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ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Combat Troodon D/E Tan Camo Partial Serrated 142-2TC, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Combat Troodon D/E Urban Camo Standard 142-1UC, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Combat Troodon T/E Tactical Partial Serrated 144-2T, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Halo V T/E Urban Camo Standard 150-1UC, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Makora II Red Tactical Partial Serrated 106-2RDT, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Makora II Stonewash Standard 106-10, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Troodon T/E DLC Partial Serrated 140-2, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Ultratech Bayonet OD Green Tri-Grip Standard 120-1OD, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Ultratech Bayonet Tri-Grip Satin Partial Serrated 120-5, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Ultratech Bayonet Tri-Grip Standard 120-1, ZZZ - - SOLD - - Microtech Ultratech D/E Tan Tri-Grip Satin Standard 122-4TA, ZZZ--SOLD--HALO 5 BLACK\BLACK serr (MT104), ZZZ--SOLD--Microtech A.D.O. All Rights Reserved. DigitlHaus, Microtech 250-1 Halo VI T/E OTF Auto Knife, Black Blade, Smith & Wesson Military and Police Knives. They each feature exceptional quality, materials, and design influence and finishing off by Tony Marfioni himself.

They're not all Microtechs in the video above, but you can watch Ben and Zac banter about four of the top Microtech OTF knives. If you have any questions about any of the products that we sell or if you are looking for a specific knife, call us at 303-214-4303. The Microtech Halo Series has gone through a few changes over the years.

They strive to ensure customers enjoy the latest advancements in knife making. Rest assured, for those that were Halo V fans--the infamous blade notch is still present and the action and lock up will certainly not disappoint. When you are searching for a coveted Microtech Ultratech for sale, come shop at CastleGate. Made in the USA. Through a commitment to create the best knives possible, Microtech has grown into a giant in the knife industry. Additionally, this knife does not comes with a sheath or house a pocket clip. Head to our Find A Dealer page to locate a dealer near you! At almost 11" the Halo VI is a big knife with a big blade (over 4"!). From OTF and automatic knives to pocket folders and fixed blades, their knives are designed and engineered to extremely close tolerances for ultimate performance. Sitemap. Adding to our SOCOM lineup, the SOCOM Alpha® Mini is similar in design to the folding SOCOM Elite®. The SOCOM Alpha® Mini is a full tang scaled-down version of the popular SOCOM Alpha®.

Launched in 1994, founder Tony Marfione built up from humble beginnings out of an apartment and storage shed to be one of the top knife makers of the 21st century. The newly refined Microtech Halo VI out-the-front automatic knife is one of, if not THE, biggest single action OTF on the open market today. The SOCOM Alpha® Mini is a full tang scaled-down version of the popular SOCOM Alpha®. You are getting a top quality knife with the name and design to back it up when you get into a Marfione Custom Knife. Copyright © 2020 CastleGate. By using this site, you accept our. Using the best materials and made in the USA, Microtech Knives has few competitors. Sedalia, CO 80135.

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