names of jannah hoor


HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTUFA [SAW] HAS SAID:- In jannah everybody will have full control over there desires.

They dont care about their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, or daughters would be a slave sex in heaven.

and We shall admit them to shades wide and ever deepening (Paradise).” [Sura An-Nisâ’ (4): 57]. Men be bonkers too, not only women. I used to be happy about jannah.

God is just and fair. Companion could be man or woman. The majority of adult men under 60 think about sex at least once a day, reports Laumann. Any where In the internet always says men and men and men have strong desire.

Do u want to fuck my female friends? Actually, if you think about it, we have no right to question Allaah in whatever He does, how He does it and when He does it. On the day of Qiyamah the person closest to me will be the one who has sent the most Durood unto me. " Since when did men have a more difficult role to women? I don’t exaggerate the reality cuz iam a woman myself. sharing husband, not to get jealous, hijab, lower their gaze, lock in the mansion where men enjoying the view of heaven, can not see or meet their males bestfriend because their husband will get jealous, kitchen, nice clothes, beautiful, gold, diamonds.

They don’t understand world is not a perfect place and go angry over people. As for the hoori who is one of the delights of Paradise, she has only been created in Paradise for the sake of someone else, and has been made the reward for the believing man for his righteous deeds.

The heavenly Khamr (pure and delicious drink) can not be imagined as the worldly intoxicants and spirits.

What or why is it make u so damn worry what women want?????????????????????????

They are created for Paradise only.

Older ones who claim to know are so miserable how young naive ones will know.

Zulaikha honestly believed that it was not easy for any women to resist a man as handsome as Joseph. I want to be special too. But she should wear full good islamic clothes when she is out.

You are great, IF In this world we dnt have the one we want and love ,it doesnt mean we wont get what we deserve in jannah…dunya is a practical test for us ..we wont pass in it if wethink that why allah didnt do what we want ,,,we just have to wait to get what we deserve and we deserve something extraordinary …for something extra ordinary we have to wait for jannah, Come on now don’t call Allah the biggest di**.

In surah al rahman 55 is say “with whom no man or jinn before them has touch” “The word hur is the plural of ahwar (applicable to man) and of haura (applicable to woman) and signifies a person having eyes characterized by hauar a special quality bestowed upon a good soul, male or female in paradise and it denotes the intense whiteness of the white part of the spiritual eye. He was very polite.

God has made positive negative and negative positive in everything.

when did i said men r superior to women ? they say strange men are dangerous for women.

SOme hadists said according to MUHAMMAD SAW all men will have 500 hurs, some hadists said 2 hurs, some said 2 worldy wives and exta 700,000 hurs, some said 500 hurs plus 4000 unmarried women an 80000 widowen women??????????/. Saira ..This book was written by Men for Men ..If a Houri is fair skinned then it is God’s discrimination against color..and what nonsense is this having intercourse with the Houris …Is God expecting us to make children in the heaven ?
I have a girlfriend for 4 years.

Men are senior to women and women are junior only in some matters. So don’t take advantage of being a captain. They share every thing. Why do u make up such as stupid idea of women copy bad habits from men?????? Men you are dumbbells and you used treat them bad and are treating them bad so you deserve to be treated and abused by women as well.

The idea of Women is 1000x better than the hur al ayn, where is it come from? Gay and lesbian are test from god too just other people.

My first husband couldn’t handle my sexual desire. Abu Bakr had the same question, and he eagerly asked the Prophet Muhammad, "Will there be anyone who will be called from all these gates?" IF u ask women how many time a day they think about sex.

Notice how verse 25 of Surah Baqarah has been translated as “pure spouses/companions” by various translators NOT as the biased “fair maiden.” Look at the Arabic word before assuming false things.

So look at positive side of life and good people. Girls be too young and inexperienced.

Muslim men make claims how good they are comparative to others but they are full of ghairat not for themselves but thier women. Islamic scholars have done great job in identifying what is original, true and genuine, and what is spurious, fabricated and ingenuine. Not just swearing,hitting and abusing.

But mother wanted me as a boy second boy as well. You have to fight for justice. Its important to state that both men AND WOMEN will be 33 years of age. Moreover after marriage, men suffer for not having chance to have sex because some men’s wives most of the time refuses to have sex all the time. . So it will be righteous if men get more women in Paradise and women in reality never need more than 1 husband due to their least amount times of sexual excitement. Just because someone has an opinion you like doesn’t mean his explanation is correct.

