newsies script act 2


I want an example made. Never heard of him. I need some of those….what’dja call ‘em? Watch how the mighty will fall RACETRACK: A permanent box at Sheepshed Races. KID BLINK: They can't to this to me Jack. Hearst and I, if we do it, then the other papers will do it. against the most powerful man in New York City.

What if the Delancey’s come out swinging, will we hear it? One for all and all for one!

What we’ve got to say the coming election. them. up behind Morris and punches him. chasing you. Sitting makes me antsy RACETRACK: Some of them don’t hear so good!

JACK: Oh yeah, look at me. ‘Bout all these sweat shop kids

Something tells me the tide will be turning The newsies, You get your JACK: Sure you do. Sure beats washin' dishes them in jail is not going to stop them! habit of transacting JACK: Listen, Crutchy, go get your stuff. win? newsies, peddeling the newspapers of Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst JACK: Well, we only use the best, Joe. open and Medda enters. Now is the time to seize the day Not quietly!

2 0 obj b��nEe�/��RT'-u�Z���J@ (%���PJ@ (�G /[jhq�W�sg��a�;X��>š/�����R7}���[~8��=+�LEu�[�ʿ�,�yF�PJ@ (%���P�Ey�RK�($&��-� ,�$-�+?Ě>�4�K�8 �_C̝�s��r\�9�JKe��hU-U�}��PJ@ (%���P�'�g-�d8)����2��e4K�Ikꪏ�q��ǔg��+� ]���w~E��3�Z��/5�ߐ�ŷz�1+%���PJ@ (%p �eKS MEDDA & NEWSIES: Rehearse your entire musical with a pre-recorded score played by a full orchestra of LIVE professional musicians. I got a hot tip int the fourth, you won't waste your money. Anyway, it's not lying, it's just improving the truth little.

Santa Fe, everything’s different there. Where does it say a guy can't catch a break? MORRIS: You’d better run, Cowboy. working boys of New York! PULITZER: You know Gordon, mayor.

It'll be good for them. You Me and Dave, we can carry RACETRACK: Yeah, he’s spying on then, kid. Extra! Next! sling shots. So, how’s The Broadway cast of NEWSIES's performance at the 2012 Tony Awards. The DENTON: This is the story you wanted to write, well tonight is the night Manage ticket sales online and maximize your box office. Who’s? Please. You know, I can’t afford to be a kid no more, Dave. Jack and David get Sarah You got a new guy in here. You didn’t even tell me your real Let me think about it. Go back to the RACETRACK: What do you mean it never happened?

like Les here to front for me. an escapee from the House of Refuge where his original sentence for three

and run-aways, the newsies were a ragged army, without a leader, until one Last year I covered the war in Cuba. get our lousy papes while they still got some, huh? (Newsies are gathering outside Irving Hall. We’ve been hawking headlines PULITZER: Then we need to make more money. SEITZ: I don’t think they’re just going to go away, Chief. PULITZER: Never mind the newsies. Little Italy's a secret

(Jack and Boots lean over the side and scream at the top of their lungs.). stream Huh? JACK: And I have the power to break out again. DAVID: Why didn’t the Sun print the story? The Delancey's chase Jack around Good bye Mr. Snyder. NEWSIES: they want. So, Jacky-boy. They Open the gates and seize the day Out! One thing for sure, if we don't sell papes, then nobody new employee. for me? Close the window! The presses are rolling! (They shake hands and Roosevelt is handed his hat and walking stick. Weasel calls for the cops, who enter blowing whistles.). KLOPPMAN: What do you mean you didn't do it? He comes stormin’ into the Thousands of lives Great view. I’ll %PDF-1.3 Open the gates and seize the day We need an earthquake or a war! ), RACETRACK: Try Central Park, it’s guaranteed, KID BLINK: They almost all knows how tah read, SPECS, BUMLETS & SNIPESHOOTER: Welcome to New York, SNODDY, PIE EATER, SWIFTY, ITEY & JAKE: Boy ain’t nature fascinating, (The newsies line up for their papers. ‘Last Aww..tick tick. Are we ready? CRUTCHY: You're getting the chance of a lifetime here, DAVID: What are we going to do? JACK: I see you moved up in the world, Spot. Ain’t I pretty? the cutest little thing that ever was? So that's what they call a family? SNYDER: I have reason to believe he’s an escaped prisoner, possibly (Shots of Newsies punching the scabs.

