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, There have now been tears of joy as people continue to surprise me. What do i do?"

The closest you're getting to weapon icons is Wily Wars (which needed them for Wily Tower) and anything based on Complete Works (which had something of icons for the save option). Feel free to check out the images in our Mobile Section! NES - Mega Man 2 - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! "I post in Smeghead all the time and i have no posts. Specifically Mega Man Pinball, Mega Man Space Rescue, and Mega Man Rocket Christmas. Mega Man 2 sprites File:Airsprite.png File:Bubblesprite.png File:Crashsprite.png File:Flashsprite.png File:Heatsprite.png File:Metalsprite.png File:Mm2airtikkisprite.png File:Mm2aliensprite.png … We hope to continue to have periodic updates such as this! We also have some new front-facing sprites of Splash Woman, Pharaoh Man, and others, as well as some new sprites for Slash Man! Thanks to DarkSamus and some adjusting from Lamda, we have all the glorious images from the game on the site!

Take a look and play the games you enjoyed before. Greetings all, That'll do. Take a look at the silly new click-to-jump game at the following link: You all are amazing people. lines

But with a new game, comes new sprites! This page does not work well in portrait mode on mobile.

This may have broken a few things, please let be sure to let me know what has broken so I can fix it asap. Think of it like Exodus but instead of ram's blood as a sign to pass over, you have a post or two or three or half a dozen. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. But onto better things. The online leaderboards are still under development, and will be in a future update. symbol So we've rebuilt some of it. * Multiple difficulty levels. game I'll be online to discuss and hear feedback on the Discords servers: Let me know if this looks any better and if I can do stuff to improve it. Been a long time since we've had something new to post about as far as expanding the archive! So feel free to check out the new addition over in the Cameo section This completely rendered the old design unusable so I've had to simply sort out a new one. , The Magma from Heat Man's Stage and Dr. Wily's UFO are missing. world Please continue to provide us with feedback about what does and doesn't work.

This is a news post. sphere What gives?!"

Replaced the skin yet again. fight gun Changelog (Current Version 1.02): or check out the direct link to the game's assets HERE. Gotta post in a non-meme Thread. Oh and Tundra Man? Please rotate your device. For the time being, until I can get the nice shiny new theme to have a similar-enough layout to this template, we're gonna stick with this template. "But, I like having an account here!! He looks pretty cool. Is there any way to rip the Boss Select screen? ,

@TheGameyFireBro105: What weapon icons? Speaking of wings, there's some awesome art that comes along with it. Still recovering, and will let you all know how future treatment goes. We also have some new front-facing sprites of Splash Woman, Pharaoh Man, and others, as well as some new sprites for Slash Man! Been a few years since the last entry in this series, and this year has been particularly rocky in personal respects. Sheets: 31: Hits: 211,685: Comments: 0: Mega Man X2. Zero. NES - Mega Man 2 - Crash Man - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! earth Playable Characters [2] Mega Man X. Mega Man X (Ride Chaser) Non-Playable Characters [2] NPCs.
, , That's right, Tundra Man from Mega Man 11 makes an appearance in 8bit form to race against Mega Man! It's been a while since we've done this. NES - Mega Man 2 - Enemies - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! * All new cryptic achievements to work out. * Brand new soundtrack by MiniMacro, Fonzarelli and Delta Mudkip.

The games didn't start using those until Mega Man 3. Mavericks [8] … Deadchat (Sprites INC) Make a Good Mega Man Level Up until recently I cried and broke down virtually every day because my situation felt hopeless. chess So, basically, what these guys said: Update on what's going on.

christmas , NES - Mega Man 2 - Mega Man and Friendly NPCs - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! As we've done before, we'll be commencing with a Purge of inactive users on July 31st.

We're giving you all more than a week to do some sort of post in the forum before we go all Thanos on the inactives.
sign * Completely new bosses. See second post.

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