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This service is not available in your area. Published by Elsevier Inc. NLM The frailty index is strongly correlated with the risk of death, with a correlation coefficient greater than 0.95. Tool to calculate the fragility index of a study, which is one metric of how robust the results of a study are. Please login or register first and then make payment. We hypothesized that the 11-item modified frailty index (mFI-11) would predict complications and discharge outcomes in patients with TBI. For 130 years, Johns Hopkins Hospital has led the way in both biomedical discovery and health care, establishing the standard by which others follow and build upon. Please register to access this algorithm? 2019 Sep;44(18):E1083-E1091. The frailty index is calculated as the number of deficits the patient has, divided by the number of deficits considered. The Incidence of Postoperative Pneumonia in Various Surgical Subspecialties: A Dual Database Analysis. For example, a person disabled by a paraplegic injury would have a lower frailty index score and therefore would be considered less frail than a person with advanced cancer affecting multiple body systems (Koller K, 2013). ... Calculator data is saved.

The 70 items of the original version Frailty Index (Rockwood K, 2005) are not to be considered as a fixed set of variables. The goal of our study was to compare the mFI-5 to the mFI-11 in terms of value and predictive ability for mortality, postoperative infection, and unplanned 30-day readmission. For example, in a frailty index based on a comprehensive geriatric assessment, an individual with impairments in 4 of 10 domains and with 10 of 24 possible co-morbidities would have 14 of 34 possible deficits, for a frailty index of 0.41 (Rockwood K, 1994) Modified fraility index (mFI) derived from the Canadian Study of Health and Aging Fraility Index.

See our full An evidence-based checklist used to assess fall risk in the health care setting. Fragility Index Calculator.

The median fragility index was 8 (IQR 3 to 18), 10% of trials had a fragility index of zero (see, When loss to follow-up was reported, 52.9% of trials had a larger fragility index compared to the number of patients lost to follow-up. Conclusions: The fragility index is a measure of the robustness (or fragility) of the results of a clinical trial.

As part of this ongoing effort, he helped to develop the most commonly utilized definition of frailty, and used this phenotype to identify inflammatory, endocrinological, and renin angiotensin system related pathways that influence frailty and late life decline. 2020;58(4):213-220. doi: 10.5114/reum.2020.98433.

Development of this algorithm is expedited.

COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Particularly for small trials, the P value from a Fisher's exact test can be discrepant from a Chi squared test. As such, an individual’s frailty index score is considered an estimate of biologic age, which has greater correlation with associated morbidity and death … Correlation between the mFI-5 and mFI-11 was above 0.9 across all surgical specialties except for cardiac and vascular surgery. According to this view, including dependence in instrumental and basic activities of daily living as a deficit confuses disability with frailty.

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