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[82] On January 27, 2012, Komisarjevsky was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Steven Hayes stands convicted of such crimes – and today the jury has recommended that he should be subjected to the death penalty. [55], On January 6, 2008, over 130,000 luminaria candles were lit in front of thousands of homes across Cheshire in "Cheshire Lights of Hope", a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis and a tribute to the Petit family. Komisarjevsly said he closed the girls' bedroom doors "to buy them time.". If you want him to suffer and carry that burden forever, the guilt, shame, and humiliation, sentence him to life without the possibility of release. "[98] During a press conference after the verdict, Dr. Petit stated: "We all know that God will be the final arbiter and I think the defendant faces far more serious punishments from the Lord than he can ever face from mankind." [19][27][49][50] Komisarjevsky also blamed Dr. Petit for the murders. I don't need twelve people to tell me what I'm guilty or not guilty of. "[100] Judge Jon Blue formally imposed six death sentences, one for each of the capital charges; Blue then added a sentence of 106 years for other crimes Hayes committed during the home invasion, including kidnapping, burglary, and assault, before finishing with, "This is a terrible sentence, but is, in truth, a sentence you wrote for yourself in flames. See the full gallery. [38] Meanwhile, Hayes and Komisarjevsky fled the scene in the Petit family car. Hayes's next text asked, "Soon? "[101][102][103] The judge also gave Hayes an official execution date of May 27, 2011; Blue said that this date was a formality, because if Hayes appealed his case, his execution could be delayed for decades. He then added: "He is thrilled. The Courant reported that Petit said the second testimony was even "more nerve-racking" than the first. [6] During the hearing, Judge Blue said "This is a terrible sentence, but it's one you wrote for yourself with deeds of unimaginable horror and savagery. By 10 a.m. Petit family members filled the right-hand side of the courtroom as they have every day for this trial. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? There was no reason for them to die.". He spoke about how the trial affected him, saying that he had become "quite comfortable in the face of hatred and bigotry" and said that the jury who recommended the death penalty for him "believed me so worthless even my very existence is deemed intolerable. According to police, Komisarjevsky and Hayes forced their way into the Petit home on July 23, 2007, intending to rob them. Bank surveillance cameras captured the transaction. Under Connecticut law, prosecutors were supposed to send the parole board a transcript of the sentencing proceeding. [52], The Petits' eldest daughter Hayley (born October 15, 1989) had just graduated from Miss Porter's School where she played varsity cross country, basketball, and crew and was a high honor roll student. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a seesaw battle in the race to 270 electoral votes needed to win. The opening day of witness testimony at New Haven Superior Court brought forth details on how Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Dr. William Petit's wife, was taken hostage. Jurors also were shown photos of melted plastic containers that held the gas and the victims' charred clothes. [15], Shortly afterwards, Steven Hayes sent a text message to Komisarjevsky that read, "I'm chomping at the bit to get started. Defense attorneys have tried to point out that they wasted precious time outside the house that morning, and lives could potentially have been saved it they had entered the home earlier. My life will be a continuation of the hurt I caused. We’ve all seen crime scenes, on the news with blurred out faces, however, it’s rare that we get a raw glimpse into the phenomena that is murder. They also saw knit hats with holes cut in them recovered at the scene authorities say the men wore. [120] He also established the Hayley's Hope & Michaela's Miracle MS Memorial Fund. [73], Joshua A. Komisarjevsky (born August 10, 1980) was Hayes' co-conspirator in the home invasion and murders. The Unseen Photo Collection of Andrei Chikatilo’s Murder Scenes. I push forward in the hope that good will overcome evil. [106] His attorneys blamed Hayes for the murders, arguing that he was the criminal mastermind, while their client was a confused and easily led man who did not intend to kill anyone. While Hayley’s autopsy photos were shown to the 18 jurors, they looked at the evidence with grim faces. Investigators would later find the accelerant on the Petit sister's beds and on the clothing they were wearing. The Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders occurred on July 23, 2007, when Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes invaded the residence of the Petit family in Cheshire, Connecticut, United States.Dr. [12] During their trip to the grocery store, they attracted the attention of Joshua Komisarjevsky, who followed them home. [72] This sentence became an automatic life sentence when Connecticut abolished the death penalty in 2015. Subsequent to sentencing for the Petit murders, and up until August 16, 2016 (when he was transferred to a correctional facility in Pennsylvania as part of an interstate corrections compact), he was incarcerated in the Northern Correctional Institution,[69] which housed the state's death row for men, in Somers, Connecticut. Hayley and Michaela both died of smoke inhalation. [42][43] Hayley managed to escape her restraints and run out of her bedroom and into the hallway where she collapsed and died. [10][44][45] Michaela's body was found in her bedroom. He also said that the Petit family was targeted because he saw Jennifer Hawke-Petit, who was also killed, driving a nice car. But then several of Charles Manson’s followers broke into their house, killing her and five of her friends. [7][8], In the evening of Sunday, July 22, 2007, 48-year-old Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her 11-year-old daughter, Michaela Petit, went to a local Stop & Shop grocery store in Cheshire, Connecticut. Upon their arrival in the early hours of July 23, they found Dr. Petit asleep on a couch in the sun room. It’s all gonna be over in a couple of minutes.” Dr. Petit then managed to escape. According to the Associated Press, Komisarjevsky's attorney said his client never intended to kill anyone during the home invasion and shifted blame to Hayes. An Extremely Graphic Look Back at Florida’s Messiest Execution. Third and fourth-degree burns on her feet indicate that she got very close to the fire around the time she died. Member of Dr. Petit's family, who had been weeping and consoling themselves in court, walked out of the courtroom as the grisly photos were passed out to the jury. When they found Dr. Petit asleep on the couch, reports show they beat him with a baseball bat, tied him up and restrained him in the basement. During the time between this incident and the Cheshire murders, Hayes was arrested nearly 30 times. According to the New Haven Register, Donovan said Petit initially told police he saw only one attacker instead of two.

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