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He wouldn’t have been able to keep giving punishment if he hadn’t been punished for the crimes he had done, no matter of his status. So much for being sad I guess. ELE. It would have just been one thing or another. Because I have nothing to do during quarantine anyway, I want to make a game to celebrate our beloved husky's birthday. But few people know the man behind the façade. Chapter 1: An intoxicated retelling of 2ha’s main plot in 270 words.

This post Chu Wanning death and Mo Ran is suppossed to be sad, while now he is just having sex with his wife like a normal night. He had never, also, regretted getting them.

WARNING (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE DOWNLOADING) This is a fan game of the novel "The husky and his white cat shizun" by Meatbun … Sometimes, Mo Ran wakes and feels still dead. Try getting them all. Most of the times, it doesn’t, but for some it’s preferable to the helplessness of grief and sorrow. 4: RanWan Birthday FluffCh. Chu Wanning died at the last battle at Heavenly Lake. Our beloved Mo Ran's birthday is coming and April also marks 1 year anniversary of the day I joined this fandom. (Spoiler alert: it’s sex pollen.). Tagged as: nielan mdzs mo dao zu shi the untamed lan xichen nie mingjue cql. For most people, this wasn’t a good thing.

Everything that happens inside the game is all fan fiction, therefore, not canon. Em termos de sentimentos, de entrega, de desejo, de desespero, e até de solidão, ele nunca, mas nunca mesmo que pensou, que seria tão Mei HanXue, que seria tão o irmão dele.

Chu Wanning could only stare in horror as a large cloud of sickeningly yellow pollen rose from the field, blanketing the place where Mo Ran stood in a heavy fog. Or at least, he never expected that the finger in his ass would be Jiang Xi’s. Originally in Chinese, translated by YIBO_IS_MY_BAE.

1: XueXiao Demon SummoningCh. Mo Ran's birthday is coming. I read the untranslated chapters through a combination of MTL (mostly readable) and a finished translation in another language. The game's setting is 3 years after canon so there will be spoilers for the last chapters and the extras. 8: XueXiao MermayCh. The writing is very good, the mood whiplash is super intense, the characters are extremely well crafted, and I just love hurting myself emotionally OK. Also, I fell down a Meimeng hole. Anonymous asked: Why did meatbun had to make Mo Ran deep frying just after they had sex like... this is just so wrong in many levels. Her fate and that of many others were already sealed the moment Chu Wanning died. really. With anger, you feel like you can channel that deep negative affect into something that can possibly change your situation.

Please drop a comments here or over at twitter (@tokihey) to motivate me hahaha, If you like this game, check out my other games at this page, There's another 2ha game I've made, check it out here, Check if you have enough storage space in your device (this game is light, 100MB is enough), Download the CORRECT version of the game (For examples: if you're using  an android phone, download the apk file). Some of them crisscrossed, creating peculiar calligraphy, some of them so deep they created tunnels in his skin.

(Acontece durante o extra de drama de áudio do casamento, mas você não precisa ter ouvido para entender a história)(A série Xue Meng pode ser lida como um único capítulo ou separado, mas eles seguem uma cronologia), Tradução da Fic "Till There Was You" de serpentinerose - @sovanninh. Taxian-jun needed a target. Please consider turning it on! 2ha is Chinese shorthand for Erha (2 = er; erha = husky), which is in turn Chinese short hand for the full title Husky and His White Cat Shizun, a Chinese danmei/BL novel. #2ha #hao yi xing #mo ran #chen feiyu #myedit #yeah this is a repost cause tunglr hates me and the post isn't in the tags rip #forever screaming abt cfy's mo ran look at him!!!!! He’s one of the richest- and cruelest- men this side of the galaxy. There are a total of 9 endings: 7 normal endings and 2 hidden crack endings. “Um,” he said lamely. Mo Ran's birthday is coming. "Sigue por favor" evidentemente estas desvergonzadas palabras no pueden ser pronunciadas por el tímido Chu Wanning, lo que lleva a una serie de malentendidos, frustración y ganas de sexo... Ah Mo Ran acaba lo que empiezas, perro tonto. “There,” he stepped back, admiring the stark contrast of the bright white ears against Chu Wanning’s black hair. It feels like they have all day, forever, that time does not exist. What has Chu Wanning prepared for him?

Para quem ainda não leu ou não terminou a obra original Contém spoilers, principalmente nos primeiros capítulos.

Mo Ran gave a few coughs; when he opened his mouth again, his lips and teeth were bloody, but he had a carefree look in his eyes. For those who has never read 2ha but wanna play it anyway: Ancient Chinese gay couple being lovey dovey. The writer's first language is not English so there maybe some hick-up here and there but it's readable.

Could he or could he not change the course of events and save both his disciple and the world? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. If there's any OOC-ness, please forgives me. 9: XueXiao Day/Frost's DescentCh. Why did meatbun had to make Mo Ran deep frying just after they had sex like... this is just so wrong in many levels. En medio del papapa, Chu Wanning es dejado a medias.

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