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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! [5] There is a general tone of optimism that Brazil will provide both spiritual and material gifts. It was written at the very moment of first contact with this new world. The first time Caminha mentions this is when he says that a crewmember, Nicolau Coelho, went ashore and indicated that the natives should put down their bows, which they did (42). You can't discover a place that already has people living in it. He probably reasons that if the locals are introduced to agriculture and a monetary system, they could become a large taxable population for the small country of Portugal. [2], Pedro Álvares Cabral led the largest fleet in Portuguese fleet on a mission to Calicut, India where Vasco da Gama has opened a sea route to 2 years prior. Other early accounts of the New World emphasized on the idea of prosperity and use adjectives and hyperbole to describe the quantity and quality of its bounty. Caminha’s purpose here is to show that the natives are easily trainable and easily disarmed without the need for violence. [4], Pedro Álvares Cabral led the largest fleet in Portuguese fleet on a mission to Calicut, India where Vasco da Gama has opened a sea route to two years prior. Porto Seguro, Island of Vera Cruz, Brazil, 1 May 1500 – Letter from Pêro Vaz de Caminha to the King of Portugal, Manuel I. Caminha then tells the king what the land is worth, listing off timber, potential cultivation, a potential for precious metals, and exotic animals. the “discovered” part I never understood. Note: This essay was graded with an A for content and an A for composition. The admiral of the ship that sailed to Brazil sent Nicolau Coelho out to interact with the natives. In his letter to Manuel I of Portugal, Pêro Vaz de Caminha gives what is considered by many today as being one of the most accurate accounts of what Brazil used to look like in 1500. The last bit of evidence he offers for the possibility of easy assimilation is the fact that the natives already live a semi-sedentary life, as evidenced by the “hamlet of nine or ten houses” (53). Letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The added incentive in this situation is that in addition to aiding assimilation, the conversion of a whole population to Christianity would bring great prestige to Portugal in the eyes of its European neighbors. They do not bother to cover their bodies, and show their private parts as readily as they show their faces. It is rich in detail and shrewd observations that make us feel we are eyewitnesses of the encounter. The majority of the full text of the letter this is based on can be found here, though the book isn’t in the public domain, so two pages of it are missing from the Google Books preview. One of those young women had the whole body painted, from bottom to top with that tincture, and sure she was so good shaped and so rounded, and her private part so graceful that most women in our land, if had seen those features would feel abashed for not having their own like she has hers. The clerk just stopped work on the 29th, when he helped the Captain-General to reorganize the supply of the fleet. This matters because a population that is healthy and hard-working is productive and adds another reason for the king of Portugal to colonize the land. He focuses mostly on the trade of bows and arrows and exotic birds, though he does mention beads as well. Institutes and Centres linked to Communication and Information, Linguistic diversity and multilingualism on Internet, UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, Communication for sustainable development, Professional Journalistic Standards and Code of Ethics, Extrabudgetary Projects on Freedom of Expression, Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Responses. First Snow for New York City (Winter 2011)… in October. I'm an avid reader and am currently interested in religion and philosophy. Manuel I ascended the throne at a time when Portugal was discovering wealth in Africa and the East; he was keen on ensuring Portugal maintained dominance in trade with the East. The following is an analysis of a letter written to the king of Portugal by Pero Vas de Caminha, relating the ‘discovery’ of Brazil. When mentioned in a letter to the king of Portugal, it hints at the possibility of establishing a trade network that is not only lucrative, but almost exploitative, since the natives did not possess the same standard of value as the Europeans. [5] There is the assumption that it will be easy to convert indigenous people to Christianity. The natives took one taste of the things then spit them all out. However, if the king doesn’t feel like making that sort of investment in time and manpower, he assures the king of the value of the land either through trade or as a temperate, friendly way station for travelers. I have a Master's degree in History from the City College of New York - CUNY and I'm an Army combat veteran. This introduces the king to the idea that he could colonize the land without having to commit many men, making it a low cost venture. He also says, “our men exchanged some varvels and other small things of little value… for some very large and beautiful red parrots and two small green ones, some caps of green feathers, and a cloth of many colours, also of feathers, a rather beautiful kind of material…” From these quotes, Caminha apparently places greater value on the items being received by the sailors than what they’re giving up in trade. The letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha sent to King Manuel about the discovery of Brazil, is the document in which Pero Vaz de Caminha recorded his impressions of the land that would later be called Brazil. They do not bother about to cover or to uncover their bodies, and show their private parts as readily as they show their faces. The natives turned the work into a sport and enjoyed themselves, vying with the Portuguese to see who could load the most wood (54). One of the greatest challenges of colonization is local resistance or outright war. [3] Pêro Vaz de Caminha was the secretary of this fleet; he had been appointed to be the administrator of a trading post to be created in Calicut. The Letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha (part 8) They were thus with us until the communion was over, after which these religious and priests and the Captain communed with some of us others. He tackles this in a number of different ways. "[5] It is devoid of hyperbole and does not use excessive metaphors to validate descriptions. Comments on the native women, comparing them to European women, Excerpts from the Letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha, "The Discovery of Brazil-Accidental or Intentional? The one thing they did consent to was a cloak they could use to cover themselves while they slept. Caminha did not describe the native Brazilians as bestial and lesser-humans as is common with other early Brazilian narratives. This letter is the first written document in the history of Brazil. A CARTA DE PERO VAZ DE CAMINHA Senhor: Posto que o Capitão-mor desta vossa frota, e assim os outros capitães escrevam a Vossa Alteza a nova do achamento desta vossa terra nova, que ora nesta navegação se achou, não deixarei também de dar disso minha conta a Vossa Alteza, assim como eu melhor puder, ainda que — para o bem They go about naked, without any type of covering. This letter is the first written document in the history of Brazil. He shows "sentiments of admiration, enchantment and protectionism." When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Apart from being the first ever literary description of Brazil, what sets Caminha's letter apart form other documents like it was his style of writing. They only eat this yam (referring to manioc, then unknown to the Europeans), which is very plentiful here, and those seeds and fruits that the earth and the trees give of themselves. He also indicates that the land could be a great source of timber. The Letter is a unique document because of the facts it narrates, the quality of its description of the people and territory and its account of cultural dialogue with a people unknown in Europe up to that time. I mention this, because the page numbers in the text below won’t correspond to the page numbers in the linked book. [3] Portugal has established their presence with enclaves, forts and fortified trading posts. It seems as though he’s trying to convince the king that even if the land isn’t cultivated, a lucrative trade can be established with the natives for bows, arrows, birds, and possibly the timber mentioned before. Walking among them there were three or four women, young and gentle, with their hair very black and very long, loose to their backs; their private parts, so prominent and so neat, and so clean of their hairs that they did not get ashamed when we looked at them.

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