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or can supply a suitable guarantor to cover their share of the rent. soon you wont be able to, this is being closed by Openrent. A guarantor is particularly common for student tenants, tenants on low pay and tenants with a chequered employment history. The referencing process can slow down significantly if any of these parties fail to respond to the request for a reference and, unfortunately, it could even lead to you failing. I’ve put 5 tenants through open rents referencing and 4 failed but all have been great tenants over several years with no missed payments at all. A suitable guarantor must be based in the UK, have a good credit history and should have sufficient income to cover their own living costs as well as the tenant’s rent. Similarly, you may be a student who is supported financially by parents or student loans. OpenRent is a brilliant way of giving landlords the option to do as much or as little of the tenanting process as they want. The recommendation provided by the reference is for your information and guidance, but you are still free to choose whether to accept the tenants or not. Goodlord referencing uses an AI solution to create an online identity verification experience for your tenants - and to speed up the referencing process for you. What do I need if I am getting referenced? In other words, failing referencing doesn't mean you cannot rent the property. Priya Gill is a referencing expert at UK property insurers, Rentguard. Being able to prove the tenant’s current address is a key step in avoiding fraud, so it is an important part of referencing. Plus they’re very unlikely to have a salary of 2.5 times the monthly rent, so will most likely fail the affordability rating. It is just a blunt calculation they do based on income and they completely disregard some income. Finding the right tenants is the main challenge of being a private landlord, and referencing is the best tool at your disposal. As a landlord, you want as much information as possible before letting someone live in your property. What is the OpenRent AST/Contract? At the bottom of that page, you can click ". Deposit Protection Schemes: a Guide to Custodial & Insured Security Deposits, [INFOGRAPHIC] When Is the Tenant Fee Ban? It’s your decision, not openrents. That way, you can continue your search to find more suitable tenants. (I don’t know what reference company is used but Rent Guard has terrible reviews.). Related articles. I don’t really know what to suggest as these agents have their rules and won’t budge. They move address often and usually have no credit history, meaning they will almost always have a low credit score. I need to change the status of a tenant to a guarantor, or vice versa. Tenant Referencing Checks. As such we can reference tenants regardless of their circumstances, but for obvious reasons we can't say whether you will pass or fail … Students, recent graduates or other younger people may have very little credit history, yet be perfectly suitable. It’s your decision, not openrents. To provide extra assurance to landlords, it can be worthwhile to try to get a reference from the previous landlord or student housing association, confirming that they have paid their rent on time and were good tenants. Why? You may have failed the affordability calculation if your gross income is less than 35% the rental amount. If a tenant fails the referencing process, this doesn’t mean that you cannot let your property to them. Just because a tenant fails referencing or a credit check, that doesn’t necessarily mean that letting your property to them is a bad idea. Ensure that you communicate this clearly, as putting the score in context can help the landlord make a decision that will benefit both parties. Generally speaking if tenants fail referencing (or there are strong early signs that they may do so) there are four main ways a landlord might want to proceed: That way, you can continue your search to find more suitable tenants. There are landlords on here who ask pre-screening questions to try avoid the situation you have just experienced. Let’s look at some reasons why you can fail referencing, and why the landlord should still consider letting to you anyway. Tenant referencing also includes a credit check. Here we take you through how to interpret the result of your referencing report for high-risk tenants. Remember that if you have failed your reference due to a credit check, you may still be able to rent a property, however it is necessary for your guarantor to pass their credit check. Students do not fit the mould of tenant referencing because they move address often and most usually have no credit history. recent bank statements. It is all good learning. Landlords in this position often ask the tenant to provide supporting info to them directly, alongside the referencing report, e.g. Deposit Protection Schemes: a Guide to Custodial & Insured Security Deposits. I dont think rentguard ask for any bank statements. Yes we did have a holding deposit but that is returned once you refuse the tenancy due to all parties failing the referencing. They provide your landlord with an insight into your background such as a written verification of employment and income. They may do this whether you pass or fail referencing. Or contacting the neighbours they might have his phone number. Let us know if you find a way to get it sorted. My tenants have failed referencing - how do I re-market my property? Appreciate the feedback have more knowledge now about doing these things minus an agent. I need to fill in missing information on my referencing, I need to change my contact details for referencing. The key sections of the referencing report to pay attention to are Employment and Credit Check. Proof is usually made through named utility bills, the electoral roll or the previous tenancy agreement. March 12, 2019, 11:07am #2. Also, try to gather your documents in advance where possible. You can politely remind them about the references after a few days to ensure they have seen the forms and are in the process of completing them. If you have significant savings that you intend to use to make monthly payments, then the landlord should take this into consideration, but savings won’t contribute to the affordability calculation. ), What to do if your tenant fails referencing. The tenant may have a low score simply because they haven’t previously borrowed money or used a credit card. Although it’s not all over if a tenant fails a credit check, it is necessary for a guarantor to pass their referencing, as a landlord cannot take out Rent Guarantee Insurance without this, should they wish to do so. In each case, the application form from Rentguard will make clear exactly what is required. For some Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance policies, it is a requirement that the landlord carries out references before the tenants move into the property. Did you take a holding deposit? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. What happens with referencing if I skip to contract signing? As a long distance landlord I spoke with as many neighbours as I could and asked if they would take my number in case of a problem. Tenant Discussion. My tenant is having a problem completing the reference, Share Your Referencing Question with the Community. Even if these are satisfied they are likely to show up on a credit check for some years. My tenants have failed referencing - how do I re-market my property? Some of the common reasons why prospective tenants fail the referencing process include: County Court Judgments (CCJs) against their name . Just because a tenant fails referencing doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t let to them. If you want more information about how our referencing works, you can contact Rentguard on 01227 467 250. Referencing is useful because it reveals possible problems, but in the end, it is ultimately the landlord’s decision, even if the tenant fails referencing. It’s a good idea to give your previous landlord and current employer a heads up that they may be contacted. Many companies are likely to carry out one or two telephone and email chases per day, but your previous landlord and employer may not understand how urgently a response is needed. It’s not the end of the road! Can't find an answer to your question? We just ran referencing on potential new tenants and both tenants and guarantor failed the referencing checks. A low credit score is another common way to fail referencing. Get access to the latest Landlord News & Updates. I dont ask for bank statements as standard but do if there are concerns on affordability. Thanks David, don’t agree re credit score as it is very easy to obtain this information. How do I upgrade from speedy to comprehensive referencing? What to do if your tenant fails referencing. Typically 3 or 6 months is paid in advance; the obvious limitation being that it provides no further guarantee once the pre-paid months have passed. KIND REGARDS ALAYNE, Sorry I meant would the landlord be able to override their decision. When using OpenRent, the decision on how to proceed with prospective tenants is always yours. So much is skewed towards tenants, it is all quite wrong. There are a number of reasons for why you may not pass your reference and while some are more serious than others, it is ultimately up to the landlord to determine whether they will take you on as a tenant or not.

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