old time fiddle tunes pdf


    Cranberry Rock (Gerry Milnes C)  The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection - song lyrics, many with audio clip. Andy Porter Red Apple Rag (John Ashby G)  List of All Tunes . Molly Put the Kettle On (Light and Hitch D) 

    Burl Hammons Jon Bekoff & Nate Paine

    Tommy Jarrell Liza Jane  (Rafe Stefanini AEAE)  Bill Sullivan's Polka (Kevin Burke A)  La Comancha Waltz (Lorenzo Trujillo G)  Doney (Brad Leftwich AEAE)       Matt Brown John Stenson's (Stinson's) #2 (Rachel Eddy D) 

Taylor Kimble Josefin's Dopvals  (by Roger Tallroth, Vasen G)    Dogs in the Dishes (Canote Brothers D)  Roscoe (Kyle Creed G)     



Win Horan Kanawha March (Israel Welch D/G)    Lonnie Robertson Snake Winder (Buddy Thomas G)  Music Roots list of tunes.


    Thanks for visiting.

    Bayou Seco Bobby Hicks

Rockin The Babies to Sleep (by Henry Reed D)  Wagoner (Bruce Greene C)  Happy Acres Two Step (by Cecil McEachern D) Highlands of Holland (by Win Horan Em)  Whistling Rufus (Vesta Johnson G)  Going to the Wedding to Get Some Cake (Canote Brothers G)    In my efforts to transcribe tunes from recordings, I've gotten a lot of help from a program called Amazing Slow Downer, which allows me to slow a recorded tune to any speed without changing its pitch; to loop a few bars of a tune; or to adjust the pitch. Scott Mathis


  Music Roots tabs and audio . Abe's Retreat (Bruce Greene Amix)  Marching Jaybird (Gettysburg Jam G)  Shuffle About (Clifftop Jam D)   

  Melvin Wine

  Saddle Old Kate (Lonnie Robertson A) 



Delbert Hughes           


      Old Mose (Clifftop Jam C)  Moon Behind The Hill (Melvin Wine G)  Lyrics, chords, guitar lead sheet and violin fingerings included with Mp3 music accompaniment tracks. Cherry River Rag (Megan Lynch Chowning C) 

Mabel Polka (Traditional Norwegian C)  Estonian Waltz (Aly Bain A) 

Catlettsburg (Adam Hurt C)   

  Big Scioty (Lisa Ornstein G)  Salty River Reel (Casey Jones A)  Paris Waltz (Wilson Douglas D)  Hell on the Potomac (Gerry Milnes AEAE) 

      Old Town (Chicago) School of Folk Music - Fiddle Tune Archive - great old recordings in MP3 format. Reel de Montreal (G) 

  Most recent update: October 9, 2007. James Bryan and Carl Jones Little Burnt Potato (D) 

A metronome setting from about 96 up to about 120 will cover the usual range of tempos. Canote Brothers

  Holloway (by Hilary Durlam D)        Camp Chase (Bruce Greene G) 

Poor Little Johnny's Gone To War (Emmett Lundy D)  Valse de Escoba (Cleofes Ortiz G)  La Pecosita (by Valentin Elizalde G)  Clicking on the title of any tune below will take you to a page of sheet music in PDF format.

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