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Thought I would never see her do her homework independently! Because of Ohana's vision and mission, on which they have built a strong foundation, students will walk out into the world as global citizens, possessing the traits of character we most admire and hope for in regard to building the future of America and our educational system. When kids learn or read subjects taught in school from parents or tutors who come to house,... Kolkata, Odisha has its glorious past that is enriched with culture and glory .There are... Mumbai has the oldest educational institutes in India as the city was the chosen destination... Boarding Schools have teachers who keep updating their knowledge of the subject they teach and... English is the most widely spoken language in the world. The school aims to make children self-directed learners and independent thinkers. Tags: Alternative Schools, Alternative vs mainstream school, Bangalore Schools, Choosing an alternative school, Opting for an alternative school, Schools in Bangalore, We need few details to pass it to the school on your behalf, BB PROMISE - No spams ever Get more information: Nurture International School. To know more about the schools - https://prakriyaschool.edu.in/, Savitha Ravi, a certified trainer at Inclusive Education is head of the school, Early Intervention and pre-primary Montessori education, apart from having worked at Headstart and been on the panel discussion for Inclusive Education at The Valley Schools. Learning at Pramiti is an experience that is nurturing, mutual, self-directed and in harmony with one’s natural pattern of development. Children are encouraged to look at knowledge organically, instead of categorizing them as 'science' or 'language.' At Bhavya, children will find themselves in a free environment that is not riddled with the structures of competitions, exams, homework or grades. Brain Booster Olympiad : What we like: The founder’s passion, expertise, creativity and her commitment to the students. Set up by the Bhavya educational, social and charitable trust, Bhavya community’s goal is to facilitate a meaningful and freeing education that brings out the best in every child. At Jigyasa, Anuradha Chadha heads a group of excellent educators. Never fear. At this stage, parents are also encouraged to talk to other Shibumi parents and get a better picture of the school. We learn by working together and understanding oneself and the others. The school operates on a flexible calendar that emphasizes project-based learning and combines both theoretical and real-world experiences for students through an engaging and broad array of subjects. For many of us, the philosophy of J Krishnamurti has played a significant role in our educational vision. The school follows the Waldorf methodology and starts admissions from kindergarten all the way till Grade 3. Founded by Rhythm Aggarwal, The Atelier follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy in an all-encompassing way. A welcoming campus that over 700 students call their second home – a place that is teeming with friendly faces from many different places; where teachers care and love to share; a place where learning is exciting and interactive; where old ideas are challenged and new ones born; where opportunities are continually sought and explored and where we encourage all to discover. NCAA has approved Ohana Institute’s core courses. Ohana School, Kengeri, Bangalore 0 replies, Page 1. So how did the youngest ever participant at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 go from being on the Tech Team of his school to winning a silver medal for India? Curriculum involves 3 – Fold teaching that evolves the human being. CELEBRATING 10 Years of BEING THE CHANGE. Abheek sees education as an awakening process that encourages observing, questioning, exploring, expressing and experiencing in an environment that is free from competition and fear.Abheek's curriculum rests on three pillars, Fearless learning, Holistic Knowledge, Exploratory Framework. Advaya Shaale is the grade school initiative of Promise Centre, 25-year-old Waldorf kindergarten. To know more about the schools - https://cfl.in/, What began as home-schooling with three children in 1993, turned out to be one of the city's most popular alternative schools. ✓ Health tips, Recipes & DIY ideas, 14 New schools that begin in Bangalore in 2017, Play schools and Montessori schools with tie-ups in Bangalore, 22 Montessori schools in Bangalore that offer higher classes. Textbooks are used but are just one of the school’s many resources. Apprenticeships form an important part of the educational programme between 17 and 19. Buying a home is an important investment – turn it into your safest, best deal at PropTiger.com. Drawing on the legacy of the CMR Group of Institutions and the innovative, immersive methods of school systems around the world, our schools were instituted with one aim – to teach children not just what to learn, but how to learn. Instead, they are encouraged to motivate and challenge themselves and to become independent thinkers.

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