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PSN: Seirno / FFRK: ty4B / Discord: Seirno. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. The more you become involved in the game, the more likely you are to hit upon the better endings. ><. Either way, many of you are likely to pick up Ogre Battle again in the future and play through it again, especially die-hard RPG fans. PSX Final Fantasy games were all amazing. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. It was a much harder version and I find myself missing the way the level ups and stats used to work sometimes. The only thing that remains the same between the two versions is the plot and battle maps. Does the questions in the beginning affects gameplay or story. square was so on point back in the psx days- their logo was essentially a seal of quality. For those of you who don't know how to use these codes, I'll try to explain it pretty quickly. I'll go with the PS1. Another difference is it is more difficult to cheat in the psp version because you need a custom firmware, and the know how to work the cheat program. Any difference between this and PS1 version of the game. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It too has become quite rare and expensive as well. Ogre Battle's story is far from original, especially for a strategy game. Out of curiosity those of you choosing ps2 were you playing games during the snes and ps1 eras? PS version has a better view. It's Dragon Ball Z for girls - VGCats on Inuyasha. Fortunately, it suspends automatically upon exiting the channel (instead of you having to choose that option). -PSX version had some cosmetic changes done for characters, spells, etc. The SNES and PSX versions are the same game (March of the Black Queen). There are no restrictions on which class can use which item, for instance a Lich can use equip helmet, and a Dragoon can equip any piece of body armor. I'm mainly talking about JRPGs however you can include strategy RPGs or Action RPGs if you like. OP: where's Legend of Legaia in that PS1 list?! A random battle at Tynemouth Hill never was so cool before with such a soundtrack. I thought Legend of Legaia was trash so I omitted that one. For me it's PS1. PS1 had the better overall top to bottom lineup in my opinion. SNES because I played more of them and the ones I did play are amongst my favorite ever. Once you identify what harms and helps your rep, you could replay the game repeatedly and never play the same game twice. As one would expect from a port of a Super Nintendo game, much of the game takes place via good old Mode 7 scaling and rotation. Back in 1995, the now defunct Enix of America quietly shipped a paltry 25,000 copies of Ogre Battle, one of Japan's premiere strategy games on the SNES. Atlus's PlayStation version is identical to the Super Nintendo version, save for a handful of cosmetic changes. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. That was when the bulk of my genre-defining favourites came out. PS2 was the point where JRPGs became my genre of choice so that's my pick. Peter Bartholow Hardly enough to dent the demand brought on by the recent release of Final Fantasy 3, many desirous gamers never got a chance to play Ogre Battle's 16-bit incarnation. on May 2, 2000 at 1:28PM PDT. Grandia, suikoden, xenogears, ffvii. Top New Games Out On PS5, Series X/S, Switch, And PC This Month -- November 2020, The PS5 And Xbox Series X Launch Lineups Are Weak, But That's Not The Whole Story, PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking, By Well definitely not the SNES, because the UK was treated like it didn't exist in terms of JRPGs during that era. They nailed the atmosphere in that game. At first, you will be confronted by Warren, a sage and master of Tarot lore. If you're a completist and/or perfectionist and like the idea of making the 'best game possible' by reloading saves to get better items, finish battles better and correct mistakes, etc, then the PS1 version is definitely handy. This one question will direct your future and decide on which side of the l... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Why the fuck is Terra on the front cover of the game? This alignment system gives Ogre Battle the rare ability to be as deep as you want it to be. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Depends on which you prefer of those two. Final Fantasy VIII is awesome as well, easily in my top 5. As cliché as the story may be, Ogre Battle stands apart from other strategy games thanks to fiercely nonlinear gameplay and the 13 resultant endings. Atlus has done gamers a service in rereleasing this classic piece of strategy gaming. Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. There are a few differences: -PSX version you can save during battle, SNES version only after battle. You must log in or register to reply here. On the shores along the eastern frontiers, however, the remnants of the Knights of Zenobia begin to stir. I generally see these three eras being stated by different fans as the best times for RPG fans. While not a monumental effort in any way other than gameplay, Ogre Battle: Limited Edition's value is undeniable. Now that I have the game and I'm going to play it, I'll start editing the first post, noting the main differences as I play. