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Loved it to pieces. All rights reserved. The difference is Spreadshirt has more color options and sells to countries outside the US while Amazon will allow for free shipping and only US. May 12, 2020 May 12, 2020 by … This is precisely why the 944 is now the most popular German car to convert using a V8 on the planet. Plus, the all aluminum LS series power plants are actually slightly lighter than a turbo 944 engines. The 944 also featured a 2.5-liter in-line four-cylinder … Read more Porsche 944 Website Classic Shop link, I did the swap in my 86 and used the 968 torque tube to mate up to a 944S tranny w/LSD, so that does work. Technical advice is available, 9-5, M-F at Ground Control to help you configure your suspension. The turbo version wasn’t much better but evidently people would rather own a slow turbocharged Porsche than the naturally asspirated one which drives the price up. It'll fit, and there's a lot of info available on getting massive power out of those engines. 2) How rare are Turbo S engines to find? I'd suggest getting a 1.8L Audi motor and a big turbo. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. Categories Porsche 944 LS Swap Drive Train, Porsche 944 LS Swap Education, Porsche 944 LS Swap Engines and Motors, Porsche 944 LS Swap How much did my LS Swap Cost, Porsche 944 LS Swap LS1 or LS3 Leave a comment.

I get that. Everything’s better with a Chevy engine swap, when you think about it. It just lacked power. 3) What is the difference between the Turbo and the Turbo S 4) Would a Porsche 928 Engine fit into a 944 5) What is the weight of the porsche 944, 944 Turbo S, 928, 968 Engines? They accomplished their goal… Read More » Porsche 944 with a VW 07K Inline-Five Update

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. That means no boring, unless you want to bore way over and install a cast iron sleeve, and that can cause problems in an aluminium block. Over the summer Boost Brothers Garage began replacing the factory engine in their 1986 Porsche 944 with a Volkswagen 07K inline-five. Beautiful car, strong motor…no a/c is a deal breaker in the south. Porsche didn't really leave a lot on the table when they designed the 944 engine.

The login page will open in a new tab. The 944 also goes from 150 horsepower with the engine swap to 450 and still right at 3,000-pounds.

The sports car is now longer powered by… Read More »Porsche 944 with a Turbo VW Inline-Five Makes 454 hp on Dyno, This 1988 Porsche 944 is for sale in Sugar Grove, Illinois for $12,800 OBO or trade. The 5 valve Turbo engine has proven it's reliability in a wide range of racing applications including DTM, Touring Series & Rally.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Its become more popular to throw in the 5.3 chevy. The 2,215 lb race car… Read More »For Sale: Porsche 944 with a Turbo Audi 1.8 L Inline-Four. Cars like the BMW E30, Mercedes 380SL, or Porsche 944 are all solid canidates. Can’t imagine what a V8 would do. A/C in 944s was never good to begin with. You can install lighter pistons and rods, and boat-tail the crank, but you're really not going to pick up an amazing amount of horsepower. Isn’t there a onlyfans channel devoted to Rear UnderWings and the maintenance thereof ?

Because it was a forgettable car.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. https://groundcontrolstore.com/collections/944-complete-suspension-system/products/944-968-complete-front-struts-w-rear-c-o-shocks?variant=19539253395552.

Find this 1987 Porsche 944 offered for $22,000 in Tampa, FL on Pro-Touring.com.

Craigslist Porsche 944 with 350 under the hood is ready for new owner to take things to the next level. I understand they're good to about 350HP on the stock internals, and it's not hard to push them past 500. The naturally aspirated 944 was a lightweight car coming in at under 3,000 pounds. May not be worth the additional 3K.

especially considering how great it looks inside and out. POC, PCA and SCCA legal.

do you mean the 034? So what would it take to take the little sports car to the next level? The 5 valve Turbo engine has proven it's reliability in a wide range of racing applications including DTM, Touring Series & Rally.

tips@dailyturismo.com. Sunday Funday: What Does Daily Turismo Mean To You. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path to do an LS swap on, an older german car might be a good option.

