porsche 924 vw engine swap


During BS Inspection, the conversation usually includes statements like “We don’t really care what class we end up in, we’re not trying to win” and “We think we’ve improved to about a 10 percent chance of finishing now that we’ve added carbon-fiber side mirrors.”. want to convert to 5 lug 4 wheel disc brakes. The transaxle, halfshafts, and clutch—a nightmarish thing to replace on the 924 and 944—were problematic at the beginning. If they track down one of the carb intakes used on the version of that engine used on some AMCs, they could end up with a slightly better long term solution. Photos: Nick Pon, Eric Rood, Murilee Martin, Jeff Bloch, Rich von Sneidern, Finally, We Offer Subscriptions To The World’s Best (Worst) Magazine, © 2020 MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. I was told by a "Porsche person" that the 924/944 motor and Audi 5 cylinder had the same bellhousing bolt pattern. After trying numerous unsuccessful fixes on their vintage K-Jet system, the brilliantly named It Won’t Get Better Unless You Pick At It Racing collectively uttered those familiar old-gearhead words while working on their Porsche 924: “Let’s rip off all of that injection crap and slap on a carb!”. The 924S is actually a series one 944, so parts like the cross member (on a 924) will need to be changed to fit a later engine, as well as the suspension, brakes, torque tube, transaxle etc. 924S the 2.5 lump is bomb proof, lots of spare engines around if it does go bang. I've got a 944 and my wife has a 924S and like the motors in them. Racing car is no typical 924, however. The Audi 5cyl 20V is in the same engine family as the early 924's 2.0L four and will bolt to the 924 or 931 bellhousing. Keep it serviced & it's fine for track use. This is where things start to get LeMony, though; instead of an American V8 or something to that effect, F.A.C.E. One of those wacky bastards probably has one, they hoard parts like ferrets hoard trash it seems. It's already a wide track car the S2 has ABS and power steering and the driving position in a 44 is SO much better then a 24. the 2.5 8V motor can take a heap of abuse - and goes on for ever! “Doesn’t that kind of drivetrain mash-up create problems?” you ask. Maybe it's only in my part of the world, but I worked in an AMC dealership in 1980, and I only ever saw one Gremlin with the 2.0. I swapped out the CIS/K-Jet on my racecar with a pair of Weber side-draughts. Thsi engine was exclusivly mountet in the Audi 100´s up to 1989 ( As 2,0 115 HP ), the VW LT ( As 2,0 75 or 85 HP ) up to 1995. I created a phenolic spacer out of red oak for my Lifan 200cc motor after creating a custom steel intake which left the carb an inch from the head with no insulation. Racing occasionally stands out in the crowd of Class A cars. Same with the VW VR6. So it doesn't use the bellhousing pattern of the more common VW water cooled engines. Which ever route you take itll be far from cheap because so much will need doing/replacing/upgrading. Y'know, to impress the tech inspectors. If you dont want to be blazing your own trail on figuring out an engine swap, Id suggest either going with a stock engine or one that is a popular swap in that car so there is plenty of info out there on what needs to be done and how. That’s not even the crazy part. I've read some articles about putting in an audi 7A engine or a vw 1.8t 20v. One, they didn’t actually have a carburetor. I was also told by a "Volkswagen person" that a Audi 5 cylinder and VW GTI 4 cylinder were the same bolt pattern. finally sorted their issues enough to run a best-ever 133 laps last October at Autobahn Country Club. If you want an amount of complexity commensurate with the 100hp you're going to get out of it, a carb starts to make sense. Dec 20, 2019 Toggle Navigation Homepage; Contact Us; Engine Swap Kits; Bellhousing Adapters; Engine Swap Shops; Search for... 914. Only at a Lemons race: Just replace everything with an old SU carburetor. Since engine swaps are common enough in the 924/944 family, that made enough sense. The 924 engine is from the Audi 100 line and was used previuos in the 100 S Coupe. The VW and Audi motors aren't even close to bolting up to the standard 924 / 944 bellhousing. Fuel injection is undeniably a Good Thing in the car world. The first thing the Ohio-based team did was chuck out the 2.5-liter Porsche four-cylinder engine that came with their hooptie old sports car. The first thing the Ohio-based team did was chuck out the 2.5-liter Porsche four-cylinder engine that came with their hooptie old sports car. Maybe better to just buy an ex-race car with all mods done and known performance? more than doubling their output from the previous five races and actually finishing the race with a running car merited the Judges Choice trophy. Also the 5 Zylinder used that engine as base design. While the winner logged 497 laps at that race, the LeMons Supreme Court judges thought that F.A.C.E. What are the chances that the 225hp 2.5l engine from the 924 would fit in the GTI. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Content on vwvortex.com is generated by its users. Excellent trackside engineering! I have the option of picking up an old 924 for almost nothing with no engine. Im new to the whole Porsche/VW/Audi world. The F.A.C.E. The parts for the 2.5 engine are not 'insanely expensive' and they are very reliable, just needing fresh oil & belts occasionally. At least the 2.0L shares bellhousing pattern with the later Audi 5-cylinders, so there's hope if you can sort out the rest of the swap parts, but I5's are thin on the ground anymore and there are other challenges involved with that swap. With enough time and money, you can get almost any engine in there. The rear-mounted transaxle was also from Audi and was used in the 100 saloon of the time. If you feel a bit flush in the future you can stick a 3.0 S2 engine straight in. The F.A.C.E. The Audi 5cyl 20V is in the same engine family as the early 924's 2.0L four and will bolt to the 924 or 931 bellhousing. Since engine swaps are common enough in the 924/944 family, that made enough sense. The first thing the Ohio-based team did was chuck out the 2.5-liter Porsche four-cylinder engine that came with their hooptie old sports car. Gassing Station | Porsche General | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. The 2.0L in the 924 was from Audi 100LS and some VW LT vans, but was never used in any of the VW cars. Can upgrade the CIS system, should i go mega squirt, or run carb's. You mentioned that building the stock motor would be the best and safest route. Racing car is no typical 924, however. All rights reserved. October 2, 2020 October 2, 2020; 914; This 1975 Porsche 914 is for sale on Hemmings in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with a current bid of $8,000. The AMC Gremlin starting in 1977: https://ateupwithmotor.com/model-histories/amc-gremlin/. My Turbo is the same blue as Oli's S2, where does that put me in this game? has anyone done this or know if it can be done? If I find a 924 with no sunroof I may consider buying it to build into a rally car with a 16v motor for the SCCA ProRally series. For Sale: 1975 Porsche 914 with a Subaru EJ25. You have no idea how cool that would be, and it would actually work with the bellhousing adapter from the 16v.... hmmm.... you can hang every part from a 968 0n a 924, as the chassis is the same....other than tapping a could holde for slight changes in the rear suspension mounting...every part bolts right up. While those cars do exist—typically with less oil- and parts-dropping than expected—the majority of a given field are extremely tired versions of sports cars and kinda-sporty economy cars. F.A.C.E.’s “Porschevy 924.3” bucks that swap trend, too: To this very day, the car retains the original transaxle setup. While being a technological marvel with it's twin cam 5 valve per cylinder platform, this engine offers great performance & efficiency tightly wrapped in a very compact 1.8 liter package. I thought about doing the same with my old 924 (which i no longer own but is still in my yard...) but with an actual DCOE.

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