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. but i think the PS1 RPG scene was an extension of what the SNES was, they kind of overlapped after all. Who is the strongest special character in the game. - Results (29 votes). Most importantly, though, Ogre Battle is an addictive, enthralling strategy experience. The '93 SNES game was ported to the PlayStation in '97, and is now in the Wii Virtual Console in '08. How do you know if you are on the law or chaos route? It also had other great games and many more which were japan only (Bahamut Lagoon, Fire Emblem 3-5, Rudora no Hihou, Romancing Saga 3). Even today, I'm still trying to catch up and play them all. Most of my favorites jrpg's were released during the Super Nintendo era. The SNES and PSX versions are the same game (March of the Black Queen). Upon confirming the start of a new game, everything's in your hands. (A crime). And if you're going to include LTTP that makes it even easier. PS1 seriously followed closely by snes. SNES, for sure. What determines the level of a recruited character? Our h... After generations of war between the various ethnic groups, King Dogare brought peace to the land of Valeria. It is the SNES version on the VC. oh, and if you didn't know, whenever I say SNES that is synonymous with the Virtual Console version. Many names have changed - Square Enix respected the original SNES version and changed various names to get more akin to the original Japanese version. Alignment is what will determine the ending received upon successful completion of the game, allowing you to see actual results from your glorious feats of heroism and malicious acts of neglect. Deathlike2's Ogre Battle Unit Analysis Version 2.12 dlfaqs@gmail.com first posted on 6/25/07 last updated on 1/20/09 ----- Introduction ----- There hasn't been many guides for this game dealing unit analysis. can a MOD please update the thread title to say (or Nintendo DS) in brackets please? I swear we had a similar thread recently. That is correct. Has anyone tried making an english patch for the sega saturn version ? While the battles take place on a static hunk of 3D real estate and a few of the revamped spells effects are polygonal, the game still retains a decidedly 16-bit, hand-drawn look and feel. SNES has Lufia 2, which is my favorite RPG of all time. They were just so charming and completely devoid of annoying cinematic movies that broke up the flow of things in later generations. JavaScript is disabled. You will deploy attack units - each sporting a leader and a handpicked combination of monsters or infantry - to liberate the besieged countryside. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Final Fantasy in particular was and never will be better than what that system had to offer back in those years. Featuring over 20 types of Jobs and 400 Abilities through the Job System, beautifully laid out 3D environments and th... Will you fight with them or against them? Final Fantasy IX is my favorite Japanese RPG of all time. Which of the three do you think is the GOAT era for RPGs? There's something really charming about the PSX's graphics as well, they're dated but pleasing at the same time. Despite this attention to individual detail, Ogre Battle's strategy is military strategy rather than Vandal Hearts-style strategy centered around a small group of adventurers. As a result, combat is an unusual, hands-off affair in Ogre Battle and is almost completely automated. In grand Ultima style, you will provide solutions to a series of moral dilemmas, the decisions affecting the final stats and character class for the lead character. PSP version is much more polished so it would be recommended for a newcomer, however the older version has its charm too and is a much more hardcore game with different mechanics so it should get a playthrough too at some point if possible. For Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "SNES vs PS1 vs PSP". For me, SNES without question. The only things truly Ogre-ish about Ogre Battle are the game's size, complexity, and ability to devour time in huge increments. This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course. Characters cannot be equipped with both a weapon and armor. As much as I love the PS1/PS2, the SNES probably can't be topped. SNES had the better heavy hitters. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I wrote this FAQ for people who like to use codes on Ogre Battle, so please feel free to use these codes however you like. The '93 SNES game was ported to the PlayStation in '97, and is now in the Wii Virtual Console in '08. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, List of differences between the original TO and the PSP remake, http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tactics_Ogre_ ... c/7702131/. Why go for AGI when you can use Necro and Retissue xD, The western version in snes and ps1 had some serious, TIL the final boss has another "ultimate attack" (spoilers), One Vision Overhaul Mod, and a Guide for New Folks. Which version is the "best"? Mind you I'm talking about my experience in North America, so it would be interesting if people from different continents had a wildly different take on the matter, since I was horrified to learn recently that Chrono Trigger for example never had a European release on the SNES?????!

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