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Charlie Winter, her father, said the shark grabbed his daughter and took her underwater. (Anais Winter), PHOTO: Paige Winter undergoes treatment after she was attacked by a bull shark off the coast of North Carolina. ", "I was looking at it, and I could feel the raw power of what that shark was trying to do," he said.

ET on ABC to hear more about her surgery, recovery and life over the last year after the attack, including her first steps using a prosthetic leg, her triumphant milestones during her senior year of high school and the emotional return to the scene on the shore where the attack took place. It's been over a year since Paige Winter lost her leg and part of her hand from a bull shark attack off the coast of North Carolina in which her father fearlessly jumped to the rescue. "It was shallow for a long time and at first I'm like, 'ugh I'm gonna go back, this is cold,'" but said she eventually decided to stay in. I got you,'" Charlie Winter recalled of the repeated promise to get her out alive. "When I brought her up, there was resistance.". "And then I was like: 'No wait a minute, I can't do that. A TEENAGE girl who lost her leg and several fingers in a horrific shark attack last month smiled this week as she left hospital. And that's what we did.". Paige told WTDV: "I'm not going to say that it was worth it, but I am going to say that I am beyond happy and this is like almost surreal to be here with everybody again. "There was a shark, this shark, this huge shark and it thrashed," he said.

The teen issued a statement last Friday thanking everyone for their support and ended her statement with #SharksAreStillGoodPeople. And he's like, 'I got you. The 17-year-old underwent a 14-hour surgery on her hands yesterday at Vidant Medical Center and doctors say from a clinical standpoint she is going "extremely well". Just two weeks after the attack in an interview with Good Morning America, she described the moment the shark bit her. And then, I get pulled underwater. "I saw her get taken down by the shark and then I saw her blood come up," she said. Winter likened the feeling of being pulled relentlessly to "playing with a dog" when it clings onto and shakes a rope side to side. Two crewmembers were rescued by the Coast Guard from their floundering sailboat out in the Atlantic.

Through a recorded video from the hospital last month Paige said, "I think I can transform this into something good. Like, that's not an option.".

He does all the things he can," Winter said. Winter recalled that it had "rained really hard the night before" and explained that made the water "brackish" and murky.

And I just started to hit it. State elections officials said in a news release last week that if hours are extended at any polls, they wouldn’t publicly post any results until all polls are closed.

Email us at or call 0207 782 4368. Tune in Thursday at 10 p.m. Like, completely yoked. "I want to thank everyone for all of the support and encouragement that is really helping me stay positive while I'm getting better," said Winter. I really don't want to die.' It was only after Paige's hero dad Charlie came to her rescue and punched the beast five times on the nose that it released her and swam off. Winter first told Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview on "Good Morning America" weeks after the incident that she refused to let the attack keep her down. As she felt the shark's teeth, which she compared to a bear trap, pierce into her hand, Winter attempted to break free. Once in the water with her sister Anais Winter and best friend Kale, she noticed her dad attempting to sneak up on them. ", "I think my dad is like a real actual hero, you know? "Providers and staff continue to comment on the strength and resilience of Paige and her family. "I think I can transform this into something good," said Winter. One witness said fearfully, "I don't know if she's gonna make it.". "I kept saying, 'I got you. Then, you know, sometimes things happen.". Winter is a junior at New Bern High School. It's been over a year since Paige Winter lost her leg and part of her hand from a bull shark attack off the coast of North Carolina in which her father fearlessly jumped to the rescue. She kept talking, she kept talking, she kept talking," Winter's dad said. After Charlie Winter got out of the Marine Corps, he became a firefighter and paramedic, because he said, "I wanted her to be proud to go to school, and say what her dad did for a living. She had one leg amputated above the knee and suffered damage to her hands after she was bitten by a shark at Fort Macon earlier this month. Like a dog when they get a rope and you grab the other rope and they just start going with their whole body. Greenville police say a 22-year-old man was shot around 1:00 a.m. Sunday at 33 East Apartments on East 10th Street. We pay for videos too. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. She courageously battled the shark and tried to pry its jaws and razor sharp teeth off her - but it was too strong. Election results delayed to 8:15 p.m. after 10 polling places extend hours, Man charged in Greenville apartment shooting, Coast Guard rescues two from sailboat off Cape Hatteras, COVID-19: 22 more deaths reported in Eastern Carolina, Man found in hospital charged with Pasquotank County murder.