Out of the cars that are listed, the Porsche 944 would be our choice. The car is powered by a twin-turbo 6.0 L… Read More »For Sale: Porsche 944 with a Twin-Turbo LSx V8, Motor Werks Racing (MWR) debuted the 17th project from their Heritage Tribute Collection with their Porsche 924 GTP Pink Pig tribute race car. Thank you for ANY help 1.8T Engine Conversion For Porsche 924 / 944 A SMART CHOICE:. It drove good, but as we mentioned before, the performance was not impressive. But why is there such a variance in price? Surprisingly, it only adds 140-pounds and gives the vehicle a weight balance of 49.9-percent in the front and 50.1-percent rear over. I'm not super familiar with the 944 (I used to have a '79 911) but I would think an LSx would be a very capable, useful swap.

This is my car and Thanks to DT for putting it up! In fact, the only complaint they have other than the ridiculous bowtie exhaust tip is how stiff the car rides. 1 inch shorter than stock, reduced droop and Koni strut inserts specially valved by Koni of Holland for Ground Control or Koni race strut inserts are provided, depending on suitability with your spring rate. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

Under the hood sits a 5.7 L LS1… Read More »For Sale: 1987 Porsche 944 with a LS1 V8, The guys at Boost Brothers Garage have been building a unique Porsche 944 for the past year. However, an ej257 might be an interesting swap since you'd have a lower center of gravity and somewhat light weight engine than can make 300-350rwhp pretty reliably. Porsche 944 with a Turbo VW Inline-Five Makes 454 hp on Dyno, For Sale: Porsche 944 with a Twin-Turbo LSx V8, Porsche 944 with a Turbo Audi 1.8 L Inline-Four, Porsche 944 with a VW 07K Inline-Five Update, Building a Porsche 944 with a VW 07K Inline-Five, VW 2.5 L Inline-Five Swap Kit for Porsche 944, For Sale: Porsche 944 with a Turbo Audi 1.8 L Inline-Four, Supra Mk3 with a 700+ hp Twin-Turbo 2.7 L Radical V8, Toyota MR2 with a 1046 whp Turbo 3S/5S Inline-Four Goes 8.31 sec, Mitsubishi Pajero Evo with a Supercharged LTx V8 Update. You might think that the Corvette LS3 would add substantial weight to the nose of the car, killing the balance. However, you can find the NA version of this sporty little car for under $5,000. The 944 bridged the price and performance gap between the 924 and the 911 SC.

I understand they're good to about 350HP on the …

Wait, what is a 951? SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel, Throwback Thursday: ATI’s Near-Bulletproof 4L85E Overdrive, BMR Suspension Adjustable Upper Control Arms for, SEMA 360: Garrett Advancing Motion’s New 106mm G57-3000, SEMA 2020: The Single Cab Short Bed Truck GM Never, PRI 2019: FIC’s New 1440cc With USCAR Plug/Injector Size, PRI 2019: CP-Carrillo Debuts Two New Connecting Rod, PRI 2019: Melling’s New High-Volume, High-Pressure Oil, HUNTERS: A New Film On Driver David Pintaric And The Trans Am, World War “V”: A History Of Cadillac’s V-Series, Known for His Cobra Wins, Dave MacDonald was Actually a Corvette, At Speed With The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray And The New, Vengeance Racing And Huron Speed Team Up For An Epic ZL1, Powerful Pontiacs: Chuck and Daniella Stefanski’s Boosted Trans, High-Performance Racing Fasteners: How ARP Fasteners Are, Schwartz Performance Talks G-Machine Chassis, Engine Pulleys — Old-School Tradition Meets New-School, The Answers: Isky’s Nolan Jamora Sounds Off On Cam & Valvetrain, Needle Bearings Versus Trunnion Bushings with the Chevy, Corvette Chronicles: The Corvette’s Introduction In, C8 Corvettes: Who Are They Building These Cars For, SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Shield, Throwback Thursday: ATI’s Near-Bulletproof 4L85E Overdrive Automatic, BMR Suspension Adjustable Upper Control Arms for G-Body’s, Carlisle Events Announces 2021 Event Schedule, And It’s Huge, Video: Flyin’ Miata Drops An LS3 In The All-New 2016 Miata, Sophistication, Meet Power – The LS1-Swapped “Benz-Vette”, eBay Find: This LS3 Diablo Expands The LS Swap Landscape.
This is a common complaint about conversions, but 944 A/C never worked great to begin with.a few Paint Flaws/normal rock chipsCar had a reflector panel between the rear lights. The 951 is the Porsche internal designation for the turbocharged version of the 944. Photos by J. Tony Serna                                                       PATENT PENDING Engine Conversion, 20 Duck Thurmond Road Bldg C, Dawsonville, GA, 30534, USA, 1.8T Engine Installation Components Now Available, Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 1, Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 2, Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 3, 1.8T Porsche Boxster / Cayman 987 Engine Conversion by Motor Werks Racing, Porsche 986 Boxster 2.1L Engine Conversion, 1.8T Engine Conversion For Porsche 924S / 944. Please do not hesitate to call at (530) 677-8600 for general questions!

