's plot depicts a homemaker named Linda who experiences the days surrounding her husband's death in a non-chronological order, and how she attempts to save him from his impending doom. | This film is also the first to be co-distributed by TriStar Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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