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By 1118, Munster had fractured into the Kingdom of Thomond under the O'Briens, the Kingdom of Desmond under the MacCarthy dynasty (Eóganachta), and the short-lived Kingdom of Ormond under the O'Kennedys[5] (another Dalcassian sept). Dr. We are currently focusing on pre-Norman, native Irish surnames. [11] Disposable income in the province was approximately €22,000 per person in 2008 - behind the Eastern and Dublin region (€25,000 per person) and ahead of the Border, Midland and Western regions (€20,000 per person). Donovan (8436) 9. The Kennedy surname, both Irish and Scottish in origin, hails from Clare, Kilkenny, Tipperary, and Wexford. I. Munster is noted for its tradition of hurling. Recent advances in the extraction of Y-DNA from ancient bones have revealed predominantly haplogroup G2a in central Europe with some I2a (and one E1b sample in Spain) but no R1b during the Neolithic. During the Early Middle Ages, most of the area was part of the Kingdom of Munster, ruled by the Eóganachta dynasty. 2,000 - 500 B.C). is suggested by a fancifully created genealogy), it seems likely that it occurred during the Irish Bronze Age (ca. to mention a few. Brian Donovan, the Director and CEO of Eneclann ( has also kindly joined us as a consultant. Credit: Sullivan 418, Murphy 390, McCarthy 277, Mahony 193, Donovan 182, Walsh 143, O’Brien 139, Callaghan 134, Leary 134, Crowley 116, Collins 115, Driscoll 110, Connell 109, Barry 108, Cronin 102, Buckley 100, Daly 97, Sheehan 97, Riordan 94, Kelleher 92, O’Connor 91, Hurley 86, Regan 85, O’Keeffe 84, Harrington 82, Fitzgerald 81, O’Neill 75. If they don’t know and can’t tell from their DNA, or their origins don’t align with the territory of their surname, then they should be able to feel themselves part of any group of their name they choose if there is more than one to choose from. Swift made a presentation ‘What is an Irish clan?’ at the GGI 2015 conference(you can view it at. Rugby is a popular game in the cities of Limerick and Cork. Walsh families were very numerous throughout all four provinces of Ireland. It is also the 2,694,779th most numerous first name world-wide It is held by 17 people. Other significant urban centres in the province include Limerick and Waterford. Here are the 100 most common surnames in Ulster for the 1901 census. The Quinns are primarily from Antrim, Clare, Longford, and Tyrone, where their surname is the most common. The final of the Munster Senior Hurling Championship is one of the most important days in the Irish GAA calendar. What use do we make of this personal data? Their genealogists have been commissioned to work on various television series such as. You can opt-out at any time. Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our DNA kits for ancestry and the world’s most comprehensive DNA database. The alternate forms: Münster (8,710) are calculated separately. The surname is the 152,532nd most numerous family name on a worldwide basis, borne by approximately 1 in 2,526,888 people. The name statistics are still in development, sign up for information on more maps and data. Using appropriate terms to describe therelationships between the peoples of Munster is not an easy task. One of Ireland's leading aristocratic families, the O Briens are primarily from Clare, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford. The Callaghans were a powerful family in the province of Munster. The Project Administrators are continually reviewing the eligible surnames and may also make a determination on occasion to include a surname not otherwise fulfilling the stated criteria if it is deemed useful to their study. It can occur in the variant forms: Münster. In the thirteenth century, King Henry the Third gave to Thomas de Clare, son of the earl of Gloucester, a grant of the whole kingdom of Thomond or “O'Brien's Country,” as it was called; but the O'Briens and other chiefs in Thomond maintained for centuries fierce contests with the Anglo-Norman and English settlers, in defence of their national independence. Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross, , Group Administrator, Leeanne Raga,, Group Co-Administrator, Nigel McCarthy, , Group Co-Administrator, Patrick Regan,, Group Co-Administrator, Timothy Carmain,, Group Co-Administrator, Over 6,000 men with Irish heritage have had their Y-DNA tested over the last decade since such testing was added to the armoury of genealogists. For other possible spellings of this name click here. We would do our utmost to identify and delete any emails you have shared with us if you request us to do so, though we cannot retrieve information that may have been previously posted in a public domain. Some scholars suggest from Spain, which coincides with the Milesian myth. Of the Leinster Milesians of the race of Heremon, were some chiefs and clans of note in Munster, as O'Felan, princes of Desies in Waterford; and O'Bric, chiefs in Waterford; O'Dwyer and O'Ryan, chiefs in Tipperary; and O'Gorman, chiefs in Clare. a most distant paternal ancestor identified as having been born in Munster, OR, a Y-DNA haplotype similar to those described under "The Ancestral Haplotypes of Munster" on the Results page. Sullivan 349, Connor 188, Shea 146, Murphy 95, McCarthy 88, Moriarty 74, Fitzgerald 72, Griffin 58, Connell 56, Brosnan 55, Foley 55, Leary 47, Clifford 45, Walsh 45, Cronin 43, Lynch 41, Mahony 38, Daly 34. We hold this data for as long as you remain a member of our Project. Descendants of the O Conor kings of Connacht, the Reillys are primarily from Cavan, Cork, Longford, and Meath. Using her insights aswell as other sources, we have chosen to use the following terms and theirindicated definitions in our text. However, the "F" is no longer pronounced and the name is now Loinn or Lynn. (See table below for current Irish haplogroups, and ref (8)). The O Farrell chieftains were lords of Annaly near Longford and Westmeath. The Ocean Plague: or, A Voyage to Quebec in an Irish Emigrant Vessel. The impactful Desmond Rebellions, led by the FitzGeralds, soon followed. Her account is not a history of the famine, but personal eyewitness testimony to the suffering it caused. O'Connor, chiefs of Cianaght (now Keenaght) in the county Londonderry; and O'Gara and O'Hara, lords of Lieny and Coolavin in the county Sligo, were also branches of the Clan Cian of Munster. The Maguire surname is the most common in Fermanagh. In Irish mythology, a number of ancient goddesses are associated with the province including Anann, Áine, Grian, Clíodhna, Aimend, Mór Muman, Bébinn, Aibell and Queen Mongfind. 1.

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