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But she’s lucky to be alive, her doctors and her father say. I hit it, man. (Paige Winter), PHOTO: Charlie Winter with his newborn daughter Paige Winter. A high school student who was attacked by a shark last weekend on the Crystal Coast continues to make progress on her recovery. They The teen also issued a statement on Friday. A staggering number of new COVID-19 deaths were reported Tuesday here in Eastern Carolina. "When I pulled her up, a shark came up with her and it was a big shark.

The Havelock Fire Department posted pictures on its Facebook page Wednesday saying, "Welcome home Paige, such an amazing young woman.". Vidant Medical Center is holding a news conference at 1 p.m., where 17-year-old Paige Winter, her family, her surgeon, and other health providers are all expected to speak. Real funny.' "It really helps to know that I'm not alone in this situation and there are other survivors of shark bites that have been sending me some love and that really helps.". The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Winter said she stepped on something in the water and thought it was her dad, thinking to herself "'That's fine. It didn't take me long to get there, but I just got there. "I dove under and I grabbed her," said Winter. Like, what's happening? A post shared by Paige Winter (@probably.paige) on Aug 31, 2020 at 12:46pm PDT According to The New Bern Sun Journal, Winter is currently still recovering from repeated operations on her hand. He goes and he saves lives every day. The group -- including Winter's best friend Kale Wynant, who her mom Marcy Winter said she considers part of the family -- went to Ft. Macon Beach and after finding a spot on the sand, made their way into the water. Winter, who is a paramedic and firefighter, said he could see the damage to his daughter. Paige Winter, her family recall dramatic shark attack and rescue with details of recovery over the last year originally appeared on, PHOTO: Charlie Winter looks at his daughter Paige Winter on the same beach where she survived a shark attack. Despite multiple surgeries and a long road to recovery ahead, she and her family have said in statements that she's maintained a positive attitude and is thankful it was not worse. Paige Winter, 17, walked out of hospital in Greenville, North Carolina, on Wednesday with the help of a prosthetic leg and walking frame. She leaned on a walking aid and had a prosthetic leg fitted and bandages wrapped around both hands. View our online Press Pack. ", Although Winter's parents have not been married since she was nearly 2 years old, the pair told ABC News the decision to co-parent has made them good friends and they agree that they have "done a really good job.

"I want people to see that I'm going to be alright and that I'm going to be able to do all the stuff that they can do.". "I grabbed her with my left arm. (Charlie Winter), PHOTO: Charlie Winter speaks to Robin Roberts about saving his daughter from a shark attack in 2019. Paige recalled: "I'm like, 'Is this, like, a snapping turtle? "Then it just starts. Paige Winter, 17, walked out of hospital in Greenville, North Caroli… I got you.". To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site.

", Marcy Winter described her ex-husband as stalwart, steadfast and reliable, adding, "my kids have grown up knowing not only that people like that exist, but they've also got the safety net of knowing that like that person super exists in their world.". "I ran, I just started running. For other inquiries, Contact Us. He father Charlie, a former marine and firefighter, launched himself into the water and followed a trail of blood as she was dragged further out to sea. "Summer 2019 was looking very promising.

The news conference will be streamed live on and on WITN's Facebook page. He eventually came face to and started repeatedly punching it on the nose. Paige Winter, a junior at New Bern High School, had one leg amputated above the knee and damage to her hands, following Sunday's attack at Fort Macon State Park. "It happened really fast, but a lot of thoughts were going through my head," she remembered. A high school student who survived a shark attack nearly 2 weeks ago on the Crystal Coast will speak to the media for the first time on Friday. Surgeons were forced to amputate her left leg above the knee and conduct multiple surgeries to repair her hands after she was savaged by a bull shark while swimming on June 2. "I just heard Anais say, 'Paige, what are you doing?'". Paige Winter faces a long road to recovery after losing part of her left leg and suffering extensive damage to her hands. He said he saw pink on the water and it was moving, so he dove in. I immediately started hitting it. She had been bathing in the waters of Fort Macon State Park when the predator struck.

She has since spoken out against "shark finning". Doctors said today that Winter should complete physical therapy and rehabilitation within six to twelve months.

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Governor Roy Cooper has secured another four years after defeating Lt. Gov. Despite her injuries, Paige said she is committed to protecting sharks and marine wildlife. Winter noted that Saturday is World Oceans Day, and asked everyone to get involved to "protect and preserve our oceans and all the life in it. "She is to undergo at least one additional surgery on her hands next week, " said Dr. Eric Toschlog. "Shark Attack: The Paige Winter Story" – The stunning Robin Roberts event special airs TONIGHT at 10|9c on ABC. "But I know I was hitting it, and I hit it with everything I could and it let go.". Through a recorded video, the teen briefly spoke publicly for the first time.

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