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are often seen at smaller sizes that do not allow for such a large minimum exclusion area. The space between the two should be the height of the NHS logo. A6 (105 x 148mm) Margin 8mm. A0 (841 x 1189 mm) Margin 40mm. The key principle is that the background colour needs to provide enough contrast so that all parts of the NHS organisational logo are clear and legible. When you are working in partnership with an organisation which is outside the NHS, your NHS organisational logo may need to appear against the partner’s brand colour. This achieves the uniform look that patients and the public expect from a unified National Health Service. Both logos would appear together, either right aligned for print and offline materials or with the option to left align for digital communications.

This is because it’s not as deep as your NHS organisational logo and therefore the height needs to be proportionally smaller. NHS logo height 6mm. The Crown should always sit higher than the NHS logo, with the central dip of the Crown aligning with the top of the NHS logo. NHS logo height 18mm. If you then convert your type to paths and ensure the NHS organisational logo is a vector graphic you will have a complete, grouped vector graphic that can be resized, retaining all of the relative proportions. How do we change our NHS organisation’s name? We found for you 3 PNG nhs logo clipart images, 6 JPG nhs logo clipart images, 1 WEBP nhs logo clipart images with total size: 746.24 Kb. Ideally ‘University’ would be placed at the start of the name. The NHS logo is protected by UK law, and is a registered trade mark and is also protected by UK copyright. When permission is granted to add ‘University’ to an existing organisation’s name, the position should be carefully considered. اجازه‌نامه The following summarises NHS logo height and margin sizes for typical advertising poster formats: A1 (594 x 841 mm) Margin 28mm. It is important to stress that this is a minimum. Using the NHS logo is an important way of signifying that a social media account or an app belongs to an NHS organisation. NHS logo height 7mm. Where people see a second, alternative logo they perceive it is a service provided by the private sector or a service run in partnership with another independent non-NHS organisation. Organisation’s descriptor – 40pt Frutiger Bold, ranged right on 50pt leading, in NHS Blue. The examples below show how the text for your organisational logo should appear in its original format, with your organisation’s name in black and your descriptor in NHS Blue. SVG icons have the class .nhsuk-icon, which sets a default size for the icon. NHS logo height 60mm. If you decide that a stacked logo is more appropriate, you should create this ensuring that all the relative sizing and formatting in the logo template above is adhered to. The same exclusion zones for print and digital also apply to your Crown Badge logo, as shown in the examples below: Please see examples of applying your NHS organisational logo and your Crown Badge logo to uniforms and vehicles. NHS logo height 25px. The only exception to this is when designing favicons for web browsers, as they can typically be as small as 15px square. Visuals of the materials you are likely to need. All Rights Reserved. Free for commercial use High Quality Images DL size), it may need to be split across two lines. For these applications, a smaller minimum exclusion area equivalent to half the height of the NHS logo is accepted. 48 sheet (6,096 x 3048mm) Margin 240mm. If this isn’t achievable, the logo needs to appear on a white banner. Please read the full guidelines on applying the NHS logo to different backgrounds. Note: This template is for requests that may require discussion in order to be deleted. Whether you're a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life. Third party providers therefore cannot use an ambulance service’s Crown Badge on any communication medium, including on vehicles, print, digital applications or elsewhere. Tablet (>600px and <1000px width) Margin 20px.

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