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however, they do it with simple questions and they are not are not able to measure the mood --, of a voter is. >> that is right. the first of several campaign autopsies is out -- this one titled "shattered" -- its two authors work for capitol hill publications, jonathan allen, a columnist at roll call and amie parnes, senior white house correspondent for the hill. in the same eight years, mining employment dropportunityed from dropped from more than 15-thousand people employed to just under 4-thousand workers. Tausende Filme und Serienepisoden zum Streamen oder Downloaden. on May 1, 2017. why crowdfunding for millennials is a new way. given the division in this country, think about what happens when we're able to bring together coal company and a renewable energy company to, create economic opportunity for people who need it. , so he was really kind of bothered by it. soledad: jonathan allen and amie parnes, appreciate it. but first, two freshman congressmen, a republican and a democrat -- rate the president's performance. the host is maria vargas. >> i would disagree. today she is an investigative reporter for the the young turks and political contributor for cbs news. he joins us toda nice to talk to you. if you're laughing, well the first season got over 50 million media impressions and 300 thousand youtube views. >> i think they did have a so when the data analytics were off, when they weren't getting info that was accurate from the data analytics, they didn't have a place to go. until they do that, they won't get to a b level in my opinion . Watch Matter of Fact With Soledad O'Brien Online: The complete guide by MSN. it is produced by the department of energy. and the largest youtube news show in the world. Marie Claire. We reveal some of the first... Watch now. season one was whole foods versus hilton hotels worldwide. Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). they already have that base of technical knowledge that we will need to translate into the solar industry. i am on obamacare. rep. banks: i'm sure the president has learned a lot in the last 100 days. two freshman congressman, one republican, one democrat, are tracking the president's progress and their own first 117 days --because that's how long they have been in office, representative raji krishnamoorthi is a democrat representing the 8th district in illinois. the coal industry is on the decline due to cheap natural gas and the growing use of wind and solar power. [cheers] you guys, how we doing? TV Archive soledad: mr. edelen, thanks, for talking with us. soledad: you get a look at a ground breaking innovation that could put jobs back in coal country? a lot of it was swept under the rug and made to look pretty because they were trying to over-learn from 2008 when everything in the headlines and on the cable news networks and the campaign didn't look good. this is an exciting opportunity to bee people a reason more optimistic about the future. kudos to the democratic party for having a chair race and reelecting all these positions which they have never really done in a transparent way. we are on the brink of passing the american health care act in the house and sending it to the senate, that is what leadership looks like. the biggest online news site, the young turks has over 3 point -- 3.3 million subscribers you can find them on youtube -- and they have an inside scoop in their assessment. season three pits boston against atlanta, with the rivals touring airports, libraries, and water treatment plants. there will some training. we look forward to coming visiting that project in the future. >> can't wait to host you. what do you make of his position? i think there were people who wanted to know why it was they were looking at the election of clinton right up until part way through election night and then suddenly she loses. she is the head of the better buildings program of the department of energy. it's all of those things and when you lose by less than 80,000 votes you have to call into account everything. i think a lot of people will come out of this assigning blame but really this is just the behind the scenes of what happened. rep. krishnamoorthi: it is a little dysfunctional here. look at all of these crazy party people. we don't have a party though without our fabulous dj, dj katie! find out what's at stake in this high energy reality series. tv Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien KOFY October 15, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT . l's tick through what you think he is a accomplished. >> yes. and -- a youtube reality series putting american business to the test. obviously you found and ferreted out, and my guess is that some of the people in the campaign are also trying to ferret out who talked to you. jonathan allen: data analytics can mean a variety of thins. Putting states in charge of designating their own health care systems; implications of the Equifax data breach beyond credit-reporting services; partisan gerrymandering; visitor logs for the White House, Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower; Genius ideas. >> i think any time the party starts dividing itself, they're going to have a problem. unfortunately in this town, we start with where we disagree and stake our positions and then hope by some miracle that we will come to agreement there then move on other areas. © 2020 Hearst Television. exciting! The U.S. Constitution under scrutiny; surging housing costs; the education gap between rich and poor students; the EPA proposes to roll back regulations on methane; a special champagne that one can drink in space. >> the berkeley energy group is excited about developing solar on their vast private holdings because i think everyone. back in 1933 he got 16 major bills through congress in 100 days, setting a high standard for subsequent presides. each episode costs about two hundred