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That does make a difference as it encourages you to use it, even if other cameras can use the same lenses. The F6 manual isn't as bad as some Nikon efforts, but your F100 guide was my bible. I just read the information about the exposure metering and a new thing which call some people “autofocus“. But I made my decision and gave the Nikon F6 back to my friend…. Apart from possibly the Cosina built Nikon FM10, which is reported to be out of stock almost everywhere, then that’s it for the production of the 35mm film single lens reflex.

Each time I sold it I regretted it and bought another one. The last one I bought as brand new, bought last year. Until recently, the flagship film SLR still sold for $2,600 brand new from retailers and Nikon’s own online store; as of this writing, it’s marked as “on-backorder” or “out of stock” everywhere we’ve looked. The lens is beautiful and has a pleasant rendering of the subject. I also have a “modern” Nikon FG that I really like, so I plan to start playing with it. My M4 will now have a Japanese companion for portrait shootings.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'35mmc_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',184,'0','0'])); If you want to see more of my portrait photography, would love to see you on Instagram: wick_marc. I have the F6, as well as a bunch of others. After some minutes you feel very comfortable with the camera, almost like taking photos with an old friend.

Be careful!! I scroll through the manual and I am happy: no need to read it for my needs, the camera is self explaining. This may be the last pro-level film SLR ever to be manufactured by Nikon. It really does feel perfect. But for me they serve different purposes. Lovely shooting, lovely young lady. Ready to rumble. Anyway, he shot a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus and will soon head to the classroom lab to develop it and make some prints. The Nikon F6 is the last of the F-series of SLRs and was presented in 2004, full of the latest electronic features, the last man standing against digital photography. Find out how here. If you don't like the adverts you can subscibe here and they will disapear. I’ll give you a follow on IG. And discontinuing older flashes and lenses isn’t surprising at this time, when Nikon is likely trying to streamline manufacturing and cut costs. Thank you very much Scott!

And for portraits, the F6 is really a stunner! Especially the analog M cameras with the beautiful viewfinder, the excellent feel of the surface and last but not least the legendary quality and size of the lenses made me addicted immediately. Strong contrasts with the Art Imago 320 (no external light meter)eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-banner-1','ezslot_16',185,'0','0'])); Sunlight on parts of the face and deep shadows, Most of the time I use the Ilford Delta 400 and it also was a joy to use it with the F6. From what I have experienced so far, the Nikon F6 is truly the ultimate in 35mm film SLR design. The company also reportedly discontinued the Nikon D5 DSLR, the SB-300 flash, and a couple of older lenses. Hi Mark, But in different times like now for the camera market, they saw that they earned too less money with this camera. “And leave your light meter at home“. It is the best analog camera I have ever used for my purposes. Both the MP and the F6 are beautiful cameras, being the pinnacle of film camera engineering by their respecting companies. Taste is always different. Ugly colors? You are right Tom, with these two different cameras, you have the best of both worlds. The Porta 400 is in my opinion the best color film for portraits. This is the story of how I discovered the Nikon F6. I hope that the image quality is better than the feel of the surface. After some minutes you feel very comfortable with the camera, almost like taking photos with an old friend. I use an Ilford Delta 400, Ars Imago 320, Fuji Acros 100 and  Portra 400 (at ISO 200). I have a Nikon F6 and I lagree it’s the best SLR ever made. Perfect timing for the review . Which is very nice. Would like to write for 35mmc? FABulous!!! Inserting the film is a piece of cake, very easy. Some call it Zen photography. Each time I sold it I regretted it and bought another one. Anyway… waiting for the F7! Find out how here. Nikon Nikkor 20-35mm f/2.8 AF-D, boxed or… Nikon Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 AF-D, boxed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I actually prefer the F4 to the F6 – nicer switches, no menus, not a battery hog, no internal clock to lose settings.. I have two Leica MP film cameras and a Nikon F6.

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