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Very popular with Clintons (even Chelsea), Podestas, Beyonce and JayZ and the like. I asked for others opinions. An upside down cross is NOT common to catholics. Critics of the president latched onto his use of the phrase "Joe's shot," in a speech in October 2020. She is Catholic and if I recall a bio I read correctly they are raising their children in the Catholic religion. And others, not so much. Been to catholic school & an alterboy, but the fable of Peter continues, no historical record or Christian record regarding Peter ever in Rome, let alone crucified upside down. I just read up on this and it made a distinction between an upside down cross, saying it came from St Peter and an upside down crucifix which was evil. It seems like there would be an image with a more clear focus, thus removing doubt about what the image actually is. '” Only God knows a person’s heart, but we are left to try and decern this from their actions. Someone gave me a jade pendant, with the usual red string. Some would call that level of control, or the attempt of it, over others psychopathic or even evil. Melinda Maria’s accessible high-quality line is celebrated and loved by A-list celebrities like Selena Gomez, Michelle Obama, The Kardashians, Oprah and Julia Roberts How on earth these people can show their faces is beyond me. 2 Peter 3:9. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. The conditions are perfect this year for a werewolf sighting. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By the way, my last post was responding to cid. Do not Judge lest ye be Judged. And I recall all manner of literal and figurative hell being raised over it. Or the thing you are making say, ‘He has no hands’? Tiny things maybe, but that lead to a logical conclusion. (Wikipedia, 2020). It will be the IMPLANTABLE QUANTUM DOT MICRONEEDLE VACCINATION DELIVERY SYSTEM (like a tattoo) coupled with the ID2020 (Bio-ID) component. Close examination shows the pendant is NOT flipped over, the chain is clearly supporting the upside-down part of … Petrine cross is a symbol of Peter in the early church. She’s definitely wearing an inverted cross and yes, the cross of St. Peter or Petrine cross is inverted. (he’s not banned at this time).     1 January 2019. We on this board have a common goal, that is survival, having opinions is being human and having free will, which was given to us by God. I should know, I am orthodox. The best way we’ll ever get others to listen to us, is to quit this assuming until we know the facts. Catholics came about long after Peter’s death. In at least three video segments with journalists that posted online between May 7 and May 11 (via Politico, Yahoo! Most of the other stuff? He’s just showing a picture and asking people’s opinions based on their knowledge. There does not appear to be an optical illusion such that the longer side (of the cross shape) is a distortion. Britannica. Ken, My apologies for pointing out a possible explanation (other than satanic) for Melinda Gates jewelry. The Petrine Cross is also associated with the papacy, reflecting the Catholic belief that the Pope is the successor of Peter as Bishop of Rome. An earthenware vessel among the vessels of earth! Im a recovering catholic and have never seen that, Dont care, How many tens of thousands have they poisoned in Africa?… selling their snake oil sugar coated as a vaccination for the po children? . Somethings are obvious, other things are not. Advertise this is a lie to confuse the readers, a four sided equalateral cross is if greek origin, melinda gates is clearly wearing an upside down cross which represents the anti christ due to its opposing position pointing to hell, a representation only, many filthy rich are full blown satanist due to their worship of money, they see themselves as seperated above from all other humans and their Lord God, you cannot worship the Lord and money at the same time, but satanist can because of money. cid, So wearing an upside down cross is the same as directionality of the flag on the reverse (sleeve of a military uniform)? DJ5280 and T.S. I like your site. And the Covid-19 situation is part of it. There are tons of pictures out there to look at. Do a Twitter search for “Spirit Cooking” and you’ll see it all. People would be wise to observe. The general consensus indicates that the upside down cross is associated with the occult. Many reasons are covered above. the latest and greatest model. Highly unusual indeed. My house, my rules.” He later became a pastor & came back to thank me for the lesson in teaching him humility & respect for authority. A meme circulating on Facebook caused some to believe that the state had issued holiday rules. Yes, Peter was crucified upside down feeling less worthy than Christ, etc. That piece of her identity could be the reason for why she wore a necklace with a cross in 2020, or not. We can, however, provide context as to why wearing a cross pendant, even one inverted, may or may not be a statement of Gates’ ideologies. For that is what the 1st Amendment protects. “Church of Satan”. But why don’t we make one of them president, right?! The Gates try and play God via their foundation. Personally, I appreciate you pointing out. He has the technology and the money. here is the article: Something like that. Something to do with willful bounding and a doubly – enslaved subject. Source: My Great Grandmother was from a small town outside Naples Italy and literally smuggled over to America by my Great… Read more ». this is the cross of the Saint Peter. I’ve believed for awhile now that Bill could be the antichrist. No offense Kula, but the image that just came to mind made me laugh out loud…. The inverted cross is for the person wearing it to be able to see it correctly, not someone looking at that person. It’s not your comment that’s become heated at all. One would think that if it were a traditional symbol worn by Catholics, then it would be widely known, having had plenty of time to become such since the time of Constantine. A list of members (known) is a who’s who of folks I detest, and who themselves detest our president.. Interestingly, Donald J. Trump is not a member of this group of would be tyrants. In the course of fleshing out all the alternatives, a true and correct picture comes into focus. They have a vision of what they want the world to look like and they are using their billions to pull the strings of those that can make the changes they seek. “Latin Cross.” I find this discussion about Mellisa and Bill Gates to be very interesting. Gates is well loved by many…unfortunately. Doomsday theorists came up with the idea that the Gateses were trying to “microchip” or control world populations via a COVID-19 vaccine — a conspiracy theory that surfaced in various forms, including a doctored image that supposedly showed the words “Center for Global Human Population Reduction” inscribed on a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation building. Fashion mags are cooling off from 2019’s hot pink and are promoting softer light tangerine, rosy pink, and desert-hued blushes in 2020. While I don’t automatically believe she wears it as a satanic symbol, I did note that both Chelsea and Hillary Clinton have worn this same symbol in the past and neither profess to be Catholic. '” Please, go on… maybe another article for another day. Search terms and headlines landed the popular chain in Google's "Trending Searches," as well as in breaking news mobile notifications. You are welcome to your own beliefs. The necklace she is wearing IS one worn by Satanists to Mock the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In fact, JayZ does some strange ceremonial routine (there’s video of it) with the woman who runs the “Spirit Cooking” (Abramovic). Just pointing out my observation. Just seems “not right”. Given the unprecedented times we’re in, and the agendas that abound, I felt compelled to bring this to the attention of our audience for discussion. Even if that is what Mrs. Gates is wearing, she is, as an American, well within her 1st Amendment rights, even if I disagree with the symbolism. Want to really have a good freakout? He is not a good person. Why am I bringing this to your attention? Not years ago. Using the catholic church as a defense to her moral aptitude isnt saying much seeing that the pope has already dropped his name as the vicar of Christ and is believed to be the false prophet.. who is also buddies with Gates lol. Here’s another one I grabbed: Here’s another observation. But the more you know about Bill and Melinda Gates, I would agree with the satanism twist. Although it could just be the season for Spring/Easter pastels, worn for Pink Day (standing against bullies) in April, Mothers Day in May, Tough Enough To Wear Pink cowboy rodeos starting in June. Dennis, That statement was back in 1992; Now it is 2020, what they fail to understand is that the civilian population of the U.S. is in possession of over 400 MILLION firearms and 12 TRILLON rounds of ammo. Thank God I’m neither one! We’ve not seen others displaying an upside-down cross. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that there’s also a pedophile ring involving them all.

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