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Show quality birds are always the most expensive. Backyard quality is the cheapest, but also the most likely to have a dud. These are advertised on Gumtree predominantly. We currently have some ducklings for sale at our farm in Moorooduc. Things are going great for us down here – plenty of demand for top quality duck eggs. Must get rid of them. Don’t expect too much from a backyard quality bird, but don’t expect to pay too much. The adults are pure white and the ducklings are a cute yellow. Are they barn, free range or organic? Thank you! Occasionally ducklings will be for sale at markets. This makes it difficult to buy or sell ducks. Do you mind the breed? What a wonderful farm experience. Thank you for the advice Matt . Please let me know if you’re interested. Not a problem at all Bob – hope it works out! It was. Do you have any for sale. Thank you for your excellent customer service, and for answering all of my questions. I am looking for 2 ducklings as pets for my kids for easter and im hoping you can help. I understand that you would require a “WILDLIFE BASIC LICENCE VICTORIA” in order to own a swan . (crp > To your door with a reasonable cost), (sat > To your door with a reasonable cost), (aus > To your door at a reasonable cost), (aus > To your door with a reasonable cost), (cst > To your door with a reasonable cost), Chickens, Young Hens, Pullets, 400 in 15 Varieties, Guinea and Ducks, 5' Tall Beautiful and Easily Cleaned Chicken Coops for 4, 6, 8-12 Hens, Well Made Chicken/Duck Coops Portable Yard Post Sets, Ducks Pekins Rouens Runners Magpies Khaki Campbell’s Swedish, Equipment/ Vehicle/ Animal Shelter, carport, garage, pole barn, White Crested Pekin Duck Team - 4 female 1 male. The pekin duck was originally brought over to America from China and England in the 1870's. Wellllll I am looking for baby swans in Melbourne or baby swans in Melbourne? Best bet would be to try the Victorian Waterfowl Association. There are also occasionally ducks for sale from farms near Pakenham and Koo Wee Rup – just check Facebook and search for chickens , Looking for magpie ducks does anyone know where to get some. I’m not sure if you’re still looking for ducklings for your kids this Easter? Note that some breeds are able to do both reasonably well – I’ve read that some strains of Khaki Campbell in particular. Your images on your blog are fantastic. How have things been going for you ? One of the most popular breeds available in Australia is the Indian Runner duck. Take into account your requirements so that you can maximise value, and only pay for what you need. I highly recommend your hatchery to anyone wishing to buy ducks. Baby ducks will be more common in later this month and October. For example, your duck will be judged on its stance and posture as well as the colour of its feathers amongst other features. I had three 10-11 year olds who had a blast feeding and patting the chooks, lambs but especially the alpacas ☺️, Matt and Rach have a beautiful farm. I really felt like I was there and got to sort of experience part of your travels. We are happy to provide advice and assistance on all our breeds of chickens for sale. If you’re interested in selling ducks, please contact me! I’m sure this would be the same in other states too. Might help if someone is nearby and interested in some of our ducks and drakes. I would like to get some fertile eggs please. Hi Elizabeth – thanks for reading our blog! Hatched on 21st March. Another great egg laying breed is the Khaki Campbell. Baby ducks will be more common in later this month and October. At this stage we’re not selling any ducks. The only problem – ducks are very messy! Consequently, yours is the only order we did not lose a duck in shipping! With fewer people keeping ducks in Australia, and strict quarantine on importing animals, it can be difficult to source certain duck breeds. We bought 3 Pekin ducks from you about 2 1/2 months ago. Unfortunately he had to be put down as he broke his foot and it did not heal after alot of treatment. An Indian Runner duck or a Khaki Campbell would probably suit this purpose quite well. Be SURE to let your mail carrier know that you expecting live animals, my postmaster came in early on arrival day! With a great community you can learn quickly and get some of the birds you’re after. Hello Heritage Farm. I’m currently going through the process of buying ducks, and I’ve quickly begun to realise just how much information I need to learn! Ducklings were happy and healthy! Enter the number of Ducklings you would like in your assortment. Looking for a pair of mallard ducks, would you happen to have any in stock? I’m not familiar with swans unfortunately. Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved. Thanks, Matt. I just requested to join the Khaki Campbell Australia group on Facebook. Best place to look is the local poultry club. I would like to grow ducks for meat but cant find a hatchery willing to sell day olds in victoria? Hi there, just wondering what breed of duck is the brown one in the photo at the top of this buy and sell page? They are Muscovy and possibly some are crossed with Peking. Unfortunately we don’t have any fertilised duck eggs available. Do you know any black swan breeders? There are a range of poultry auctions that are held throughout Victoria and Australia. WHERE CAN I BUY SOME FEMALE MALLARD DUCKS. I’ve bred Swedish for 15yrs plus, only breeding to show this season so if anyone would like eggs toward the end of the year please get in contact. I’m not sure where you’re located, but perhaps Gumtree or Craigslist might be the best option to try and sell your ducks. Or perhaps i will need to hatch my own? Hi Matt . They arrived as promised and are growing like weeds. There are already a few people who have placed orders for when we’ve got supply, so that’s really exciting! Do you still have any ducks? As mentioned at the start of this post, I am always looking to add to my duck collection. Guinea Keets - Lavender,Blue and Chocolate!!! But it may happen in the future! Not sure what the legalities around it are too – as a native I imagine there are licences involved if it’s legal at all. They are white cute flying ducks. Fertile eggs will be available during the breeding season at $50.00 & $60.00 per dozen plus postage. We dont have space to manage all 17 together. Your email address will not be published. I’ve listed some information that I’ve found well worth considering if you want to buy or sell ducks. It’s been really interesting getting their feedback – and we think it’s great research. Please complete the fields below to send your friend a link to this product. Thanks for your message. Just beware that ducks will need flowing water – stagnant water can cause health problems when there are a few ducks in a dam/pond/lake. At the moment we only have a pair of Pekin ducks – one male and one female. Do you breed black swans? Show quality birds will exhibit the features that the breed is supposed to exhibit. This is the only way to go, I bought four from a local supply store, three were drakes, not ideal!

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