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It looks amazing with its beautiful shine upon installation, but the shine gives way quickly to an overwhelming amount of etching from every day products. Even with the stains, because I know most people don't see the etching upon first experiencing the product, I do still like it better than the white porcelain countertops we had in the bathrooms of our previous house. So I started looking into products. The dull spot is not always extremely readily seen, you catch it in sunlight or from the distorted reflection of a ceiling or vanity light. After a year or two the etching takes over and the entire top looks dull relative to its brand new shine. Be cautious when exposing your marble surface to any chemicals or solutions. Paid Infofree subscriptions receive full profiles and My wife just gave me a look like I was insane so I didn't even make her use it). Many commonly used household cleaning products may have negative effects on the marble surfacing. The overall countertops still look decent but they don't have a that shiny elegant crystal clean pop they used to have.
They sent a technician from the installation company (see my article on how builders don't actually build your house) to my home to discuss the issue. With this product I was able to remove some of the really light etches, and with multiple tries, I could mostly get rid of the slightly bigger etches. I won't get much further into how upset I was that the technician didn't understand this product or about my frustration with the builder for how they handled this issue as I'll leave that for part of my Touchstone Living Home Builder Review. It won't help with etching as they are two different beasts.

It's sort of like when you look at diamonds. A color sheet of this material is available in PDF format in the Downloads section. E-Stone was created and developed with the builders segment in mind separating itself by combining nature with engineering to achieve the ideal size, colors and quality. When choosing a cleaning agent, it is never recommended to utilize any product that contains high acidity (low pH) or high alkaline (high pH). Todos los derechos reservados. I loved it until a couple months into living in our house when I walked by and saw a dull spot on one of our bathroom countertops. Career Opportunities:Please send resumes to [email protected].

It looks expensive because of its beautiful sheen and marble look. If you were to see my countertops for the first time while having never seen Piedrafina marble before you likely wouldn't notice the etching. In this article I will review my experience in care and maintenance of a brand-name marble product called Piedrafina. To help you enjoy your Piedrafina Marble Surfaces for years to come. Your finest hotels and professional marble care companies, use Marble Gloss Restorer routinely for marble polishing, to restore and polish, polished marble, limestone, and travertine. Having never lived with the product you'd probably see my countertops as a decent looking marble countertop. <> It is recommended to utilize a neutral pH cleaner. But... if half of it were shiny new and the other half in its current state, you'd instantly see the difference and say to yourself, "WOW" what a difference. From my experience I have to disagree with their claim for "easy care and maintenance", and the following is my experience and review of the product. Marble is a calcite based stone that is 'soft' in nature. !l�&��0��G �(������ i����k4��#�..�D����ku���ߟ����0d�� ��~���Um3!�����Vo�O�JJx,�� �D�dG���ז�3�`q�*S��R��%�*m�L8���#��f*%k9��aR�9ʺR��ȡ�u�5�c(�Py� Maintaining Piedrafina Marble Surfaces is easy. Perfect for vanity counter tops, shower walls, shower pans, bathtub surrounds, bathtub decks, fireplace surrounds, furniture tops, and stairways. Upon installation, Piedrafina is a beautiful shiny marble product! E-Stone offers a cost-effective alternative to cultured marble,natural stone and tile. see my article on how builders don't actually build your house, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). <>>> You don't realize how much the world is dulled until you clean your glasses. For routine cleaning utilize a damp cloth or paper towel. We will never use this product again for a horizontal surface. Here are some simple care and maintenance steps, and some general precautions. I was spending an hour every other weekend working on the problem. x��[Yo�H~7���G3���,6Av��b1���ؙ�-��d��~����(�ZI�������������gϞ�;}���ON�/O��o�lqq���'G���׈J�B9Q�B�US�bq���������/��?��ޝC�t-*��X�n�1�(ˀ��@u�L���9k�DQ�����8R�!iV���t� �)nWO��v@� yԸB��j�*c Updated:2012-09-04 17:14:10 Although the maintenance of Piedrafina Marble Surfaces, like the Piedrafina Marble countertop is easy to achieve, there are still some simple care and maintenance steps and general precautions that you need to follow. A "polished" finish is the shiny, high-gloss type of finish with the deepest color saturation commonly seen on marble … I asked my contact at Piedrafina if sealing the countertops would help fight against the etching and he said that no, a penetrating sealer seeps into the product to prevent staining, it doesn't protect the surface shine. Ahorra energía disminuyendo los costos de transporte y el espacio requerido, optimizando el tiempo gracias a su superficie fina y liviana. The amount of work it took to just keep up with the little etches became too cumbersome and I wasn't even getting rid of the bigger etches. Finally, as a quick note, my wife has all kinds of products on her side, many with color, and I haven't seen any staining yet (ie nail polish stains). endobj

Bathroom RemodelKitchen RemodelCabinet RefacingKitchen Mart Custom CabinetsKraftmaid CabinetsOther CabinetsCountertopsQuartz/CambriaTile Floors/BacksplashOther, Copyright © Kitchen Mart Inc. License #365777 | Sacramento 916-362-7080 | Rocklin 916-315-3535, Sacramento's Most Trusted Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company since 1976. For the most stubborn stains you can incorporate a neutral pH cleaner and a non-abrasive scrub pad. Or maybe it can be likened to dirty glasses. It is recommended to utilize a marble sealer while carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer states that special resin binders give Piedrafina Marble the strength, consistency and durability that differentiate Piedrafina Marble from other products. Required fields are marked *. Doesn't bother me but she prefer it was shiny the whole time. El revestimiento de piedra flexible, liviano y resistente. Cada lámina representa solo una fina capa de la piedra de la cual es extraída, utilizando solo lo necesario e incrementando la eficiencia de uso. We've had our new house for almost 2 months and my wife was complaining about the etching until I showed her this article. So there's the big issue with Piedrafina:  It's beautiful shine is easily damaged from common household products. <> endobj Just about every hand soap product contains Citric Acid. You will need to follow some simple care and maintenance steps and take some general precautions. I was still in my 1-year builder warranty, so I called the builder. Business profile for Piedrafina Marble in Riverside, California. From what I understand, the idea behind etch removers is that they themselves are mild acids that actually microscopically damage the surface even further but in a uniform correct-amount way that creates a shine (not very technical on my part I know; possibly not even fully accurate). However the etch remover product was no match for the deeper, bigger etches. The manufactured stone is comprised of approximately 95% natural marble with polyester resin binders and pigments. Luckily, from what I understand, my Piedrafina marble countertops are composite marble all the way through (as opposed to having some type of material in the center to cheaply add bulk, like say a laminate countertop) and someday, likely when we go to sell the house, we can spend the (likely) significant expense to have a good marble restoration company come in and restore the product by sanding it down and polishing it back to a beautiful shine. Infofree.com offers unlimited sales leads, mailing lists, email lists.
If accidental exposure to any damaging products should occur, thoroughly rinse the affected area with water as soon as possible. Not happy with how Touchstone Living, the builder of our home, handled my issue, I ultimately did some research and learned that the spot was actually an "etch". We argued a bit. It's possible that the darker colors don't show the etching as much, but I doubt it. Your email address will not be published. I never got into the sanding but I fought for a few months to try and keep the countertops shiny with etch removal products, but the etches just became too many and too deep. Never expose Piedrafina Marble Surfaces to any chemicals that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride such as paint removers and furniture strippers. I totally agree--our Piedrafina "marble" bathroom countertops have dulled simply from exposure to water over time--we've been in our new home just two years, and I'm starting to think of what we can replace them with.

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