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However, by far the most well-known of her stories takes place on her own farm. In 1925 Cook published a version based on an 1825 newspaper article in her county history. There exist various versions of this story, all of which agree in general, but provide different details. "[1], Hart was said to have a feisty personal demeanor characterized by a hotheaded temper, a fearless spirit, and a penchant for exacting vengeance upon those who offended her or harmed her family and friends. Nancy Ann Morgan-Hart and her Rev War Husband, Benjamin Hart are the documented GGGG grand parents of the manager of this memorial. Nancy Hart was a stalwart supporter of the Whig cause. In the 1930s, on the site of Hart’s frontier cabin along River Road in Elbert County, Georgia, the Daughters of the American Revolution erected a replica log cabin using stones from the chimney of the original cabin, which had stood on the crest of a large hill overlooking Wahatche Creek. Seizing another weapon, she urged her daughter to run for help. During the early 1770s, Hart and her family left North Carolina and made their way into Georgia, eventually settling in the fertile Broad River valley.

The condition of this small cemetery should be a great embarrassment to the local DAR and SAR chapters and to Henderson County as well, as all like to claim title to her fame yet do little or nothing to honor her or her family's contribution to the American Revolution. After ordering her to cook the turkey, the Tories entered the cabin, stacked their weapons in the corner, and demanded something to drink. Benjamin Hart wanted to shoot the Tories, but Hart wanted them to hang. Hart threw a ladle of the boiling soap into the spy's eyes, went outside and tied him up, and turned him over to the local Patriot militia. Nancy Hart, like many American frontierswomen, played an important role not only in defending her family and community during the War for Independence but also in shaping the memory of the American Revolution in ways that still resonate today. A few of the skeletons' necks were broken which hinted of hanging. “Nancy Hart (Ca. Local Indians soon began to refer to her as "Wahatche," which may have meant "war woman." Many of Hart's most legendary acts of courage actually took place at the family cabin, not far from the Broad River.

[4][5] While grading a railroad site less than a mile from the old Hart Cabin, the workers found five or six skeletons buried neatly in a row. During the early 1770s, Hart and her family left North Carolina and made their way into Georgia, eventually settling in the fertile Broad River valley. The women were as sloppy as would be expected, but with training they gradually improved. She agreed to feed the Tory soldiers. As they entered the cabin, they placed their guns by the door and sat down at her table to eat. Undaunted, the muscular, six-foot Nancy picked up the heavy bag and walked the rest of the way to the mill. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. The soldiers then demanded that Nancy feed them, and displaying unusual hospitality, Nancy agreed to host them, providing a fair share of food and drink. A scream confirmed her aim.

To write a biography of Molly Pitcher’s life is a... Women had a vital role in America's early conflicts — participating, supporting, and organizing. On April 17, the Nancy Harts marched to LaGrange Female College to meet their adversary, the Union colonel who was, quite ironically, named Oscar H. LaGrange. An Irish immigrant and Pacifist turned Patriot spy, Lydia Barrington Darragh defied British officers and braved a military checkpoint to dispatch critical information to the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Her husband, Benjamin Hart, came from a distinguished family that later produced such famous political figures as Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton and Kentucky senator Henry Clay. Although she was illiterate, Hart was amply blessed with the skills and knowledge necessary for frontier survival; she was an expert herbalist, a skilled hunter, and despite her crossed eyes, an excellent shot.
Her fearlessness prompted Cherokee neighbors to call her “Wahatche,” which meant “war woman.” This nickname would prove appropriate as the Revolution moved into the Georgia backcountry, and Hart became a staunch defender of the Patriot cause. Sukey ran to inform Benjamin, who returned to the cabin. New Georgia Encyclopedia. Women played critical roles in the American... John Marshall was born on September 24, 1755, in Fauquier County, Virginia. Mar 17 1735 - Yadkin River Valley, North Carolina, Mary Albritton, John Benjamin Hart, Mark Hart, Benjamin Hart, Jr., James Thomas Morgan Hart, Orange County, Province of North Carolina, Patriots - Daughters of the American Revolution,, Henderson County, Kentucky, United States. [1], During the early 1770s, Nancy, Benjamin and their family left North Carolina and migrated into Georgia, settling in the extremely fertile Broad River valley of the northeast Piedmont area. Donate today to preserve Revolutionary War battlefields and the nation’s history for generations to come. The soldiers demanded that Hart cook them one of her turkeys, and she agreed to feed them. To the residents there, Hart was the pinnacle of Southern frontier grit. She took out her knife, cut the fastening and stalked in. As they entered the cabin, they placed their guns by the door before sitting at her table to eat. Hart had passed two of the firearms to Sukey through a gap in the wall before the soldiers noticed. While grading a railroad site less than a mile from the old Hart Cabin, the workers found five or six skeletons buried neatly in a row. Since LaGrange was close to an intact rail line, their four hospitals were often full and women routinely took the wounded into their private homes for medical care. Hart, who was making soap around the fireplace, filled her ladle with boiling soap water and flung it through the crack. Though Hart gained recognition after the war for a variety of exploits, one of the most popular stories involved her capture of several British soldiers. All rights reserved. Other accounts say that her crossed eyes confused the soldiers into compliance and she didn’t need to shoot anyone to get her point across. Hart’s husband fought in a band of the Georgia militia, and while he was away, Hart’s abilities as an herbalist, hunter, and markswoman proved imperative to protecting her family and community.

This page is dedicated to the Confederate Spy Nancy Hart. One might be forgiven for thinking that the story of Nancy Hart ended after her death.
Some accounts say that Nancy fired off a warning shot into one of the soldiers that attempted to rush her. She was buried in the Hart family cemetery a few miles outside of Henderson. Michals, Debra.

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