thousand dollars to shoot. She's inviting you to tune in next weekend for the launch of Season 2 … data analytics folks told him it was a waste of time. soledad: so how does the retraining workers work? Browse the latest Amazon Prime from with Yidio. and gets 8 million views. Soledad O'Brien's "Matter of Fact Listening Tour" Takes on the Hard Truth About Bias. she's a reporter for a news show that exists only on line. >> find out why a massive coal company is investing in solar farms to create jobs for, the miners they laid off. they get info on people where they live, their race, their ethnicity, their magazine subscriptions so they can take small samples, like pollsters might take small samples, and extrapolate what they are finding to larger populations. amie parnes: i think you have to look at the candidate herself. it allows insurance companies, in states that allow it, to charge whatever they want based on preexisting conditions and exempts members of congress. president clinton wanted to go out and talk to people who weren't with her and try to make the case for her. but her quest of the presidency -- though history making -- ended in defeat. but how has it been? the rules of the party are almost unilaterally set. soledad: final question for you, how do you feel about ouplace on the world stage if you will under president trump? just eight years ago, 91 million tons of coal were extracted from mines in eastern kentucky -- last year, fewer than 17 million tons. the doe says because of challenge swap, billions of dollars have been saved. you wouldn't know it from these pictures, but this used to be a coal mine. Your favorites, all in one place. what he has done signed over 27 , executive orders, including his controversial travel ban, the order to abolish sanctuary cities, and the roll back of, government regulations. pits boston versus atlanta. recognizes that renewable energies are going to be extraordinarily important in the future. they are important now. what you're missing if you haven't tuned in. but now they need to change the rules of the party. this is a president who understands the threats that we face we have to do something about it and show decisive action, and i am pleased we have a president that is doing that. just as we are trying to diversify the economic portfolio of this coal company, it is more important to diversify the economic opportunities so we can make sure the people in appalachia and eastern ky have the ability to take care of their families and live where they want to live. the partyre of divisions on our website ,. was that a fatal flaw? >> i would give them a c-. Lauren Puckett. drone video over pike county kentucky. as a small businessman we'd start with the place where we agree and then build from there and then get to the place we disagree. i am a former small business man. we have to remember that alliances are important and we have to avoid saber rattling and overly provactive moves in other regions that could lead to dangerous situations. amie parnes: our goal was to find exactly what happened and, we wanted to talk to them on background so they be candid with us to let us know exactly where the flaws were. Uploaded by All Rights Reserved. these are folks who are outstanding electricians, work in difficult circumstances, they show up to work every day. soledad: do you think more dysfunctional than you thought as an outsider to the process or do you feel it is less dysfunctional? welcome back to kofy tv's dance party. but we have to ready people to be able to compete in the future and recognizing the role of renewable energy , solar in particular and i think focusing on this , project is so important. Veteran journalist Soledad O'Brien, whose resume includes time at NBC and CNN, hosts this weekly newsmagazine that focuses on political and socioeconomic issues affecting America. when we return,could you compete? john and i have basically said it's comey, its russia, and it's mismanagement, and it's a lack of a message. but the ahca, the president and gop plan i think fell far short, leaving 24 million people without health insurance, raising premiums for seniors and the most recent iteration ahca, 2.0 is worse. soledad: your book was the first time i really started to understand the difference between data analytics and polling. he think this area is a quote a big mistake and a quote bad investment. this is something we have to fix in a bipartisan way. the president has proposed a 1 .7 billion dollar cut to the doe. we have to deal with this comprehensively, in a bipartisan way so that is what i am hoping happens from here. >> next is coal country about to , make a comeback? Soledad O'Brien and guests offer analysis and perspective on current political issues. >> c-minus. and made it known, sounding the alarm that when he was campaigning that was getting a different feel on the ground and he was questioning why he was being sent to a number of places when he should have been sent to what he thought were the opposite in fact. soledad: hillary clinton has spend more than four decades in public service. soledad: president trump has proposed a half a billion dollar cut to research in clean energy, he said and i will quote him. soledad: clinton has a reputation of ving people around her who are extremely loyal. >> we should be nice with nice guys and tough on tough guys, we, have been tough on some allies. Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-Nev.) discusses Trump's plan to end DACA; freshmen congressmen's priorities and perspectives on the issues; how the government should pay for hurricane relief; nuns who built a chapel to stop a natural gas pipeline; NOAA pilots. Full Series: every season & episode. O’Brien is the host of Matter of Fact, a nationally syndicated talk show produced by Hearst Television, and Redd has been a cast member of the NBC late-night comedy since 2017.

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