The same thing about nuns 49% admitted to sexual activity.

We as human like to divide different thing between men and women.

Remember not only men died in wars, children and women also since thousands years ago. They do not want women innerselves desires to have many husbands in jannah, so they put idea that those women desire is disgusting and lustfull. Be very careful with what you say when it comes to Islam because by saying the wrong things an individual can step out of the folds of Islam and step in to Kufar, and I have not in no way implied that you have, just warning you. Enthusiasm has gone. This was stated by Ibn ‘Abbaas, Qataadah, ‘Ata’ al-Khuraasaani and Ibn Zayd.

Who would want them. ITs sound jealous already.

Does Allah love men more than women? In other words the entire Quran and all of its messages will have to be taken into consideration for developing a genuine idea about the objective, definition, implication and role of the paradise. Most of these hadist talking more about sex to hurin and women than pleasing to allah and pleasing meet the all allah’s messengers and prophets, pleasing meet their family like fathers, mothers, daughters, sons ect….

And they will be adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord will give them a purifying drink 76:5 to 21. Do these men therefore also believe the Prophets were immodest men if modesty is only a “feminine” trait?

Women are not mentioned as having anything.

And if a woman did not get married during her worldly life, or if her husband was not from the people of Jannah, then Allaah will marry her to one of the believing men in Jannah. Only u can have those nice fantasies not ur sisters, not ur daughters, not ur grandmother.

Off course you will pick something so sound delicious and selfish on the hadist all women will sharing husbands and husbands will enjoy with party sex.

Some men or women may not want to get married, some may not want hurs, some may want many so etc.. i m not saying that its good to fool a girl but want to clear that girls unfortunately dont have that good analytical skills to judge a guy they keep on to be fooled by series of boys .and in the end what happens is they become rude ,start hating men use abusive language,but they dont know its not the men but there wrong choice of men, and big reason why they choose a wrong men is that most of the girls go after money and very soon they learn a lesson. excuse me . You cannot call this desire of the desire of a pervert. I don’t think we have human bodily desires in heaven. Sex for men is the reality check of their passion. Your too goodness is going to make everything worse.

These clear statements need no comment, and they establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that whatever blessings are spoken of as existing in paradise, the one thing sure about them is that they are not things of this world.

#Science #Faith #TSF #, #DidYouKnow that #Quilting was introduced to the W, Knowledge in anatomy will lead you to believe in G, The importance of reciting Ayat Al Kursi after eve, The first flying machine even before the wright br, Teach your children well Yes I want to be rude because muslim women are oppress innocent or clever women are oppressed by their own families. Infact guys are protective for their women. Their only duty and function is to serve the people, both male and female, by waiting on them drinks and other blessings of the paradise. Donot get decieved by the wrong doers, they are in every religion, but Islam is the perfect religion and it is proven to be free from mistakes and errors, since its the religion of the only lord Allah Almighty. They are not. By the time she becomes mother of four children one by one she turns into a mourning miserable women who cant even look after her children properly. throughout his life in his Friday sermon; it has, therefore, formed an essential part of every Friday sermon in Muslim world signifying the very basis of Islamic civilization.

use common sense stupid.

A reward for the righteous, Pingback: Islam & Avestas: Amateur Tafsir of Hadokht Nask Fragments – ALLAHU HAQQ ALLAH IS TRUTH, i cant believe that a man will be permitted to have intercourse wid his wifes in jannat.jannat is a pure place why one would be permitted to do such low cheap actvities there. IT IS paradise for men

We just ignores who ever says that women have less desire. The only way to know for women to know their basic rights is that to explain very clearly without being shy.

of Quran & Sunnah Studies, IRKHS.

So it means both. ), DUROOD SHARIF SALAWAT HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H.) Another speciality of Jannah is that the beauty and charm of men and women will go on increasing and so the love and affection between husbands and wives will also keep on progressing and increasing.

Not in this life or niether in heaven.

So any sisters who want to go to heaven this is the way to go. Allâh (SWT) says in the Holy Quran: Stupid people.

She speaks softly and does not raise voice at her man; she is always reconciled with him.

‘Ali generally known as Ibn al-Jauzi (d.597A.H. Masturbation never satisfies a man. That’s a common muslim man. But if even 1 single male is amongst them, you would then use the masculine form of the word to address them.

Who cares if she wants many partners in heaven not my business or ur businees. Everything he says is an order for me. It could be man or woman.

u so god damn worry so much is women wanting many husband for their innerselve desire.

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