We offer shirts on Spreadshirt and Amazon. Fabricated from 1026 DOM steel, the Ground Control 944 strut is much stronger than the stock strut. They accomplished their goal… Read More »Porsche 944 with a VW 07K Inline-Five Update, Boost Brothers Garage are swapping a Volkswagen 07K inline-five into a 1986 Porsche 944. For almost 10-minutes, the two hosts of the show do nothing more than apply the throttle to the 944 and immediately grin from ear to ear. No… It’s definitely going to be a problem. 1987 Porsche 951 ( 944 Turbo) with LS EngineThis is a running proven car. If not that, it seems like rebuilding an original motor with modern internals would work the best.

Although the body of the 944 was based on the 924, it had considerably more striking contours. © 2020 Power Automedia. Why? I have a 944. And if you are gonna say LS or 2JZ, shoo.

The 944 also goes from 150 horsepower with the engine swap to 450 and still right at 3,000-pounds. Not because it’s the best candidate for a swap, but because we have driven the naturally aspirated turd back in the day.

That’s pretty impressive considering this 944 is over 35-years old. Porsche took the front-engine transaxle equipped successor to the 924 and boosted it to 220 horsepower…but that doesn’t matter for todays 951, because it has a Chevrolet LS1 V8 borrowed from a Pontiac GTO squeezed into the engine bay.

That's a hell of an engine, and it's actually a close brother, given that Audi 4 cyl.

Bottom mount style does not have as much suspension travel, so the top mount plate with the integral stress bar mount is desired, especially for cars racing in a class where a very low car can be an advantage. Why are you against it? Not really my thing, but still really dig this and I bet it’s a blast to drive. No a/c in a Southern state is going to be an issue, but if the owner could get that sorted I bet it would go in a flash….

The guys over at EverydayDriver got their hands on a nicely swapped 944, and to be honest, we forgot all about the mid-80s Porsche. But I have only driven it maybe 2,000 Miles ( thought I would use it more).
It’s a solid car that handles well, brakes good, and looks cooler than most affordable german vehicles of the same age.

I owned an ’84 944 for years.

I am aware of how good the LS engines are, however they seem very typical, and I like the idea of something different.

Nevertheless, with an LS nestled under the hood, all of a sudden, this car becomes a different animal. This package price is significantly discounted, and is intended for club racing and track days.Camber/Caster plates.Two choices, bottom mount or top mount. We look forward to hearing from you!

I put in a 951 radiator which required the … Read more 944 LS3 Conversion, C-5 Trans  in 944 MGW Performance Short Throw Shifter and Race Knob  (Stock shifter required for parts but will not fit in final assembly) Pair of 1000 horsepower axles with spacers and bolts Differential to axle stub shafts Pair Trailing Arm Weather sealed Monoball Cartridge bushings for the rear control arms Modified torque tube and … Read more C-5 Trans in 944, Ground Control – 944/968 – COMPLETE FRONT STRUTS W/REAR SHOCKS over $2,000, Replace the odometer gear on your Porsche 944-Munk’s Motors, Porsche 944 LS Swap Factory Porsche Parts, Porsche 944 LS Swap Where can I buy Parts, Porsche 944 LS Swap Where to buy 944 Swap Parts, Porsche 944 with an V8 LS Swap and Widebody – Widerstandsfähig 948RS, JR Garage How much did my 944 LS Swap Cost, Porsche 944 LS Swap How much did my LS Swap Cost, Porsche 944 LS Swap Porsche 944 Transmission Mounts.

I bought this car (conversion done 10 years ago) two years ago and have not been disappointed in one bit. I have a few questions: 1) Is there a turbo kit for the 944 N/A?

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