pidge reveals she's a girl episode


Unless they plan to do a time jump where Pidge grows her hair out and develops breast and a bigger butt, generally her being a girl isn't going to be brought up. "He can put you in the healing pod-", "I'm fine," she repeated adamantly. Shiro exclaimed. Internal Reveal: Pidge decides to confess to everyone that she's a girl. Have they known since Episode 1, where Hunk teases Pidge about "his girlfriend"? Concern for her missing relatives would eventually interfere with Pidge's ability to unify with her team and form Voltron at will, prompting Shiro to accompany her on a trip to the wreckage of Sendak's ship to try and learn what she could about the missing pair. She's captured and interrogated aliens, and also isn't afraid to speak her mind to her teammates when they irritate her.

Unlike the other Paladins, Pidge's Bayard offers more than just offensive power. As a nod to twin Chip, Pidge and Matt contribute to building a metal brother named Chip. "Uh…Pidge…are you going to-". Pidge Gunderson’s garnered a lot of attention in the past three years. Pidge also likely faked her medical records for this part of her undercover mission, as a space exploration program would likely have required information on applicants' physical condition and health history. ", When they arrived at the mall (in normal clothing and not as pirates) Lance handed Pidge a couple of space bills. Why? Pidge then finds Keith and Shiro. Though they attempted to help, the planet wound up exploding. At one point, Voltron Force responded to a distress signal coming from Balto.
Yes. Pidge found stacks of cookies as tall as herself outside her door that night. "Really it's nothing. Voltron: Legendary Defender has three sets of comics that tie into the show. "I'm just-" She groaned, frustrated. "I'm fine," she said through gritted teeth. , Syaoran’s jealousy is so much fun to watch. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Keith exclaimed, running towards her and sliding onto his knees. Despite this, they still work well as comrades and colleagues along with their closeness to Shiro and care for his well-being. "So, I'm going to take a trip to the space mall," Lance said, crouching down beside the green paladin, blocking her view of her laptop. Her close friendship with Shiro is due to him having known of her from his time working with her brother and father.

Billy West took over in 1998 for Voltron: The Third Dimension, though Neil Ross stayed on as Keith. Originally, on the official Voltron website no less, the dog’s name was Gunther. They succeeded in rescuing Allura, but during the escape their wormhole was blasted by Haggar, causing it to deteriorate and apparently scatter all five lions and the castle to places unknown. ", "Harsh," Hunk said with a chuckle. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace.
She dons wire-framed, round, circular glasses with fake lenses to address her lack of actual visual impairment. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. That's when Lance noticed the red too. ... Five episodes in and there's already a Shoot the Dog moment. "I may need to run some diagnoses-", Pidge slumped into her seat.

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