peugeot 207 front seat removal


The passenger seat will not lock into position, the runner looks likes its broken off and is just moving along with the seat. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Just taken it to the garage to see what they say! £650 for a new seat my arse!!! Had same with 206cc sport front passenger seat with no lock in any upright position.

I have a 5 year old 206 3door with this problem, the passenger seat has been unable to tilt & slide forward for some time but now the drivers seat has the same problem. I had the car 2 hours and the passenger seat went. Peugeot refused to help as did the dealership on the grounds it had ran out of warranty, yet this is a safety feature and bolts do NOT just break! Just in time for its MOT in a week! Doing so will trigger the airbag / SRS warning light. just for seat runner. how can i fix runner is broken of front passenger seat.

- turn the wheels to the side. Peugeot Airbag / Gurtstraffer Simulator für alle Modelle . ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Check the wires under the seat especially the yellow connector. Errrr if this is the case, then they should honour those parts which break, especailly if they are connected to safety or render the car undriveable.

Found myself sitting in a vulnerable position on a dual carriageway as the vehicle was undriveable. (Add your answer here. Sometimes it will pop off, others will slide off. Not a huge force required. Attempting

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the cover is the problem as i don't want to force it and break it, dose it just clip on or how is it fastened, Kind Regards Mike. thanks ^__^. I have a Honours degree in law and would like every one with the same problem (not drivers seats please unless exactly same problem) to email me at Hello Mobiles UK and I will make my self busy on this matter.

Newer cars have a plastic cover on top of the screws. Condition is "Used". Sorry it is not any help, but I feel the more folk shout about problems, maybe peugeot will do something about it. I googled my seat problem to see if anyone had had a similar experience - it appears just about everyone who owns this car!! Peugeot 207 Nearside Passengers Front Seat Airbag : Condition: Used. This has happened 3 times in a month to my wife, unfortunately she can't reach the pedals and she nearly crashed tonight! thanks again to Mr Mclean , as last post said dont be scared to push really hard !! Why should there be a rearview button since few people adjust the rearview mirror. If you remove the seat from the car and then remove the runners (5 bolts) this allows you to unhook the cable from the latch. Disconnect the electrical wires from underneath the seats. Try this first before anything else!!! I have a driver's seat available for sale in a good condition BUYER COLLECT. - Féline 207, le forum de référence consacré à la Peugeot 207 ! Thank you, Mike (August 2010). Click here for Scunci repair information. Simultaneously push the levers back. The seller won't accept returns for this item. The bolts which hold the seat in place just broke, yet they are supposed to be designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and too withstand impact. operational and functions as intended. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. I have had similar issues. By continuing to use this site you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. I agree that Peugeot need to get their act together before someone is killed. hi i have the same problem,have been to the peugeot garage, not very helpful just told me i needed a new frame seat straight away, so off i went to see my cousin the mechanic. If after persevering you still cannot get it to work then maybe something is broken but so far, ours has always worked....... eventually! Taken from a 2008 207gti. is there a wire inside or a clip, and is there a way of taking the side of the seat off?

but it worked . my peugeot 206 HDI passenger seat wont go back to its normal position it is stuck forward as if someone is getting out the back, can you help me fix this problem, as I cannot fined any solutions. The bolts which hold the action in place just broke when I had to brake quickly, throwing me backward and away from the brake pedal. john macleans answer worked for me great many thanks for sharing. operational and functions as intended. Just bought a second hand Peugeot 206 Estate. Front passenger seat was only going into the lay back position or full forward, push the handle for tilting right back, then force the back of the seat forward you will hear it clicking just do this untill you get it to the position you require.

We have a peugeot 206 2004 two door the passenger seat only stay either fully tilted back of right forward Does any one know how to fix this thankyou. Ditto Mike the legend August 2010, saved me a lot of time and effort 10 years on, thanks. When it is just me in the car alone the front passenger seat belt light is green. On both of my seats this lever has broken off, so the seat will not locate in position properly and jams when you're trying to move it forward or backwards. I have the very same problem, my passengers seat is horizontal and my drivers seat is sliding everywhere! Replace the runners and the seat and away you go. I hope this helps other Peugeot owners.

Just a bit of firm encouragement. Took 2 minutes.MichaelMay 2020. Another point to take on board, Peugoet state the 206 has in excess of 30,000 componants and they cannot guarantee each part 100 per cent.

Obviously a defect which peugeot will not accept. Apart from that, these are near mint. Bearing in mind with the scrappage scheme in place my car has gone from being worth £5k last year to £2k this year, typical!!!!

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