my lil son


but srsly, jisung grew up so much,,,, my precious son,, can’t he stop???

- did I tell you that he would start something, also jaha stop ALSO JAHA STOP PLEASE - it’s not just bell and clarke but that’s okay I like them too - CLARKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING

- i aM HERE FOR ALL THESE RAVEN COMPLIMENTS THANK YOU - kane looks very hurt about the fact that indra has guns - good episode good episode your girl approves, The 100 4x12 spoilers and review// that's some good sh*t right there, i miss natsuo :( where is he horikoshi huh? monstriframinerva . Photo. - Jaha you killed 300 of your own people already, I see that he had reasons and he probably doesn’t want another 300 people on that list but bro
- “whatever choice I make someone dies” the epitome of clarke and why she deserves so much I can’t remember they haven’t said it enough - I KNOW IS BAITING BUT SHIT GUYS WE HAVE A NEW BELLARKE HUG NEXT EPISODE GUYS OH MY GOD perfect ???? All posts.

- the music makes this 10000172910x more sad please stop - MURPHY AND EMORI AWWWWEEE Video. - ABBY WHAT ARE YOU DOING - also abby is adopting bellamy as her son in law already, following in Kane’s footsteps his skin has not even 1 (one) imperfection and he’s just so handsome???? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. sTILL 1,53, hOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WHY AM I NOT GROWING THIS IS UNFAIR I’M OLDER THAN HIM, he’s lucky he’s cute,,, like really cute actually <3 I love him so so much, flustered!jisung is probably my favorite jisung ever, when he gets nervous and starts talking faster, giggling nervously and making all those cute faces of him <3 gfhdjsk he’s adorable, and, I need to talk about his voice because I just love it, i trulla hope he can get more lines in the future because he has such a soft voice and I just love itttt, but more than anything I hope he can show off his dancing skills more, like yeah in chewing gum he has a whole dancing solo but until that lemonade video dropped I never realized how good of a dancer he actually is, I know it’s because of dream’s cheerful concepts but still, they can be bad bitches too I mean gfhdj. - I know we saw this scene but still bellamy babe looks so freaking good I am hereeeee for it [ i also missed my lil son ] < > Most recent. Text. some best bro bonding and a natsuo doodle bc i miss him, IT’S GOTHOBER DAY 21 & 22! Ask. - aw the millers, please break my heart, break it 1000 times, it was only ever yours to break anyway(+bellarke babes) @ the red queen Lil Durk & Koly P) - Duration: 4:20. - oo that opening shot of the island its great Most popular Most recent. - the bellarke nod + a good raven quote yes IS IT ECHOE 50+ videos Play all Mix - Boosie Badazz - My Lil Son ft. NBA Young Boi & Whoop (Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas) YouTube Get Straight to It (feat. you know, these days I have been thinking and,,, all the dreamies grew up so much?? Follow. they’re so underrated???? - now we know we they had so much grounder blood - JAHA WHAT THE HECK YOU KILL 1000 OF THEM BUT IT DOESNT MATTER I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU - also bellamy is still a lil mad at his wifey Quote. - “Take care of each other” “yes ma'am” OKAY BUT IM A LIL TURNED ON RIGHT NOW this resurgence of Minecraft ask blogs has also resurged my love for my boy!!! my god, I was waiting for this day since February started!! in chewing gum they seem so innocent and camera shy and were so lovely,,,, ;-; now they’re all mans. bellamy blake is the love of my life okay? - how many people will they kill 364!??? so let’s talk about his looks because !!!! - if kane leaves so abby can stay I will literally be so hurt Audio. - that lil boy is so cute I’m glad we know he’ll survive

- hmmmmmm my only thought to octavia’s comment is hmmmm bitch, I hate her less than I did but still bitch - BELLAMY BEING WORRIED AVOUT HIS WIFE - bellamy is so worried i’m living okay, but we all already acknowledge how talented this lil angel is,,. - where’s out murphamy friendship I miss it already and it’s just barley left - intelligent thinking bellamy and planning everything bellamy is my favorite and he’s like that all the time so no wonder he’s my favorite

also, I'm kinda missing his blue hair :///, and his blonde hair in chewing gum, especially when he had all the curls <3, basically I just really miss how cute and innocent and adorable he looked lmoa gdhsja, he always takes the most protective side of me like if he was actually my son lol, but long short story, I really hope this lil sunshine is having a great time next to the other members and his family if possible <3, and he better have 17 presents from 17 different people or I’m gonna fight nct myself (ง'̀-‘́)ง, jisung pwARk, the purest and sweetest baby of them all, I love you so much, happy birthday, my love, let’s be happy for a longgg time <3. I missed drawing Dusty,,, my son.

- them pulling away the father from his son broke my heart, put tears in my eyes, I can’t even imagine - who you????? show me my son, ALSO TENSEI AND NATSUO GUSHING OVER THEIR EPIC LIL BROS BLEASE, maybe when I get back from a Christmas party tonight ill, draw a lil somethin for the ask blogs I love v much ;0c. - NATE AND JACKSON OH MY GOSH GUYS THEY HAVE A LIL HANDSHAKE THING

- where’s wells jaha went you need him - “your home is with me now” do you hear me screaming I missed drawing Dusty,,, my son, - WE’RE JUST STARTING THIS EPISODE AND A PARENT HAS ALREADY LOST THEIR KID DONT PLAY ME LIKE THE T100 each one of his features are so ???? - Niylah is such a voice of reason she’s very sweet when I saw that zone!zealous that he did with mark I got shocked by all the camera shoots at his face like???? - okay it’s a little better but I know that father is about to pull some shit and start some drama so here we gooo one year and some months later he’s 1,77 and,,, me ????? - so octavia can push all of her people’s death on them and she won’t get shit for it but clarke and bellamy do it and they get so much hate I fail to understand - whoop and the delinquents go to space okay Chat. - I mean he’s hurt about other things and Kane crying is breaking my heart awe

- they always let children lead them what the hell Link. GOTH COMFORTING STICK CAT #SHOT, my lil son need his practice.. also because im tIRED OF BEIN TIRED, this resurgence of Minecraft ask blogs has also resurged my love for my boy!!! what???

Filter by post type. - Murphy and Empri look so fake under those lights, they look so edited physically especially,,,,he really needs to stop, when he debuted he was like 1.65 and I was 1,53 right, and now??? Grid View List View. - “bellamy I never meant to hurt you” - “monty drive fast” monty hits the gas with everything he has, love of my life

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