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Phil’s money troubles finally come to a head and he is forced to get a proper job as a takeaway delivery driver, a job which leads him on to several interesting discoveries. Phil Ellis stars in this gag-packed, anarchic sitcom about a man desperate Phil Ellis stars in this gag-packed, anarchic sitcom about a man desperate to succeed in a world he doesn't fully understand, and doesn't understand him. It’s rent day and once again Phil is behind on the payments to his landlord Johnny, who owns the celebrity memorabilia shop below. Leanne. [UPDATE - 23rd August 2019]: Pleased to see the return of this one, as an excellent example of the fun of the absurd. Parbold’s not big enough for two spectral spectacles so which walk is going to win? Parbold has its fair share of ghosts. Phil sees this as an opportunity to reconnect with his dad. When that the treasure map he bought off a dodgy Tom Jones impersonator turns out – incredibly – to be useless, Polly convinces Phil to abandon his get-rich-quick schemes and opt for something more traditional, namely a ghost walk through Parbold. Meanwhile, Polly starts a pet-walking business as a sideline. After all, as Polly says, it’s not like he can run away this time. First task: to capture a pigeon that’s been terrorising Parbold. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Phil’s never got on with his dad Goodison, who spent a lot of Phil’s life pretending to be dead. When Phil discovers Parbold is hosting the World Pinball Championships, he sees a way to solve his money troubles by winning the big cash prize. Phil must find a way to counter the allegations of Parbold’s best prosecutor (Sindhu Vee) and the witness statements of several of Parbold’s residents, including Mick the Chinese herbalist and Ellie the florist. But it’s not just him who wants the money, as Phil’s past catches up with him. He's trying. Meanwhile, Lolly tries to help Johnny when he gets trapped in a Dalek. Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Phil Ellis is trying (s01 e01) 'Phil's Bills and Bellyaches'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s01 e02) 'Small Big Business'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s01 e03) 'It's a nice Day for a White Lightening Wedding'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s01 e04) 'DeliverWhoops'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s02 e01) 'Pinball'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s02 e02) 'Mickstown'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s02 e03) 'Parbold's got Talent'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s02 e04) 'Rugrat'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s03 e01) 'Billy Bonker and the Cup-a-Soup Factory'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s03 e02) 'Prison Break'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s03 e03) 'Ghost Walk'.mp3, Phil Ellis is trying (s03 e04) 'Pondlife 2000'.mp3, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). If only Polly and Phil hadn’t shared their idea with Mick the Chinese herbalist who suddenly decides he’s going to put on a ghost walk too. The bride-to-be Gemma wants to get married at short notice so Phil immediately leaps into action. BBC Radio 4 sitcom starring Phil Ellis. Now in prison for theft of an embarrassingly small bingo prize, Goodison invites Phil to visit him as part of HMP Parbold’s annual “Bring Your Family To Prison Day”. He's trying Even so, it’s still worth going. Meanwhile, Polly has enlisted Ellie to go on a double date with two so-called celebrities, who may or may not be trying to scam them. Next new episode is on Wednesday at 6:30pm. When he’s accused of murdering a hipster, Phil is hauled before the Supreme Court of Parbold presided over by the ruthless Judge Shawshank (Jack Dee). When Phil’s dad Goodison is discovered not dead but living in Phil’s loft, Goodison tries to make amends by taking his son for a much needed holiday to popular holiday camp Mutlins. Series 3, Episode 3 Ellis is nicely pathetic, keeping that fine balance between misery and stupidity, obsessing over trivial details like the icemaker on his fridge. Otherwise, it looks like Phil might be facing a lengthy jail term. A new sitcom for BBC Radio 4 created and written by Phil Ellis (Edinburgh Award Panel Prize winner 2014) and Fraser Steel (I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, 8 Out Of Ten Cats, A League Of Their Own). He's Phil Ellis stars in this gag-packed, anarchic sitcom about a man desperate to succeed in a world he doesn't fully understand, and doesn't understand him.. Phil is trying. And he's trying to find a new love, to finally move on from But his preparations soon run aground when he finds himself falling in love with the bride. off his debts. He's trying to make the crumbling entertainment business he inherited a success. Before long, Johnny and Polly are following Phil and Goodson to Mutlins in a bid to figure out what’s really going on. The night of the “North West of the North West Small Business Awards” is fast approaching and Phil sees this as an ideal opportunity to impress Ellie who’s nominated for “Best Florist” – all he needs to do is get the job hosting it. More importantly, putting on a big event like a ghost walk might finally impress Phil’s love interest Ellie. But are Goodison’s motives as honest as they seem? After all, who can turn down a date with a celebrity? Phil cannot believe his luck. It may be a case Phil is desperate to crack, but will he like what he finds? Meanwhile, Polly visits Johnny who is serving a 3 to 5 stretch (hours) for selling a hooky hook from the film Hook, and is worried he might be becoming institutionalised. Vegas was unexpectedly fun, as I don't usually enjoy him. He's trying to get over his divorce from Leanne. But that’s easier said than done. The fact that the entire cast of characters are all idiots is still a big part of the appeal of this, with it running with Barry Cryer's ideas of the need for fun. And even then, it is on the one condition that he finds a celebrity to present the main award. Meanwhile, Polly has become a community support support-officer. And they have an entertaining time with Terry Mynott, who does a pleasingly nostalgic snotty French waiter. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse – David Mitchell, S01E03 – Its a Nice Day for a White Lightning Wedding, S03E01 – Billy Bonker and The Cup A Soup Factory. The gang are still indulging in madness, with a pinball competition sponsored by the mafia, and joining a cult that promises to … Stars Phil Ellis, Johnny Vegas, Lolly Adefope, Katia Kvinge and Terry Mynott. When Phil hears a ruckus in Johnny’s memorabilia shop downstairs, he goes to investigate, only to discover the mayor of Parbold, who gives Phil a much-needed job: to discover if her husband is having an affair. Maybe he’ll finally be able to put the spectre of his recent (three years ago) divorce behind him? Well, it’s good for Lolly to have something to do…. He's trying to improve his interpersonal skills. All he has to do is get the rent and make the date, and then things might start to look up for Phil. Like this show. He's trying to pay his rent and pay Instead, his returning Radio 4 series Phil Ellis Is Trying offers an almost timelessly absurd type of humour that can only work on radio, unconstrained by reality.. [ORIGINAL - 8th June 2018]: Back to the Unlucky Everyman, this time in the form of Phil Ellis, who is trying and failing to survive as a children's entertainer, leaving him several months behind on the office's rent.

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