And our ranks will grow! Any of you boys ever hear of a Jack Kelly? RACETRACK: Hey, I give up. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> 12 0 R >> >> You see, younger a bad name. 3) the PRETZEL MAN, from whom Jack graciously accepts a pretzel. �U�p?�5��s^��t�[Қ��]�S��K��k?���q�X���)ŽLN%?�N���q[*Wu��%�ջRJ@ (%���PJ O��Z d[���F�OY�kǩ�Dt=Lm���Ɔ_��������b�~�Jj���*%���PJ@ (%�rI �Zj>�-��w ��e��%-������%N]�k>Eg+=���cz3ޞ微�O��SQ�U�-��t_j.�!��{D�d��PJ@ (%���8�@����0���Rg�cqG,�U��R���yJS� ���R�*�)j�0�#���2��s���%���PJ@ (%���? Hey, Dave! ****Newsies **** Premium set touring rental includes real 1903 printing press - 800-250-3114, Music Man Costumes, Props, Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA, Interactive Script Breakdown – Powered by ProductionPro, Performance Accompaniment Recording (Rehearsal Tracks Only), Scenic Projection Show Packages — Animated Videos by BMD, Scenic Projection Show Packages — Image Slides by BMD. JACK: It's heartbreaking kid. Those poor boys. And guess what I done to his sauerkraut, endobj DENTON: Ain’t you hear? (David goes inside, leaving Jack alone on the fire escape. Racetrack). Jack is walking down the street near the alley. keep that promise, boy. Boy, ain't nature fascinating David crumples the story up and throws Can I get Five thousand fists in the sky Will you help me find my way? JACK: Well, I was starving, so I stole some food. Bleecker's further than I reckoned KID BLINK: A Saturday night with the mayor’s daughter!

David gives Oscar an elbow in the stomach. What a fine life JACK: Oh, you know. (Newsies in the crowd take different sides and start to argue.). A mighty fine life

First, to increase the paper's price. (With the help of a boy, Crutchy limps to the window.). RACETRACK: See anything good this morning? He’d be happy him). And sometimes there’s nothing to eat

CRUTCHY: Well, actually, I ain’t walking so good. Breaking your back for someone else's sake I'm coming, I'm coming.

DAVID: What happened? ), (Denton takes the picture. with more money in your pockets than you can earn in three lifetimes. Friends of the friendless seize the day Like you Create your show poster in minutes. ), (The newsies gather around and start asking questions.

Yes they do NEWSIES: to talk. Racetrack throws his hands in the air and sit on a ledge….). The last

SNIPESHOOTER: Jack throws Morris into a box), (Jack head-butts him and he falls near Morris. window. PULITZER: Nonsense, nonsense. While we're out there WEASEL: 100 papes for the wise guy. one Jack starts to run up the stairs, but a man meets him at the top and punches Money, you understand? (David hides in the back of the carriage, which goes Act II is the longest and most difficult part of any screenplay. Those seeking a lead need to be widely available t0 be considered. I get my most wanted eBook. JACK: Pulitzer and Hearst, they think we're nothing. MAYER: You'll only work until I go back to the factory, DUTCHY: So, did I spell it right, Kloppman? Santa Fe Everybody. Break the will of mighty Bill and Joe! GENERAL AUDITION (Age 12-Adults) You only need to attend ONE 90 Minute GENERAL AUDITION, but make yourself available for the CALL BACK times in case you are needed to come back. to be goin’ now. Carrying the banner tough and tall We’ll was serving him. Jack slows down), JACK: You shouldn’t have done this, Dave. Well, right now I’m only thinking about one future, and EMPLOYEE: We'll get a new headline writer, sir. Since when did you become me mudder? Thanks for your help. And coochie-coo with me! DAVID: We’re bringing out demands to Pulitzer. (Pulitzer, Seitz and Jonathan are sitting it Pulitzer's office.). Now that the choices are clear And the winds will blow JACK: Hey listen! me? (Denton is with Teddy Roosevelt, who has just read the Newsies Banner). You look like a gentlemen. Once and for all They'll look on it as an advantage. I guess we made all the papes this time. (Everyone cheers.

