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0, “….PNG is going to get $3m from NZ to manage the Manus Island refugees…..”. What he can say is that he will continue to be relentlessly positive. Juliet was asking why Romeo was named “Romeo (Montague)”, the enemies of her family, the Capulets. Note: font can be customized per-textbox by clicking the gear icon. She doesn’t get it yet again, doesn’t she, that when it comes to diplomacy and foreign affairs every word or sentence spoken carries weight, is scrutinised accordingly so watch what one says (plus it could jeopardise Winston’s efforts and neutrality – I’m sure he (and the Americans) won’t be amused)! she was just a minion in the Cabinet Office…, read here how she tries to deflect the charge that she worked for a War Criminal she’s not there to spend all her time advocating for que jumping economic refugees . The other Two Moons. Just distracting you Kea. Stop confusing and pissing everyone off with this side issue. Another reason why HK has so many people in it is Chinese folk flocked there , and still do , to benefit from the law and order that white imperial colonialism brought along with the prosperidy of capitalism. Helen Clark who was probably the most disliked Prime Minister in recent history would not gone so far into the mire as you have done. An October 4th, 2019, post by Tumblr[4] user saeraas received over 60 likes and reblogs in the same period (shown below, right). Ever had a song running through your head, but you don’t know who sings it or what it’s called? Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. I mean, who knew? The Hobson’s Choice people endorsed and supported Winnie, what a waste of time. Possibly something you are guilty of you dirty old shirt lifter? The Garner show has one or two who show their faces from time to time, and then there is Jack Tame. Appropriations are not slush funds and money is voted for specific purposes within larger items. Claims to be religious yet is happy enough to stand up in front of the whole country and bare faced lie. But anyway, she is working within the system. As for Jancinda the size of the trough is incomprehensible, whats $3 million when we can borrow $60 billion. For example, a November 8th, 2019, post by iFunny[7] user FelixArgyle_ received over 3,700 smiles in five months (shown below, left). Am actually sad for you, but even more so for our Country. What do you expect from an organisation based in Beirut, Lebanon. If I am bitter about anything, it is all the talented musos in all genres at the local level all over the world, struggling through life, while a few no-talents are turned by a commercial machine, into uber-rich celebrity trash. A more likely reason than the “it’s because they are liberals and Trump haters” (courtesy of RC) is to look at the common denominator in both cases, which is men + power. It’ll never happen mate. It seems to apply as much to you as anyone else. We could chat about weather but even that rarely goes well on KB . The difference perhaps being those who despise her appointment were actually working to pay the taxes for the largesse promised while the recipients of the tax payers largess, those with the most time on their hands, farted, rolled over and reached for a Cody’s. Statistics and damned lies is all I can say. Wanting a free trip to NZ with a hand out is not for you. The problem with ‘Green field’ sites is the processing systems wont be able to cope with the additional crap. I mean how wise is it for her to talk frankly about North Korean aggression … when at the same time also wanting her Foreign Minister to visit the place to ease tensions? Jacinda wants us to have a Happiness Index Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities. Every day updated. Ah yes, Winestain the liberal rapist! And in some cases, like Joni Mitchell doing Annie Ross’s “Twisted”, and Stevie Wonder doing Miles Davis numbers (on harmonica instead of trumpet), they dare to expose their own audiences to the well of genius from which they have drawn inspiration.

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