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The only man to ever claim to be victim 2 insisted no assault occurred that night. Then for one week each month, Haslett and Cignetti travel to Green Bay and stay in the upstairs living quarters of the barn, which is outfitted with a bed, sofa and kitchenette. What happened was that the jury pool has been so polluted by five years of over-the-top media coverage condemning Penn State (much of it self-inflicted because the university has accepted, for PR purposes, blame and responsibility for things they didn’t do) that they clearly just felt sorry for the former coach who is now un-hirable because of his connection to the “scandal.”. Any long relationship has issues, but the way that we dealt with those issues, Mike and I, was face to face.". It's all been part of one long conversation throughout the season, and the Xs and Os are just a piece of it. We won't need it forever, but we need it right now. "Coaching in this league's a way of life. McCarthy still takes prides in the development of the Packers' young players when he sees them on tape. We have had issues, no doubt. Right now, McCarthy's watching like a coach. The judge granted McQueary an additional $1 million for non-economic damages. Dauphin County public files, December 16, 2011, Penn State Nittany Lions starting quarterbacks, "In the Penn State child sexual abuse scandal, there are no easy answers for assistant Mike McQueary – ESPN", "Report: Former coach Jerry Sandusky used charity to molest kids", "McQueary trades in blue and white for silver and black, signs deal with Raiders", "Waive goodbye: McQueary placed on waivers in NFL Europe", PSU: McQueary Won't Coach Saturday Due to Threats (Associated Press, November 11, 2011), "McQueary tells PSU wideouts he's out as coach and in "protective custody, "Mike McQueary's bid for millions in damages for mistreatment by Penn State can proceed", "Former Penn State coach Mike McQueary's whistleblower trial date set", "Former coach Mike McQueary's civil case against Penn State opens in Centre County Court", "Ex-assistant Mike McQueary is awarded over $7M in Penn State defamation case", "Penn State appeals $7.3 million verdict in Mike McQueary's whistleblower case", "Judge rules against Penn State on Mike McQueary whistleblower claim; $5 million in additional damages ordered", "Mike McQueary ends whistleblower lawsuit against Penn State", Joe Paterno hires criminal defense lawyer J. Sedgwick Sellers, Penn State making progress, but two personnel moves still remain, "Tom Bradley steps in with 'very mixed emotions' at Penn State", Penn State's Mike McQueary says he told police of alleged rape, Two police departments say Penn State coach never filed report, Pennsylvania governor expects more Sandusky victims (Reuters, Nov 13, 2011), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mike_McQueary&oldid=964989550, Penn State Nittany Lions football coaches, Penn State Nittany Lions football players, Players of American football from Pennsylvania, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 June 2020, at 19:32. NFL footage © NFL Productions LLC. While I have no connection to Penn State, I have covered the so-called “Penn State Scandal” as closely as anyone in the world and I believe that I know more about the real story there than even Jerry Sandusky (, who I have interviewed in prison multiple times, I strongly believe that the narrative in the case accepted as “conventional wisdom” by the news media is very wrong. The mind truly boggles at the potential dangers of such a precedent being set here.

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