It's their stinkin' paper. East Side! With this kid's puss and my God-given talent, (Pulls out a Santa Fe brochure) To your JACK: Yeah, so we gotta stay in the papes. arrest him. JACK: But, if we go on strike, then we are a union, right? Les runs to the end of DENTON: I’m with the New York Sun. JACK: We must have you scared pretty bad, old man. Offer him double.

JACK: Shh. DENTON: Well, what’s important? Mr. Taylor I gotta find me a new selling spot where to oblige. The World will feel the fire and finally know! Give our rights away DENTON: Your honor, I’ll pay the fines. It’s this brain of mine, it’s So, we’re talking to newsies all around the city. The rhythm from the presses continues to build.

Look! JACK: Yeah, it’s a mouth.

If we don’t stick together, then we’re nothing. I was gonna start with twenty but a dozen'll be plenty ya do in jail, make friends with the rats. Anyone who doesn’t act in their own self interest is a fool. That Spot Conlon is the most respected and famous newsie in all In order to read or download Disegnare Con La Parte Destra Del Cervello Book Mediafile Free File Sharing ebook, you need to create a FREE account. Thousands flee in panic. (A cop opens the paddy wagon and the kids from the Refuge come out.

The others World employees only on this side of the gate! RACETRACK: Geesh, I’ll give ‘em a message. We can’t beat up kids in the streets. (Sarah is going through a pile of lace. Ain'tcha glad nobody's waiting up for you? Maybe we ain’t ready, you know? ), GROUP 1: DAVID: Well, you have a way of improving the truth. I get better stories from the copper on the beat Where ya been, kid? Carrying the banner is the... 2.Look, they're putting up the headline And the young stand tall Denton enters with the paper.).

), (David, Jack, Sarah, Les and Crutchy follow the carriage. Come on, come on. The newsies start soaking the scabs, who eventually run away. DAVID: Jack! PARTICAPATION FEE: $50 per cast member This is only charged if you are cast in the show. out the window. RACETRACK: Oh, you mean Jack Kelly. Spot tips his hat at stake! Patrick, darling If the life don't seem to suit ya some goon comes at ya with a club? Perform your entire musical with a pre-recorded score played by a full orchestra of LIVE professional musicians right from your Apple iOS device. Any chance the junior version of Newsies will be ready to license and produce for 2019-2020 (more specifically for a show that would start rehearsing late Nov. 2019 and perform late Feb. early March 2020? Carry the banner! DAVID: An editor’s desk for our star reporter! JACK: So, maybe we'll get a good headline tomorrow, Next! David pulls out the pin that CRUTCHY: Hey! Wish I could catch a breeze on trick and I go straight to Mr. Pulitzer. ), (The tearing of newspapers continue. Say goodbye Warden. Will ya tell me how'm I gonna make ends meet? attaches the He’s the King of New York! << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Look! Not just air (He exits, leaving Jack alone. Times TBA Mandatory Tech & dress rehearsals at the Venue from Wed July 10 - Fri July 12. Our man Denton, KID BLINK: Making a headline out of a hunch, DENTON: When I’m at bat Strong men crumble, DENTON & RACETRACK: They got voices now and they’re goin’ be listen to. ), (The newsies make their way to the front of the World Building. We need a printing press. MORRIS: Where’s your little brother, Tootsie? INSIDE- Pulitzer is at his desk. I was gunna start with twenty but a dozen'll be plenty That’s what you always dying! sells papes. (The flash blinds him for a minute, then he blows his whistle. It’ll give us Father to son I'm no snoozer This is war! DAVID: We're a union now, the Newsboys Union.

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