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COUNTRIES: Oman If they cannot agree, the letters are opened by the National Security Council, formally known as the Defense Council, which then announces a successor based on the sultan’s expressed preference. Qaboos admired classical music, and in 2011 he opened the Royal Oman Opera House in Muscat. The next sultan may therefore choose to build on Qaboos’ legacy as a regional intermediary.
), Sultan Qaboos leaves behind a rich legacy, he pushed education, opened the economy to non-oil sectors. Oman will need to continue playing a significant leadership and mediatory role in the region, riddled with jalousies and disputes.

These included Assad Bin Tariq Al Said, the eldest, and a brother of Qaboos’s ex-wife – a personal representative of the Sultan and a Sandhurst graduate; and Shihab Bin Tariq Al Said, a royal adviser and an ex-naval commander. Qaboos married Tariq’s daughter in 1976, Sayyidah Nawwal bint Tariq al-Said (born 1951), who is Assad’s full sister and Qaboos’ first cousin, along with her brothers. The appointment triggered immediate speculation among Western observers that Assad is being groomed to become Qaboos’ successor. Strong links were developed between the armies, navies and air forces, and regular exercises are now a norm. Ruling Oman since 1970, Sultan Qaboos’ sexual identity has been has often been the subject of speculation, mainly because the Sultan had only one short childless marriage to his first cousin Nawal Bint Tariq. Qaboos married Tariq’s daughter in 1976, Sayyidah Nawwal bint Tariq al-Said (born 1951), who is Assad’s full sister and Qaboos’ first cousin, along with her brothers. Once the official mourning period has come to an end, the Royal Family Council convenes to choose the next sultan. Sayyida Amal bint Tariq bin Taimur al-Mu’azzam Al-Sa’id. In Duqm special economic zone, an Indo Oman joint venture Sebacic Oman is undertaking a $1.2 billion project for the largest Sebacic Acid plant in the region. In fact, in the absence of Deputy Prime Minister Sayyid Fahd, Haitham used to chair meetings of the Cabinet. Omani authorities view protecting the country’s $80 billion economy and sustaining its hard-won growth as fundamental to political stability.

Oman under Qaboos thus emerged as a trusted mediator in a number of disputes, helping defuse the 2013 US- Iran stand off and played a key role reaching a nuclear deal between Iran and big powers, including the US, in 2015. Sayyid Asaad, 63, is a career government official and the son of Tariq bin Taimur, Sultan Qaboos’s uncle, who was the sultanate’s first prime minister before the sultan took over the position himself. Under Qaboos, Oman has focused on maintaining friendly relations with its immediate neighbors, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, while avoiding interfering in the internal affairs of any state. Prior to his appointment, Assad had never served in the Cabinet, formally known as the Council of Ministers. He had, however, previously served as Qaboos’ special representative since 2002.

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According to a 1996 decree, read with its amendments, the much admired Qaboos’s successor was to be chosen by a royal family council within three days, failing which a Council of Military and Security officials, Supreme Court chiefs and heads of the two Consultative Assemblies had to put into power the person whose name has been secretly written in a sealed envelope by the deceased Sultan. Leadership, What the F-35 Deal Says About U.S.-UAE Relations, Rather Than Addressing Poverty, Iran Cracks Down on Dissent, Coronavirus and Climate Agenda Complicate Outlook for Oil Demand Growth. However, the marriage soon ended in divorce and he has never remarried or had any children. Besides being the ruler, he served as the country’s Prime Minister, the Supreme Commander of the Army, defence and foreign ministry as well as the governor of the Central bank.

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